Blog Weight Loss I Tried The New “BetterMe” Workout App That Got Viral – It Actually Works

I Tried The New “BetterMe” Workout App That Got Viral – It Actually Works

Dancing My Pounds Away with BetterMe

Any time an app goes viral, it’s usually for a reason: it does something really well. But if you’re a skeptic, you may wonder whether the app really does what it claims to do and whether it’s worth the hype. So when our editor Anna tested the new viral “BetterMe” app, we were surprised by the results. Here’s her transformation story:

Ever since I could remember, I’ve always struggled with my weight.  I’ve tried countless diets and exercise regimens, but my progress has always been painfully slow.

Two years ago, I finally managed to hit my ideal weight. I didn’t have abs or anything, but I did hit the gym consistently and stayed in good shape for about a year.

Then the pandemic hit.

Gyms shut down. Working from home. And all my efforts slowly went down the drain.

Soon, meal-prepping salads gave way to ordering fast food.

Food made me feel better, amidst the confusion of the pandemic and having to adjust to a new, home-bound life. I focused less and less on what and how much I ate.

I grew numb. No motivation for anything, certainly not exercise. I’d go a whole week without setting foot outside my apartment. Instead, I’d spend hours on Facebook and Instagram. Scrolling mindlessly. Most of my time was spent on other people’s feeds.

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It didn’t take long for me to get the shock of my life.

Anger, sadness, disgust – a whole range of emotions flashed through my head when I realized none of my jeans fit.

How did I let myself go so quickly? All of my years of effort going to waste – and for what? Food? More flavor?

There’s nothing worse than being overweight. It puts you in a state of constant insecurity, suspicion, and jealousy of the life others are leading. A life you wish you had. And what makes it worse – everyone sees your struggle, but no one wants to talk about it.

Somehow this experience made me a stronger person – I knew what was important and didn’t want to waste time on things that weren’t.

I couldn’t join the gym because of the pandemic, but I was determined to do something.

First, I tried bodyweight exercises. I got my hands on some workout routines and started doing sit-ups and squats.

Next, I started googling structured routines and found a few apps. But all of them looked SO extreme.

Lean girls, in tiny workout outfits, with sculpted abs and a perfect body. Ripped, muscly guys. And here I was, struggling to stay active. Working out at home all alone. No motivation whatsoever.

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I wasn’t looking for a workout plan that drives me nuts. I wanted something easy to stick to that would provide me with an effective solution for getting in shape. 

The “BetterMe” Workout App Was Exactly What I Needed

First things first: I set out to do the “BetterMe” workout program for three months. No, I didn’t train that entire time. But the exercises were something I could do every day without straining my body or causing injury.

The app was designed with people like me in mind – busy, yet determined to get in shape and stay healthy. Go to work, go home, spend time with friends and family – we all lead busy lives and don’t always have time to go to the gym.

I tried a few of their exercise programs: “Booty Burner Boot Camp”, “Butt & Thighs ” and “Leg Shaping Routine”.  Each day I’d do the minimum amount of reps the app suggested.

And within a few weeks, I started noticing some positive changes in my body. My legs became a bit firmer and stronger. A change that was absolutely amazing to see. And for the first time in my life, I didn’t run out of breath going up the stairs!

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I went from 0% motivation to 100%. It felt empowering to see the progress I was making in a matter of weeks.  I knew these were results no amount of idly wishing for a better body could bring me.

Once I’d completed the first three months, I decided to stick with their workout program until my goals were reached. It took me another 8 months or so.

My advice is that you don’t create excuses (like finding time, having no equipment, etc.) to keep yourself from sticking with the program.  If you’re really serious about getting in shape and changing your body, dedicate a few minutes of your day and pat yourself on the pack each time.

Secondly, you’ll have to watch your plate. At the end of the day, if your only goal is losing weight – diet is more important than working out. You can train all you want, but without a proper meal plan and healthy habits, that fat isn’t going anywhere.

Those are the two aspects of this app that you’ll have to work hard on. Now, to the good stuff…

Here Are Some Reasons I REALLY Loved The “BetterMe” App

For one, the app kicked me out of my pandemic slump.

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Also, the workouts were bearable. Don’t get me wrong – I wanted to lose weight. But, I’m lazy. And anything too hard would’ve made me quit. So I liked that the program was something I could fit into my days without struggling too much.

It doesn’t hurt that the app is so much cheaper than a personal trainer and a gym membership. I mean, once you invest in a couple of pieces of equipment, the subscription is a fraction of the cost you’d pay for a gym.

Plus, I could do the workouts from anywhere – at home, in my garden or even at the park during my lunch break. And that was (and still is) amazing.

All those were reasons enough for me to stick with it and not give up on my goal to get better fitness and health. That’s why I’m sharing this with you.

But How Can The “BetterMe” App Produce Great Results In Just a Few Weeks?

The reason why “BetterMe” is so powerful is that EVERYTHING is personalized.

When you sign up, the app takes your measurements, asks you questions about yourself, and uses that information to create a unique workout plan just for you.

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This means that the exercises are optimized so they’ll help you achieve the goals you set up for yourself – not someone else’s.

The app also suggests a meal plan to help you achieve  your goals. Eating the right food IS crucial when it comes to getting in shape and losing weight. In fact, I couldn’t have achieved my results without their meal plan suggestions!

So not only did I get a set of exercises that were perfectly designed for me, but also the knowledge on how to eat properly.

And once you’re done with the program, you can repeat it to tighten up those muscles or lose even more weight. And if you want to go a step further – there are a lot of advanced programs available as well. But again… I wouldn’t suggest it unless you’re 100% serious about getting results.

It’s Like Having Your Own Personal Trainer – Just Better!

If you need some extra motivation to be more active and get in shape, or if you just want to try something new, the “BetterMe” app is your best bet.

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new workout

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Best app for exercise!

I lost weight, gained muscles. I’m very satisfied and grateful for this app! ❤️❤️

Day 5 seeing some real results with…

Jeff L.
Day 5 seeing some real results with weight loss and muscle tone.

The New ME at last! app is brilliant for logging in...

The app is brilliant for logging in dietary food / drink consumed throughout day . Reminders to exercise and set goals for loosing weight , consuming water to aid weight loss. I am so much fitter since starting with daily exercise and love the various different new exercises too.