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Hollee Mohni, RD, CPT

Hollee Mohni, RD, CPT

ACE Certified Personal Trainer, M.S. in Dietetics and Exercise,

“Whether you’re looking to make a major life change or fine tune your health and wellness, I’m happy you’re here!”

Career Highlights

  • 10 years as a personal fitness coach
  • 5 years as a Registered Dietitian
  • BetterMe coach, September 2023-present
  • I worked with 1,000+ clients to balance their nutrition and build healthy exercise habits 


  • Master of Science in Dietetics and Exercise Science from Iowa State University, 2012-2016
  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer since 2014
  • Registered Dietitian by Commission on Dietetic Registration since 2018

About me

I discovered my love for fitness and nutrition in my youth, in athletics. I felt how my discipline and self-confidence grew stronger, and so did my love – in college, I decided to turn it into a meaningful career.
However, in those years I began struggling with my weight and ended up restricting my diet and exercising excessively to beat that insecurity. But still, I remembered the profoundly positive effect sports had on my life. So, what could change?
I knew the way to be. As I moved to coaching, I focused on habit change to cultivate a positive relationship with oneself. This is what truly makes a felt, lasting difference.
I’m willing to help you improve your health and boost your confidence through sustainable foods and fitness. Ready? Here we go!

I tackled my insecurities and I know that you can, too! You’re not alone on your journey.

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