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Giulia Ralph

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Giulia is a highly experienced and qualified Nutritionist, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Weightlifting Coach, and Personal Trainer. Her extensive education includes a Bachelor of Health Science in Nutrition and a Post-Graduate Certificate in Human Nutrition. Additionally, she holds several accreditations, including Strength & Conditioning Coach (ASCA L1), Weightlifting/Sports Power Coach (AWF L1), and Certificates III & IV in Fitness.With a wealth of experience in the nutrition, health, and exercise field, Giulia has gained valuable insight through her work in various roles, serving a diverse range of individuals. This diverse experience has equipped her with a unique skill set and a well-rounded approach.Giulia’s true passion lies in helping individuals make positive changes that lead to improved physical and mental health, as well as an enhanced quality of life. She is driven to empower individuals to take control of their well-being and develop the skills to navigate through the overwhelming sea of misinformation and conflicting opinions.Her training preferences revolve around strength training and weightlifting, but she has recently incorporated running into her weekly routine. In addition to her professional pursuits, Giulia enjoys engaging in recreational activities such as snowboarding, hiking, and, more recently, mountain biking.

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