We believe that providing not only high-quality content, but also being transparent about the editorial process and what goes on behind the scenes is vital to earn your trust.

There are countless sources of health and fitness information: blogs, magazines, podcasts, your friends. But how do you know it’s verified and reliable? To be frank, fact-checking every piece of advice you hear will leave you no time to live your life. That’s when we step up.

BetterMe values your time, emotional health, and energy; that is why we do the work of analyzing complicated topics behind the scenes and deliver them to you in a simple, conversation-like way.

We aim to be your all-in-one solution for all things Health. Whether you have a question about today’s headache, persistent health issues, or lifestyle change, we are honored to guide you in the right direction, all with the facts to back us up.

Our Mission

We strive to Create Happiness Within by supporting your journey to a Better You, and being your go-to for any and all questions in the health and fitness world.

Our content

Our BetterMe team is a combination of experienced writers, researchers, along with certified nutritionists and trainers who work together to bring you the most up-to-date, upfront and accredited information available. All the information is edited, fact-checked, inspected, and sometimes even tested before it is ready for you to see.

Our team of specialists

BetterMe is also proud to engage medical professionals in all reviews, to not only ensure that the content is easy to understand, but is also medically accurate. Our professionals have a wide range of specialties, from surgeons to consulting family doctors.

Our writers

The copywriting team includes people who are outstanding journalists, researchers and editors. Plus, we value different backgrounds and life experiences to showcase multiple points of view and include as many approaches as possible.

Our sources

BetterMe practices solid information cross-checking, along with citations by trusted sources, such as academic research institutions and medical associations.

Every piece of content is inspected by certified medical professionals to ensure accuracy, fairness, and its up-to-date status. You can always find sources by clicking the links included in the articles.

Staying current

Our team of dedicated researchers scans the vast health and fitness space for new trends, directions, studies, and published works, so that all your questions even on the newest topics can be answered. We also take feedback seriously and revise and update all materials that might be outdated or unclear.

Connect with you

Our tone of voice is friendly, straightforward, and supportive. We want to position ourselves as your helpful ally, a friend you can turn to if you have a question or ask for a hand. That’s why empathy is front and center in all of our communications: we believe it is vital to promote integrity and respect our differences.

Your feedback is welcome

BetterMe team works hard to provide you with current, reliable information, and support you in your endeavors towards a healthier lifestyle. If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments, we are always happy to hear from you!

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