Blog Fitness Style In Motion: Here’s Why You’ll Love Wearing BetterMe Extra Support Micro Shorts

Style In Motion: Here’s Why You’ll Love Wearing BetterMe Extra Support Micro Shorts

If the words “dance workout” trigger the image of you drenched in sweat, needing a break to catch your breath, and wondering whether the friction between your shorts and skin will ever end, it’s time to try BetterMe Extra Support Micro Shorts. Research shows that how well your sports clothes are thermoregulating is directly related to how well you perform, and also whether or not you’ll enjoy your workout (1). Also, some research shows that when you enjoy your workout you’re more likely to stick to it in the long run. Should we mention the benefits of working out consistently over time? We bet you already know them! When we designed these Extra Support Micro Shorts we had one goal in mind—to send you to the next level of dance workouts. These shorts are designed for all types of movement and provide excellent support during any kind of active situation—from a long, intense session at the gym to a gentle stretching routine. We could go on and on about why they are a must-have for you, the dance lover, but let’s start with some info we bet you don’t know.

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Shorts 101: The Evolution Of Movement

Dance style has certainly evolved over the years (2).  Those of us who have been in the dance scene can attest to this! We’ve seen steps become more fluid, and clothes become more varied. In fact, we can say that the evolution of dance has followed the evolution of fashion.

In the early days of dance, dance clothing was strictly about functionality. Focused on refining moves and entertaining audiences, dancers had no interest in the aesthetic side of their clothing.

It’s easy to see why; this form of movement was considered a bit eccentric and hardly ever a way to wind down for the average jane. Perhaps, the most important aspect of the clothing was that it did not hinder movement.

Today, dance and fashion as we know them now are so closely intertwined, it’s hard to separate the two. As fashion trends shifted, so have dance styles—and vice versa. What was once considered a taboo form of movement has become an accepted and even celebrated form of self-expression.

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The best example is hip-hop dance, which became popular during the late 80s and early 90s. This style of movement is all about self-expression and an intention to move freely. While the style itself was created out of necessity, its clothing has become a reflection of urban culture and fashion trends.

Now we’re seeing a trend where movement equals freedom.  Freedom to express your style and move the way you want to be seen. Most importantly, we want dance attire that frees us from both physical and psychological boundaries.

And that’s why we created the Extra Support Micro Shorts: with the perfect balance of function, fashion, and freedom. With these on, you’re sure to be bold on the dance floor.

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Are Shorts Good For Sports And Everyday Wear?

It’s not a coincidence that many sports require players to wear shorts. In addition to their comfort and breathability, shorts have several other advantages for athletes. For starters, they allow for a wide range of movement, unlike pants and other long garments, so they’re perfect for sports like running, basketball and soccer.

They also provide a bit of leg protection against heat-related skin conditions like heat rash. Their lightweight material helps to keep athletes cooler, reducing sweat-related discomfort.Shorts are not just for sports, though.

They can be a stylish and comfortable way to dress for any occasion, from running errands to going out with friends. Modern styles are designed to look fashionable and stylish, while still offering the breathability, flexibility and comfort you need for a relaxed look.

And because shorts are so easy to mix and match with different tops, they make great wardrobe staples that you can dress up or down depending on the occasion. Hey, it doesn’t hurt to show off your legs either!

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So, whether you’re headed out for a game or just a night at the movies, shorts are always an excellent choice. They keep you comfortable, cool and always looking your best

How To Choose Your Perfect Pair Of Shorts For Dance

Perfect might seem like a lofty goal, but it’s attainable when you know what to look for. Quality shorts are going to make all the difference in your performance and comfort. Here are some tips to help you find the ideal pair of shorts for dance:

1. Comfort Is Key

The most important thing to consider when buying dance shorts is comfort. Choose shorts that sit comfortably on your body and won’t ride up when you move. Look for shorts that are elasticized and have a drawstring, so you can adjust the waistband to your ideal fit. A drawstring isn’t the only option, either—there are elastic-waist shorts with a flat band that can provide a snug fit without being restrictive.

2. Think About Fabric

The type of fabric you choose is important because it will determine how durable and breathable your shorts are. Look for fabrics that are lightweight and designed to move with you, such as spandex and polyester blends. Avoid any fabric that is too heavy or will cause you to overheat.

Stretchy fabrics may be more ideal for dance because they will move with you and keep your body comfortable.

3. Pay Attention To Length

The length of your shorts can also affect your performance and comfort level when dancing. Choose a short length that is right for your particular style and level of dance—longer shorts can be too restrictive and hot, on the other hand shorter shorts aren’t always appropriate for certain types of dance.

Perhaps the most important consideration for length is that your shorts should have enough fabric to allow for full range of motion. The last thing you need is to be distracted by a pair of shorts that are too tight or long.

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4. Get The Right Fit

When you’re trying on shorts, make sure they fit properly. There should be enough room so that you can move freely without feeling constricted in any way. Your normal pants size can be a good starting point, but you may need to go up or down a size depending on the fit of the shorts.

You’ll need to take several important measurements to get the best fit, especially when buying shorts online. The most important measurement is the waistband size. You’ll want to measure your natural waist, which is the narrowest part of your torso, for an accurate fit.

Additionally, you’ll want to measure the inseam, which is the distance from your crotch to the bottom of your leg. In the case of shorts, you might want to measure a bit higher just above your knee.

Another key measurement to consider is the rise, which measures the distance from your waistband to your natural waist. The rise simply helps you determine how high or low the waistband will sit on your body.

Your thigh and hip measurements can also help you decide if a pair of shorts is right for your body type. For both of these, measure the circumference of your thigh and hip at the widest points.

5.  Consider Color And Style

We’re all about feel-good fashion here, and the right color or style can make all the difference. While color preferences are personal, keep in mind that neutral colors such as black, white, or gray are often the most versatile as they can be paired with a variety of colors.

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That said, there’s something enticing about bold colors and fun patterns, so don’t be afraid to add a little something special if the occasion calls for it. Plus, having a few pairs of stylish shorts to choose from can make it easier to transition between classes or switch up your look with ease.

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Why You’ll Love The BetterMe Extra Support Micro Shorts

About to go down the rabbit hole of online shopping for the perfect dance shorts? We’ll save you the trouble by listing 6 reasons why you’ll love the BetterMe Extra Support Micro Shorts:

1. Secured Fit

We totally relate to the horror of having to constantly adjust your shorts during dance or workouts. Or wondering whether a squatting move will leave one cheek exposed to the audience. When we say your booty is secured in these micro shorts, we mean it.

Snug-fitting fabric wraps your hips in a way that won’t have you adjusting ever again. The product’s high waistband offers extra coverage and comfort while still allowing movement. That’s not to mention the ingenious double-stitched hems that prevent fraying and keep the fabric from riding up your legs.

2. Tummy Control Waistband

We know that when you want to give it your all, looking good is the cherry on top. So our micro shorts are designed with a special tummy control waistband. This feature helps you feel more confident about your body shape when you strut your stuff on the dance floor.

Forget the bulges and discomfort that come with a tight waistband. Ours doesn’t dig into your skin, giving you a subtle bump in the waist area, so your figure will stay looking fabulous.

3. Sweat-Wicking Fabric

When sweat continuously pools around your bits you know it’s time to switch out your dance shorts. The BetterMe Extra Support Micro Shorts are made from a sweat-wicking fabric that not only keeps you dry, but also eliminates the need for frequent changing.

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These lightweight micro shorts will keep you cool and refreshed throughout your entire workout, giving you more time to focus on what matters most — your moves.

Lean and toned up body isn’t just a far-fetched fantasy. Check out the BetterMe app and watch it propel your weight loss journey into high gear!

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4. Breathable Fabric

Nothing is worse than feeling stuffy and uncomfortable in what you’re wearing. The BetterMe Extra Support Micro Shorts use a lightweight, breathable fabric that allows airflow and minimizes heat buildup.

This innovative fabric not only prevents the growth of bacteria, but also helps you stay cool even when your intense dance moves get you hot.

5. Flexible And Comfortable

These shorts are designed to be flexible and comfortable while still supporting your body’s natural movements. The fabric won’t restrict you from pulling off any move, yet its snug fit will still keep everything in place when you need it.

The fabric is also super soft against your skin, so you won’t feel any irritation or unpleasantness even when worn for hours.

6. Stylish And Colorful

Let your bold inner leopard show with the BetterMe Extra Support Micro Shorts’ stylish animal print. With several colors to choose from, you can easily find one that suits your personality. Pair it with a matching top for a chic and flattering look. 

Get Yours Today

The BetterMe Extra Support Micro Shorts offer the perfect combination of style, comfort, and support. No matter what dance level you are, these shorts will help you stay focused and keep your body looking great. Get yours today and start getting the most out of your workout.

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This article is intended for general informational purposes only and does not address individual circumstances. It is not a substitute for professional advice or help and should not be relied on to make decisions of any kind. Any action you take upon the information presented in this article is strictly at your own risk and responsibility!


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