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Weight Loss Rewards: Find Out Healthy Non-Food Options To Keep You Motivated On Your Journey

weight loss rewards

Losing weight is hard. It is a long, painful process that requires dedication and sacrifice for you to reach your desired weight loss goal. One way to help keep you motivated to achieve your final goal is to have some weight loss rewards.



Losing weight has numerous health and lifestyle benefits. If you are overweight or obese, shedding 5% to 10% of of your weight could lead to positive health changes such as (6):

  1. Decreased risk of diabetes
  2. Lowered blood pressure and a decreased risk of heart disease
  3. Improved levels of cholesterol in the body
  4. Decreased risk of certain cancers
  5. Decreased joint pain
  6. Improved blood sugar levels
  7. Better sleep
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In regards to your lifestyle, shedding some extra pound leads to:

  1. Increased self-esteem
  2. Lower stress levels
  3. Increased energy
  4. Better moods
  5. Improved sex life

In spite of these benefits, it can be quite hard for us to stick to a weight-loss journey because of these factors. We sometimes need tangible rewards to keep us going when our bodies are sore, the scale isn’t going down, or we feel unmotivated to get to the gym or knock out a workout at home.

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Focusing on small achievable goals and then rewarding yourself for reaching this milestone could be more beneficial to you in the long run. These small goals and rewards are:

  1. A way to appreciate the hard one that we have put in to achieve them;
  2. A chance for us to see that we are making progress toward the desired main goal and that this goal is achievable.

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weight loss rewards How To Set Weight Loss Rewards?

Hands up if you have ever achieved a weight loss milestone, rewarded yourself with food, only to fall off the healthy eating wagon for weeks on end and have to start the process all over again. When thinking about weight loss rewards, many of us will automatically think about food. We start fantasizing about that sugar-glazed donut, that slice of pizza with ungodly amounts of cheese, chocolate cake, alcohol, etc.

Rewarding yourself with food can be a slippery slope and one wrong move could have you undoing all your months of hard work and sacrifice. To avoid this, it is best to choose some non-food rewards for weight loss. Good weight loss rewards incentives should celebrate your health and promote your well-being. Set challenging but achievable goals and then honor your efforts by getting or doing something good for yourself.

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What Are Some Good Rewards For Meeting Weight Loss Goals?

As stated above, non-food rewards for weight loss work best as they do not put you at risk of undoing all your hard work. If you are unsure about what options would work best for you, here are some good, fun, and healthy weight loss rewards options for you to choose from (4, 3):

  • Set Up An At-Home Spa Day

If you can afford it, setting aside a day to visit the spa and get pampered is among one of the best weight loss rewards out there. However, spas can get expensive. If you do not have the money to spare to head on over to an expansive spa, try recreating the experience at home.

Take a long shower with a body scrub to help you remove dead skin cells. Do a foot mask to say thank you to your feet, especially if you have been doing a lot of running. Apply a face mask to rejuvenate and hydrate your skin, then sit still, meditate, read a book or watch your favorite show.

  • Get A Powerful High-Speed Blender

How many times have you put your green smoothie ingredients in a blender, only to end up with what looks like some lumpy, chunky mess that is hard to swallow? Green smoothies and juices are a great part of a weight loss journey. A powerful high-speed blender is an expensive investment but also a great option for rewards for weight loss milestones.

  • weight loss rewards Buy A Healthy Recipe Cookbook

Healthy meals do not have to be boring and being on a weight loss journey does not mean that you should be stuck eating nothing but steamed broccoli and boiled chicken all week. Once you have achieved your first weight loss milestone, reward yourself by buying a healthy cookbook from one of your favorite chefs.

  • Buy Some New Workout Outfits

What weight loss rewards beat buying smaller and cuter workout clothes? Sizing down in clothes is one of the best weight loss motivations out there. You will also look cute while working out which is always a plus.

  • Get Yourself Some New Running Shoes

Good running shoes that will keep your feet safe while running can make a dent in your pocket. If you cannot find a reason to justify buying them, set this as one of your rewards for weight loss milestones. Give yourself some time to shed those pounds and to save some money and promise yourself that once you achieve your goal, you shall be heading to the store to get some better shoes.

  • weight loss rewards Buy A Fitness Tracker

Fitness trackers can help your resolve to get more exercise, lose weight, or get more sleep. They record your daily activity and will motivate you to work toward your goal, encourage you along the way, and praise you when you get there. While they are not essential in a weight loss journey fitness trackers make great weight loss accessories that are fun to have.

  • Take A Cooking Class

Cooking classes are not limited to those people who would love to learn how to cook. Healthy eating can leave you in a rut, consuming nothing but salads, smoothies, and chicken breast. A cooking class opens your eyes to different recipes and cuisines all over the world. While not all lessons will involve healthy meals you could also learn tweaks to help you make healthier versions of your meals.

  • Buy A Subscription To A Healthy Meal Service

Let’s be honest, meal prepping is a fantastic way to help keep you on track but it can take all day for you to prepare your meals for the week, leaving you exhausted and drained. On other weeks you are swamped with work and cannot spare a whole day to meal prepping.

Subscription meals are delivered to your door all portioned out are ready to cook or eat. This saves you time on cooking and gives you a break from always having to wonder about where your next meal is coming from.

  • weight loss rewards Enlist The Help Of A Personal Trainer

There is no problem in working towards your weight loss goals alone. After all, many people have achieved their desired body while doing at-home workouts with fitness apps and YouTube videos. However, hiring a fitness trainer is a good idea for weight loss reward goal because he/she (2):

  1. Can help you re-evaluate your routine making changes to make it more efficient and effective.
  2. Can challenge you, making you push yourself harder than you probably would have.
  3. Will serve as an accountability partner. Some personal trainers require you to send them images of your daily meals, snacks and even workouts that you have completed for the day. This makes sure that you will not slack off.
  4. Will teach you how to work out better. Some workouts, especially those requiring weights need to be done in the right way or risk injury. A personal trainer will help you learn proper weightlifting techniques.
  • Get A Gym Membership

Have you ever promised yourself that you will workout, gotten so excited and motivated by the prospects of a leaner, more toned body, bought a gym membership only for you to never step foot in the gym for months to come?

Well, you are not alone. Instead of falling into this trap once more, start with home workouts. Promise yourself that if you can keep up with working out 3 to 5 days a week for two months from home, then you will get that membership. This makes a great option for rewards for weight loss milestones because it saves you money and challenges you to be consistent with your exercises for at least 2 months.

  • weight loss rewards Get A Massage

When it comes to good rewards for weight loss, nothing beats a good professional massage. Working out, especially as a beginner can leave your body and muscles in knots – think about how climbing up or down the stairs feels after leg day. Once you have achieved a weight loss milestone (be it being consistent for 3 months of going down 1 dress size), call your local spa and book a professional massage.

Not only will this be deeply relaxing but it also helps in preventing injury by relaxing your muscles and allowing more blood flow to them as well as allowing you to recover faster from a hard workout session (1).

  • Get Your Teeth Professionally Whitened

We all love a beautiful white smile. In terms of weight loss rewards, teeth whitening is a great option for anyone who could not justify the cost or one who desires a brighter smile.

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  • weight loss rewards Pay For A Professional Photoshoot

Having your photos professionally taken is a great way to help you keep track of your weight loss. Photoshoots are weight loss rewards that are a fun, easy, and tangible way to help you see how far you’ve come and how your dedication is paying off. Looking back at these pictures whenever you feel unmotivated helps you see what you are working towards.

  • Go On A Staycation

A staycation is a holiday that you take at home or near your home rather than traveling to another place. Some great ideas for a staycation include:

  1. Playing the tourist in your hometown exploring areas that you have never been before.
  2. Taking a day trip to a nearby beach, spend the day swimming, and then stay overnight at a beachside hotel.
  3. Enjoy nature by going camping. If you have a large backyard you could pitch a tent outside and spend a lovely evening with your lover or children. If you do not have access to a backyard and the next town has a campsite, go spend a night or two there and disconnect from the world for a while.
  • weight loss rewards Buy A Coloring Book

Gone are the days where crayons and coloring were a pastime for children. Today adults are also encouraged to color and there are many such books available on the market. Colouring is now seen as a form of art therapy that can help with mental health.

This practice helps you explore your feelings, reconcile emotional conflicts, foster self-awareness, manage behavior and addictions, develop social skills, improve reality orientation, reduce anxiety and increase self-esteem. Colouring, like meditation, can also help ease anxiety, help with focus and concentration as well as boosting mindfulness (7).

If you do not wish to purchase a book, there are multiple coloring apps, both free and available for purchase, for adults for both windows and iPad that you could use instead.

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  • Get A Manicure Or A Pedicure (Maybe Even Both)

Your hands, and especially your legs and feet take the brunt of your workouts. If you are working out with weights, then you have probably suffered from blisters and broken nails while in the gym. Runners and cardio lovers understand all too well how their feet can crack from all their effort.

Manicures and pedicures are fantastic rewards for weight loss as they help us give a little TLC to ourselves. If you cannot go to a salon have a mani-pedi session at home, soak your hands and feet in some warm water, essential oils, and Epsom salts, exfoliate, moisturize them and paint your nails in some of your favorite colors.

  • weight loss rewards Go See A Movie

A movie and dinner afterward is not something that many may consider for weight loss reward. With all the streaming services available at home, people rarely ever go to the theater to watch films. Once you have achieved a weight loss milestone, treat yourself to the movie experience. Buy a ticket, get some popcorn, and enjoy your film of choice. Once the movie is over, head on over to a restaurant and enjoy a healthy and nutritious meal.

  • Invest In A Sports Bra

Women, and more especially busty women can appreciate a good sports bra. Not only does it help you avoid nasty stares and glances while working out, but it also holds the breasts in place, keeping them from bouncing around as you exercise – something that can be extremely painful.

Once you have lost those five or ten pounds, go for a professional bra fitting and invest in one or two sports bras as your weight loss rewards for your efforts.

  • Buy Some New Kitchen Tools

While they might be food related, kitchen tools are still non-food related rewards for weight loss that will make your journey that much easier and enjoyable. Some examples include:

1. A new lunch box. Carrying packed lunch or snacks helps keep you on track for weight loss as it enables you to always have healthy food and snack choices at hand. However, it might be high time to upgrade from that brown bag or plastic container that is somehow yellow in color from grease stains. Buy an insulated lunch bag to keep your food warm and some bento boxes to keep your foods separate but together in the same container.

2. A new water bottle. Water bottles make for awesome weight loss rewards incentives as they remind us to drink more water which boosts your metabolism, aids in satiety, and appetite suppression (5). Aim to buy a fancy water bottle made of glass, with different writings to motivate you to drink more or a brightly colored one for the aesthetics.

3. A slow cooker. In as much as you may love cooking, no one loves to spend all day slaving away at a stove. A slow cooker saves you time in the kitchen as you can place your ingredients in it in the morning, leave for the day and come back in the evening to a hot and delicious meal.

  • weight loss rewards Get A New Haircut

You lost some of the weight, can fit into smaller-sized clothes and have a pep in your step from your newfound confidence. Why not take this a step further and get a new haircut too?

If you have had long hair for years, cut off a couple of inches and see how you’ll feel. If you are daring enough, get a stylish bob or even a pixie cut. In case you are on the other end of the spectrum and have always had short hair, get some extensions or a wig. If messing with your length does not appeal to you, dye your hair to a fun new color.

  • Binge On Your Favourite TV Show

Weight loss rewards do not always have to cost money. Take one or two days off from your schedule, get comfortable on the couch with a blanket, some healthy snacks and tea, and restart your favorite show from the first episode. Take this time to disconnect from your phone, work and the gym and enjoy yourself by immersing yourself in a fictional story.

  • Do A Puzzle

For those who enjoy a mental challenge, reward your weight loss efforts by taking out that 1000, 3000, or 5000 puzzle piece that is at the back of your closet and complete.

  • Connect With Friends And Family

There are no better weight loss rewards than time with your loved ones. If you have not seen them in a while, send out a group text and invite them over for dinner or game night. Make the night fun by incorporating fun and interactive games to help you bond with each other. A great part about connecting with these people is hearing all the praise showered on you when they acknowledge your efforts.


The Bottom Line

Whenever you feel like you are losing motivation to achieve your weight loss goal, cut it down into smaller but challenging milestones. A goal of losing 40 pounds may be daunting but a milestone of running for 15 minutes without stopping is something more easily achievable and still works to help you lose weight. When you achieve this smaller goal, choose to reward yourself not with food but with experiences, relaxation, and gadgets that will make your journey easier.



This article is intended for general informational purposes only and does not address individual circumstances. It is not a substitute for professional advice or help and should not be relied on to make decisions of any kind. A licensed physician should be consulted for diagnosis and treatment of any medical conditions. Any action you take upon the information presented in this article is strictly at your own risk and responsibility!


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