Blog Nutrition Summer Meals: Refreshing, Seasonal, and Sizzling Hot Weather Recipes

Summer Meals: Refreshing, Seasonal, and Sizzling Hot Weather Recipes

Summer is here! That means it’s time to refresh your meal routine. You can do it with seasonal ingredients and cooling dishes that are perfect for hot weather. Whether you’re looking for easy summer meal ideas or healthy snacks to beat the heat, we’ve got you covered.

The Most Refreshing Summer Foods

When it gets hot, we need light, cooling foods to keep us hydrated and full of energy. Here are some great summer foods: 

  • Watermelon: Watermelon is 92% water, which makes it a perfect summer snack. It has lots of water and electrolytes to help on hot days. 
  • Cucumbers: Cucumbers are 96% water, so they’re very hydrating. They’re great in salads, on sandwiches, or as a snack. 
  • Salads: Salads are light and refreshing. You can make them with many different summer ingredients. 
  • Cold Soups: Gazpacho, cucumber, and yogurt soups are calm and perfect for hot weather. 
  • Popsicles: Popsicles are a fun way to cool down. You can make healthy ones with fruit and yogurt.

Summer Produce: What’s in Season

Summer is a great time to get creative with your meals by incorporating fresh, seasonal produce. Here’s what’s in season (1):

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Summer Meal Ideas

Do you need some inspiration for your next meal? Here are some summer meal ideas to get you started:

  • Grilled Chicken or Salmon Salad: Add chicken or salmon to a fresh salad.
  • Burgers: Use lean ground beef or black beans for a great summer option. Top with avocado, lettuce, and tomato.
  • Cold Noodle Dishes: Look for soba or rice noodles recipes, and add vegetables and a light sauce.
  • Fruit Parfaits: Layer fresh berries, granola, and yogurt. This makes a healthy and satisfying dessert or snack.

Easy Summer Meal Ideas

Summer is a busy time, and the last thing you want to do is spend hours in the kitchen. Here are some easy summer meal ideas:

  • Grilled Chicken or Shrimp and Vegetables: Grill the protein and vegetables (2). Serve with quinoa or couscous
  • Salad Jars: Layer greens, vegetables, and protein in a jar (3). Add dressing before eating. 
  • Slow Cooker Meals: Add ingredients in the morning. Eat when you get home. 
  • One-Pot Pastas: Quick meals ready in under 30 minutes (4). 
  • Tacos: Use beef, chicken, fish, or vegetables. Add your favorite toppings.
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Easy Summer Meal Recipes for Family

Feeding a crowd doesn’t need to be hard. Try these simple summer meal ideas:

Grilled Chicken or Burgers and Sides

  • Grill the chicken or burgers
  • Serve with sides: corn, watermelon, and chips

Taco Bar

  • Set up a taco bar with:
    • Meats: ground beef, chicken
    • Toppings: cheese, lettuce, tomatoes
  • Let everyone build their own tacos

Salad Bar

  • Set up a salad bar with:
    • Greens
    • Vegetables
    • Proteins
    • Dressings
  • Let everyone create their own salad

Pasta Salad

  • Cook pasta
  • Add vegetables, cheese, and vinaigrette.
  • Great as a side or light lunch

Chicken or Veggie Kabobs

  • Skewer chicken or vegetables
  • Grill until done
  • Serve with quinoa or couscous

Classic Summer Meals

Some summer meals are classics for a reason. Here are a few you may enjoy:

  • Grilled Cheese and Tomato: Tomato adds taste and moisture to a grilled cheese.
  • Corn on the Cob: Eat corn with butter, salt, cheese, and chili powder. It’s great in the summer. 
  • Watermelon Salad: Mix watermelon, feta cheese, mint, and balsamic glaze. It’s good as a side or lunch (5). 
  • BBQ Ribs: You need BBQ ribs at a summer cookout. Try recipes with different sauces. 
  • S’mores: Have s’mores for dessert. You can use chocolate and marshmallows or strawberries and basil.

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Vegetarian Summer Meals

Summer is a great time to enjoy fresh vegetables and fruits. Here are some ways to make tasty vegetarian meals and snacks.

Salads are Perfect for Summer

  • Use fresh vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumbers, and berries
  • Add chickpeas or tofu for protein
  • Top with a tasty dressing

Grill Your Vegetables

  • Try grilling slices of zucchini, bell peppers, onions, mushrooms, and eggplant
  • Brush with olive oil and season with salt, pepper, and herbs
  • Serve as a side or on bread

Chilled Soups are Refreshing

  • Make a cold soup with tomatoes, cucumbers, and bell peppers and add a dollop of sour cream
  • Make a soup with cucumbers, yogurt, and dill

Enjoy Summer Corn

  • Grill or boil corn, then slice off the kernels
  • Add to salads, tacos, or use as a topping
  • Make corn chowder with potatoes and cream

Fruits are Sweet and Juicy

  • Eat fresh fruits such as peaches, nectarines, berries, and melons
  • Add to salads and yogurts
  • Grill slices of peaches or nectarines for dessert

Herbal Drinks are Refreshing

  • Make iced tea with mint, basil, or lemon balm
  • Infuse water with cucumbers, lemons, and limes
  • Blend fruits with milk or yogurt and pour into popsicle molds
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Summer is a great time to enjoy fresh and healthy vegetarian meals. Get creative and enjoy the season’s delicious fruits and vegetables.

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Summer Vegetarian Meal Ideas

Do you need some more vegetarian inspiration? Here are some summer vegetarian meal ideas:

  • Roasted Vegetable Salads: Roast some vegetables such as zucchini and eggplant, then toss them with greens and a light vinaigrette (6).
  • Grilled Vegetable Wraps: Fill large tortillas with grilled vegetables, hummus, and mixed greens (7).
  • Quinoa or Couscous Bowls: Top a bed of grains with roasted vegetables, avocado, and a fried or poached egg (8).
  • Vegetable and Bean Tacos: Look for recipes made with black beans, pinto beans, or refried beans. Top with salsa, avocado, and sour cream.
  • Stuffed Squash: Fill zucchinis or squash with rice, beans, and cheese, and bake until tender (9).

Easy Summer Vegetarian Meals

Vegetarian meals don’t need to be a challenge. Here are some easy summer vegetarian meal ideas:

  • Pasta Primavera: Sauté some vegetables such as broccoli and carrots. Next, toss them in cooked pasta and a light sauce (10).
  • White Bean Soup: Throw all your ingredients in a pot and let them simmer. Look for recipes made with red or green lentils too.
  • Roasted Vegetables and Quesadilla: Mix and stuff some vegetables inside a tortilla. Next, add cheese and cook in a skillet until crispy and melted (11).

Keto Summer Meals

Just because you’re keto doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy delicious summer meals. Here are some keto summer tips:

  • Stay hydrated: Drink lots of water and eat foods with electrolytes
  • Eat light: Choose cooler keto meals such as salads and soups
  • Don’t forget electrolytes: Get electrolytes from food or supplements if necessary
  • Enjoy summer fruits: Eat berries, melons, and avocados in moderation
  • Grill: Cook meats and vegetables outside to keep your kitchen cool
  • Make keto ice cream: Use cream, coconut milk, and keto sweeteners
  • Watch portions: Don’t overeat, even at summer gatherings
  • Pack keto snacks: Bring nuts, cheese, jerky, and vegetables on trips

Summer Meal Ideas Keto-Friendly

Do you need some more keto inspiration? Here are some summer meal ideas that are keto-friendly:

  • One Pan Roasted Chicken: Add chicken and spices to a pan. Next, roast it with vegetables in the oven for a tasty meal. 
  • Meat and Cheese Boards: Make a board with various meats and cheeses. Then, add crackers or pita bread. Finish with vegetables such as cucumbers and carrots.
  • Keto Tacos: Use low-carb tortillas and fill with meats, cheese, and vegetables. Top with salsa and sour cream.
  • Keto Soups: Look for recipes that include cream and vegetables. Some options include broccoli cheese soup and cauliflower soup.
  • Keto Desserts: Yes, you can have dessert on the keto diet! Look for recipes made with almond flour, cream cheese, and eggs.
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Easy Summer Keto Meals

Stay keto this summer without overcomplicating things – try these easy meal ideas:

  • Grilled Meats and Vegetables: Fire up the grill and cook your protein and vegetables at the same time. Look for vegetables such as asparagus, zucchini, and bell peppers.
  • Keto Salads: Look for recipes made with greens, vegetables, nuts, and cheese. Use a homemade vinaigrette made with olive oil and vinegar.
  • Keto Burgers: Look for recipes made with beef, turkey, or bison. Top with cheese, bacon, and a low-carb bun.
  • Cauliflower Rice Dishes: Pulse cauliflower in a food processor until it resembles rice. Look for recipes made with this low-carb ingredient.
  • Zucchini Noodles: Spiralize some zucchini. Then, add a keto-friendly sauce made with cream and parmesan cheese.

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Healthy Summer Dinner Recipes

Summer is a great time to focus on health. Here are some healthy summer dinner recipes:

  • Black Rice Bowl with Tofu and Vegetables: Crispy pan-fried tofu and vegetables find their ideal base with black rice.
  • Cedar Plank Salmon with Blackberry Sauce: While blackberry sauce may seem like an unusual pairing for salmon, this low-carb, low-calorie, and protein-rich recipe will delightfully surprise your taste buds.
  • Lentil or Vegetable Soups: Combine all the ingredients in a pot and simmer. Look for recipes made with red or green lentils (12).
  • Healthy Curry: This easy curry uses three main ingredients: spinach, chickpeas, and potatoes. It’s also packed with spices. The dish is very healthy, with fiber, protein, vitamins, and minerals. Try serving it with rice or quinoa for a filling meal.

Low-Fat Summer Meal Ideas

Summer is a great time to eat healthier and focus on fresh fruits and vegetables. You can still have lots of flavor without extra fat. Here’s how:

  • Eat More Fruits and Vegetables: Summer has many delicious fruits and vegetables. Try berries, peaches, cucumbers, and tomatoes as snacks or in salads.
  • Grill Your Meat and Fish: Grilling is a healthy way to cook. Use chicken breast, turkey burgers, and fish. Marinate them with herbs and lemon juice for lots of flavor.
  • Have Salads for Lunch: Salads are easy to make and good for you. Use olive oil and lemon juice for your dressing (13). Add chicken, beans, or tofu for protein.
  • Drink Infused Water: Add cucumber, lemons, and berries to water for a tasty drink. You can also use mint or basil for a different taste.
  • Have Low-Fat Dessert: You can still eat dessert! Try grilled pineapple with low-fat yogurt. Make popsicles with fruit and low-fat milk for a cool treat (14).
  • Try New Things: Summer is a great time to try new fruits and vegetables. Grill different foods and be creative. You’ll feel good, and your food will be delicious!
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Low-Fat Summer Recipes

Do you need some more low-fat inspiration? Here are some low-fat summer recipes:

  • Grilled Chicken or Turkey Burgers: Look for recipes with lean meats. Serve on a whole-grain bun. Top with vegetables such as lettuce, tomato, and mustard (15).
  • Baked or Grilled Chicken or Fish: Marinate in lemon juice and herbs, then cook in the oven or grill. Serve with a side of roasted vegetables (16).
  • Vegetable and Bean Tacos: Look for recipes made with black beans, pinto beans, or refried beans. Top with salsa, avocado, and low-fat sour cream (17).
  • Stuffed Bell Peppers: Fill bell peppers with rice, beans, and vegetables, and bake until tender.
  • Eggplant Parmesan: Slice an eggplant and bread it. Bake until crispy—layer with sauce and low-fat cheese in a baking dish (18).

Gluten-Free Summer Meals

Summer is here and with it comes barbecues, picnics, and outdoor dining. Navigating these social situations on a gluten-free diet can be challenging. However, with some planning, you can enjoy the season’s offerings while staying safe.

Gluten-Free Summer Recipes

Do you need some more gluten-free inspiration? Here are some gluten-free summer recipes:

  • Grilled Chicken or Fish and Vegetables: Fire up the grill and cook your protein and vegetables at the same time. Look for vegetables such as asparagus, zucchini, and bell peppers.
  • Gluten-Free Burgers: Find recipes made with beef, turkey, or bison and serve on a gluten-free bun. Top with cheese, bacon, and veggies (19).
  • Gluten-Free Pancakes: Why not have breakfast for dinner? These tasty pancakes make a sweet meal. 
  • Roasted Vegetables and Quinoa: Roast some vegetables and serve over a bed of quinoa. Add some protein such as chicken, salmon, or tofu (20).

summer meals  

Mediterranean Diet Summer Meals

The Mediterranean diet is all about whole, unprocessed foods. Think vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and healthy fats.

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Mediterranean Diet Summer Recipes

Are you looking for some more Mediterranean inspiration? Here are some Mediterranean diet summer recipes:

  • Grilled Chicken or Turkey Burgers: Use lean meat and whole-grain buns. Garnish with feta cheese, lettuce, tomato, and tzatziki sauce (21).
  • Baked or Grilled Chicken or Fish: Marinate with olive oil, lemon juice, and herbs. Serve with roasted vegetables and quinoa (22).
  • Vegetable and Feta Stuffed Portobellos: Fill mushrooms with sautéed vegetables and feta cheese, then bake to a golden bubbly (23).
  • Raspberry-Peach-Mango Smoothie Bowl: Made of sweet fruits, almonds, and milk for a refreshing treat.

Summer Snacks

Summer is a great time to try new snacks. Here are some refreshing ideas: 

  • Watermelon and Feta: Top diced watermelon with feta cheese and mint. 
  • Trail Mix: Combine nuts, seeds, dried fruit, and chocolate chips. 
  • Popsicles: Make popsicles with fruit and yogurt. 
  • Cucumbers and Hummus: Serve sliced cucumbers with hummus, carrots, and celery sticks. 
  • Berries and Greek Yogurt: Mix berries and Greek yogurt. Add granola.

Foods to Avoid in the Summer

You should eat light foods that keep you cool and strong when it’s hot and skip these: 

  • Heavy meats (beef, pork): Choose chicken, fish, and tofu. 
  • Processed foods (chips, candy): Eat fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. 
  • Fried foods (fries, fried chicken): Choose grilled, baked, or sautéed. 
  • Sugary drinks (soda, sports drinks): Drink water, seltzer, and unsweetened tea. 
  • Dairy (milk, cheese): Try low-fat or non-dairy (almond milk).

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Eating During a Heatwave

When it’s hot outside, our bodies crave light, cooling foods to help us stay hydrated and energized (24). Here are some tips for eating during a heatwave:

  • Stay Hydrated: Drink plenty of water throughout the day, even if you don’t feel thirsty. Look for foods with a high water content, such as watermelon and cucumbers.
  • Opt for Light Meals: Heavy meals can be difficult to digest and make you feel sluggish. Opt for light, cooling meals such as salads, soups, and fruit.
  • Avoid Cooking: Cooking can heat your kitchen and make you feel hotter. Opt for no-cook meals such as salads, sandwiches, and smoothies.
  • Eat Frequent, Small Meals: Eating smaller, more frequent meals can help keep your energy up. Look for healthy snack options such as nuts, seeds, and dried fruit.
  • Avoid Caffeine and Alcohol. These drinks can dehydrate you. Instead, opt for water, seltzer, and unsweetened tea.


summer meals


  • What is the most refreshing summer food?

Watermelon is one of the most refreshing summer foods due to its high water content and electrolytes.

  • What foods to avoid in summer?

Heavy meats, processed foods, fried foods, high-sugar drinks, and dairy. Opt for light, cooling foods instead.

  • What foods grow best in summer?

Stone fruits, berries, tomatoes, squash, and corn are all in season during the summer months. Look for these ingredients at your local farmer’s market or grocery store.

  • What to eat during a heatwave?

Opt for light, cooling foods such as salads, soups, and fruit. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water, and avoid cooking and heavy meals.

Summer is a great time to get creative with your meals by using fresh ingredients and making cool dishes. Whether you need quick meal ideas, healthy dinners, or cold snacks, this list has you covered. Get inspired and start cooking! Always remember to talk to a doctor or dietitian before you change your diet. They can help you make a meal plan that’s good for your health.


This article is intended for general informational purposes only and does not address individual circumstances. It is not a substitute for professional advice or help and should not be relied on to make decisions of any kind. Any action you take upon the information presented in this article is strictly at your own risk and responsibility!


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