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V-Shaped Buttocks Exercises To Perk Up Your Peach

v-shaped buttocks exercises

V-Shaped Butt: How Can You Lift It?

Each person’s body is unique, especially when it comes to its peachiest part – the buttocks. There are at least 4 widely recognized butt shapes, which are round, heart, square, and inverted V. The latter in particular is not that voluminous, which is a concern for many of its owners. They are eager to have a rounder and more defined shape or, in other words, turn the “V” upside down. This is why the v-shaped buttocks exercises mainly work the gluteus maximus (the largest muscle in the glute muscle group), which might help pump the butt up (5). So, if you are an owner of a V-shaped butt, read this article to learn about v-shaped buttocks exercises.


Exercises For A Perkier V-Shaped Butt

Deep Squats

When it comes to growing your glutes, squat depth plays a paramount role. Squats are great v-shaped buttocks exercises. The deeper you squat, the more you flex your butt, making it work more than the quads. In a deep squat, you go lower than the 90-degree angle. However, squatting deep is not the hardest part of the exercise. The trick here is to return to your starting position. As a result, you need to be fit enough to perform this exercise, namely to have the high level of your muscle mobility and stability. So, here are how you squat your way to the ideal butt (11):

  1. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and flat on the ground.
  2. Brace your core and start pushing your hips back, shifting weight to your heels.
  3. Lower your hips, keeping your back perfectly straight.
  4. Go down as far as a couple inches beyond the ground.
  5. Reverse the movement, pressing into your heels and straightening your knees.
  6. Repeat.

It is not necessary to go all the way down, especially if you are a beginner. What is more significant is maintaining the right form (11). If you squat really deep but with a hunchback, your glute muscles will not work to the fullest. Therefore, focus on doing the exercise correctly, even if you go below 90 degrees just for a few inches. No rush is needed here; eventually, you will get there.

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v-shaped buttocks exercises

Benefits Of Deep/Full Squats

Deep and full squats go with a number of advantages, and it will be difficult for you to ignore them. So, among the reasons why you should try deepening your squats are (1):

  • They engage a variety of muscles. During a deep squat, you contract your hamstrings, quads, and gastrocnemii, preserving your knee joint integrity.
  • They add to your flexibility. If you prefer parallel squats, there is a possibility that you might eventually become less flexible.
  • In a deep squat, the fulcrum is shifted to the quads and glutes, not the knees, as in the 90-degree squat.
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v-shaped buttocks exercises



Lunges are a compound exercise that engages a few muscles at a time. Not only does it set your glutes on fire, but it also burns your quadriceps, hamstrings, and calves. Moreover, lunges can improve your balance, adding to your body stability and equilibrium. Eventually, you will even notice an improvement in your gait (3). Therefore, by including this single exercise to your workout routine, you will achieve several goals.

Lunges are valuable for those who want to get a perfect butt, since they target mainly the glutes – the biggest muscle group of your body. During the exercise, the gluteus maximus works particularly intensively, making your butt rounder. Accordingly, doing lunges regularly can help you get rid of the flatness on your bum (8).

However, lunges are not that easy to perform due to the complexity of the form. Wrong angle and loss of balance are the common challenges faced by numerous people, especially those who are new to fitness. This is why it is highly advisable that beginners do lunges slowly and in front of the mirror. Here is how the form of the classic lunge should look (10):

  1. Keep your back straight and find stability. Tilt your core a little bit forward to enhance your balance.
  2. As you step forward with one leg, keep your knee at the 90-degree angle. Your foot must stand flat on the floor. Your task here is not to let the knee look inward, which you might be tempted to do. Do your best to keep your legs square.
  3. Press into the heel of your front leg to return to your starting position.
  4. Repeat.
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v-shaped buttocks exercises

Variations Of Lunges For A V-Shaped Butt

  • Walking lunges. The name of this variation speaks for itself. Here you do traditional lunges but without standing at one point. After stepping your right leg forward, you do not reverse the move. Instead, you bring your left leg forward and then make another step with it (8).  
  • Reverse lunges. These are the same as the conventional lunges, with the only difference that here you make a step back (8). 
  • Lunges with equipment. Although lunges work your glutes pretty good without additional equipment, there are various ways you can maximize your muscle work. Here’s how:
    • Add weights. You can simply take two dumbbells into both of your hands to make your glutes work insanely hard. Adding weights will put even more pressure on your glutes, which will help you get the rounder butt. There is no need to be afraid of overloading your knees. In fact, the load will make your ankles work more, thus making them stronger. As for the knees, they do not suffer during lunges, unless you do not keep them at the 90-degree ankle. In addition, dumbbell lunges can strengthen your core and contribute to your body stability. With the weights, you are unlikely to sway from side to side. Similarly, dumbbell lunges can improve your form during squats, which are also very helpful for those with a V-shaped butt (4).
    • Use a step platform. To make your butt grow even faster, do lunges on a platform, which is quite an advanced version of the exercise. What you have to do is to step forward onto the platform. The form is the same as in the classic lunge. The higher the platform is, the greater is the impact. If you do not have a platform, you may substitute it with a bench or a chair, whatever you feel comfortable with (10).

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v-shaped buttocks exercises

Pointed Butt Raises On The Knees

Being one of the classic v-shaped buttocks exercises, pointed butt raises are an integral part of any workout geared towards making a V-shaped butt rounder. The primary muscle that works during this exercise is glutes, but hamstrings and lower back are activated. Yet, it is considered a popular butt isolation exercise, since the main focus is still on the glute muscles. Unlike the previous exercises, this one is performed not in the standing position but on all fours. Therefore, you will need a mat in order not to hurt or graze your knees. To execute pointed butt raises correctly, do the following (9):

  1. Get down into your all-fours position on the mat. 
  2. Raise one leg up, holding the thigh parallel to the ground and pointing your toes up. Tighten your core in order not to arch your back. Put your hands shoulder-width apart for better balance.
  3. Raise the leg even higher, squeezing your glute muscles.
  4. Lower the leg to the starting position. Do not let your thigh go lower, keep it in line with your hip.
  5. Repeat.
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As for modifications, you might try adding weights to challenge your muscles. For example, you may put a dumbbell on the back knee of your working leg. Another option is to use ankle weights. If you are in the mood for a real challenge, do the raises in the plank position (9). Performing the exercise in the plank and concurrently adding weights is even more daring than any of the abovementioned variations.

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v-shaped buttocks exercises

Fire Hydrants

Fire hydrant is another exercise that requires a mat. Like the pointed butt raises, fire hydrants engage all the glute muscles, hamstrings, and core. So get down on the floor and follow these steps (6):

  1. Take the all-fours position on your mat. Your hands must be shoulder-width apart, while the knees have to be directly under your hips.
  2. Keep your spine neutral and squeeze your core to allow better stability and equilibrium. Look at the mat, creating a straight line between your head and lumbar spine. 
  3. Lift your right leg out to the side, doing your best to keep the hip parallel to the ground. Do this without shifting your weight to the opposite side much, which might result in the form violation.
  4. Lower the leg to the starting position.
  5. Repeat.

You are free to use ankle weights to make the exercise even harder and to change the V-shape of your buttocks. It is better to do fire hydrants after a set of multi-joint exercises, such as squats, push-ups, bench presses, etc. Since fire hydrants require much movement in the hip joint, they can hurt and restrict one’s movement. If you have such a problem, stop doing it immediately. Likewise, if you are doing this exercise with weights and consequently feel the pain, remove them (6).

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Fire Hydrants exercise

The Bottom Line

First of all, it is not right to say that some butt type is better or worse than another. All butts are unique but look equally good. There is absolutely no reason to shame yourself or others for having a V-shape because there is nothing wrong with that. If they are satisfied with their forms, let them be and learn to love yourself as well. However, if you feel uncomfortable in your body and feel like it does not look the way you want it to, it is in your power to change it. 

There are numerous ways in which you can transform your body without surgery. For instance, if you want to make your buttocks rounder and perkier, you can do deep squats, lunges, pointed butt raises on the knees, and fire hydrants. These are the best v-shaped buttocks exercises because they activate the gluteus maximus, which can add volume to your butt. Doing these regularly, you are likely to build your glute muscles and thus make your tush rounder.  


What Else Should I Do Besides Physical Exercises To Grow My Glutes?

You might want to analyze your eating habits, making sure that your diet is balanced. Your muscles will not grow, unless you consume enough carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. The latter are particularly significant for your musculoskeletal system. In fact, protein is responsible for the rebuilding of your muscles after an intense workout. Therefore, if you are dreaming about having sexy buttocks, this nutrient must be a vital element of your meal plan. Among the products rich in protein are milk, lean meat, fish, eggs, beans, and soy (2).

What Do I Do If I Have A Flabby Butt?

It is possible to lift your butt without resorting to a plastic surgery. All you need is an appropriate meal plan and perseverance to do the right exercises. You should do deadlifts and full squats with weights to get rid of the undesirable sagginess. However, apart from aiming to build the muscle, you should pay attention to your weight. You might need to shed some pounds before you can have beautiful buttocks, because your butt fat might be the reason for the sagginess. In connection, in case you make a decision to get rid of some fat, you should not hope to lose it only in the butt area. If you torch your fat, you torch it everywhere. In fact, cardio workouts cope with this task best of all (7).

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How Can V-Shaped Buttocks Exercises Turn Your Butt Into A Round One In A Week?

To speak the truth, it is impossible to undergo such a drastic transformation in such a short term. Improving the shape of your buttocks requires a lot of time and determination. However, you will hardly notice any considerable changes in your buttocks in just a week, even if you choose to work out every day. In fact, working your glutes every day might do more harm than good, ultimately resulting in an injury. You need to let your muscles rest and recover. Hence, do not rush or give up. Eventually you will get what you want. Take up a challenge and try this 20-min Full Body Workout At Home to get a snatched body.



This article is intended for general informational purposes only and does not address individual circumstances. It is not a substitute for professional advice or help and should not be relied on to make decisions of any kind. A licensed physician should be consulted for diagnosis and treatment of any medical conditions. Any action you take upon the information presented in this article is strictly at your own risk and responsibility!


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