Our policy for evidence-based guides

All of the information BetterMe makes available is based on cross-checked, up-to-date scientific research. Each recommendation, suggestion, and statement is backed up with confirmed evidence, and is reviewed by a certified specialist on our team.

We pay utmost attention to the tone of voice and language we use. For those articles we offer which are scientific in nature, we use consistently clear, understandable language. There is an explicit difference between the tone of statements that are based on proven scientific research, and those which are inspired by opinions, the latter using a friendly, playful language. The contrast between the two makes it easy for the reader to distinguish between the type of information they are provided with. BetterMe’s articles also clearly state who the articles are targeted to (e.g. women over 50 with obesity, adults with sleep apnea).

BetterMe’s articles do not provide any statements that defy current scientific evidence. If there is a subject that is currently debatable, there will be a disclaimer in the article stating that this piece of information is an opinion, a point of view, and is not backed by solid, conclusive evidence. These articles will highlight opinions and why this claim should be either supported or refuted.


We constantly keep an eye out for new research, updated evidence, and latest data. Our practice is to revise all articles once every 3 months and bring them up to date, and include new information on the subject if such is available.

We pay additional attention to subjects that are still unsettled, debatable, or lack solid scientific evidence, and update such articles accordingly.


Our writers, editors, and certified medical personnel who contribute to the information available are encouraged to stay as unbiased as possible, primarily using proven scientific facts as a foundation to the information shared, not their opinions. We also do not take any money for advertisement to be able to have an independent position on subjects we write about.


Most of our articles are based on proven facts from the medical field, however, not every topic has had trials, tests, and research done on it, especially when it comes to weight loss. That’s why some of the information provided comes directly from our specialists, who, while staying as unbiased as possible, try to answer questions and provide advice using their experience and expertise.

While doing so, we strive to be guided by our core values.

Our goal is to provide clear, useful, motivating information to inspire and educate readers. BetterMe positions itself as a trusted friend, who shares which information is proven to work and increase the reader’s well-being.

In most cases, to lose weight and improve health, we offer proven methods such as cutting calories, increasing the quality of nutrition, exercising, and getting a good amount of sleep. Please note that often times, the combination of these methods tends to work the best, and we aim to never single out one over the other.
However, some cases are serious and require medication, doctor’s visits, or surgery, and we make sure to clearly state that these are the first options.

Final words

Please note that none of the information we offer is intended to treat and cure any illnesses, and does not replace a doctor’s visit. All the information provided is for familiarization purposes only.

We strive to provide high-quality, trusted and proven information, that is easily understandable and beneficial. If you see any statements that are questionable, please contact us. We would love to hear from you.

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