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Your Privacy Choices

At BetterMe, we respect your right to privacy and strive to offer you comprehensive control over your personal data. In particular, we provide two opt-out options to address your interaction with our services, each with its own scope and level of control.

We may share certain information about you with our partners for purposes of targeted advertising or data analytics, which under certain US state (for example, California, Colorado, Connecticut and Virginia) privacy laws could be characterized as “selling,” “sharing,” or “targeted advertising”. You have the right to opt-out of such sale/sharing of your personal information. We extend this right to all of the US states as our commitment to privacy and allow users from all states to exercise this right in via 3 options:

On Local (device/browser) level

simply follow the instructions after clicking the button


On the Account level of BetterMe: Health Coaching

access the opt-out button on your profile.

BetterMe: Mental Health mobile app level

access the opt-out button on your profile in the mobile app.

Understanding Your Opt-Out Options

  1. Local (device/browser) level: This option is suitable for those seeking immediate action on a specific device or browser. It is important to note that if you clear your cache, switch browsers, or visit different URLs, you will need to reapply your opt-out choice each time. This option is designed for simplicity and ease of use without the need for logging in and if you have no account with BetterMe. In addition, we also bring EU privacy standards to US customers and allow you to influence the tracking decision on a granular per purpose level (this is available by interacting with e-Privacy settings).
  2. Account Level Opt-Out: Opting out at this level requires you to be logged in one of our products. It allows us to apply your preferences across your account on digital properties where our login is available, such as our web app and mobile apps. By linking your opt-out choice with your account, it provides a consistent and seamless experience, regardless of the device or browser used. We will strive to display the opt-out status in your profile by "opted-out" or similar indication.
  3. BetterMe: Mental Health mobile app level: Opting out at this level is available within the mobile app. Mobile app level is different from the web and influences the tracking technologies implemented in the app.

Global Privacy Control (GPC):

  • We also strive to respect GPC signals in the states that require their recognition. We treat them as an affirmative opt-out request. Enabling GPC will override any previous opt-out choices you've made.
  • The GPC signal acts as a universal opt-out command. By enabling it in your browser, you send a clear directive to all participating websites, not just BetterMe, that you wish to opt out of the sale or sharing of your personal information.

Consequences of Opting Out:

  • Choosing to opt out, especially at the account level, will impact how your data is used. For example, it will stop the sharing of your information for tailoring our advertising on platforms like Meta products, but also allowing you to decide on such data processing and exercise your privacy rights.

To learn more about how we handle your data and the additional rights (for example, data deletion) you have over your personal information, please visit our Privacy Policy. For any additional privacy requests, please contact us at privacy@betterme.world