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Weight Loss » Food For Weight Loss » Best Drink To Lose Weight Fast: Healthy Fat-Blasting Beverages To Try Today!

Best Drink To Lose Weight Fast: Healthy Fat-Blasting Beverages To Try Today!

best drink to lose weight fast

Exercising and eating healthy are not the only factors to consider on your weight loss journey. Most people forget that what they drink also counts toward their total daily calorie intake. So, besides your meals, you also need to watch your beverages. These have a considerable influence on your weight total.

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The goal is to focus on beverages that promote weight loss. They must trigger your body to shed extra fat. Now, most of these weight loss beverages do not contain any added sugar. Their goal is to regulate how much sugar you consume as it is the number one enemy to any weight watcher.

In this article, we will examine healthier drink options and those that promote weight loss. Ultimately, we are looking to determine the best drink for fast weight loss.

Detox Drinks: Are They A Thing?

One of the healthier drink options most people consider in their weight loss journey is detox drinks. However, the many myths surrounding these beverages have made most people paranoid about their effectiveness.

The truth is that detox drinks help with shedding fat because they are low in calories (12). However, you must drink them in moderation and after you have acquired your doctor’s okay. They are also beneficial, as they supply your body with the necessary nutrients.

For example, if you consume a healthy detox smoothie, you will promote weight loss and also get some nutrients. So, detox drinks do indeed work when it comes to promoting weight loss. However, you must consult with your doctor to determine which beverage is most suitable for you.

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The Best Detox Drink To Lose Weight Fast 

The best thing about the detox drinks in this category is that they can be easily made at home. Their effectiveness guarantees you efficient and faster results. They include:

  • The Lemonade Detox Drink

The first detox drink is from WebMD’s website and is referred to as the lemonade diet or the master cleanse.  It is made using three vital ingredients. These include a lemonade-like drink, herbal laxative tea and salt-water drink.

You are required to try this cleansing drink for only ten days. During this duration, you are not supposed to eat any solid meal or drink any alcohol (7). This makes it quite an extreme detoxifying drink. So, before you start drinking it, ensure you consult with your doctor.

It contributes to your fat loss journey by reducing your daily calorie intake. However, you might end up losing more than just your unwanted fat. You might also lose water, muscles and/or bones.

After the 10-day detoxifying window, most people seem to regain their weight back. So, this might not be an excellent beverage to consider if you are looking for long-term results.

best protein drink to lose weight fast

  • The Green Smoothie

It is one of the best detox drinks to drink at night if you want to burn fat in your sleep. It is proven to be effective in promoting weight loss, making it an excellent consideration if you want long-term results. 

The ingredients of this drink result in an overpowering taste. So, ensure you find a green smoothie recipe that tastes good and one that you enjoy. Here is a green smoothie recipe from the Mayo Clinic Website to consider when making this detox drink:


  • 4 tablespoons of lemon juice, 1 banana, 1/2 a cup of strawberries, 1/2 a cup of either blue or blackberries, 1 cup of cold water or ice, 2 ounces of fresh raw baby spinach and fresh mint (4).


  • Blend all these ingredients in your blender and serve yourself the puree in a glass. 

Nutritional Analysis

For a serving of 6 fluid ounces, your body will attain the following nutrients:

  • Dietary fiber-2 g
  • Sodium- 15 mg
  • Cholesterol- 0 mg
  • Protein- 1 g
  • Total sugars-7 g
  • Total carbohydrate-12 g
  • Calories-64

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best tea to drink to lose weight fast

The Best Tea To Drink To Lose Weight Fast 

Several types of teas have been linked to weight loss. Most people refer to these teas as slimming teas. There are numerous varieties of these teas.

So, you will see various advertisements urging you to drink slimming teas if your goal is to shed extra body fat. The major mistake most individuals make with these teas is believing any variety can work for them. 

Never blindly change your diet because something is said to have worked for others. It may react differently in your body or it may not give you the results you desire. Before you add any tea to your diet plan, get your doctor’s okay.

Slimming teas are considered effective in weight loss as they stimulate digestion, assist metabolism and help in detoxification (6). Let us evaluate some of the best slimming teas to go through with your doctor to get faster weight loss results:

  • Green Tea

Chances are you will hardly go a day without seeing either a green tea ad or commercial. It is one of the well-known slimming teas in today’s health and fitness industry. It refers to a tea that is manufactured from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant.

Its uniqueness comes from the fact that it does not undergo the fermentation process like other teas. So, it tends to be rich in antioxidants and nutrients. Green tea is an excellent slimming tea for anyone who wants to lose weight.

It is highly recommended for obese individuals who have just started their journey of losing weight. However, you must note that its effects are small compared to other weight loss methods. For example, daily exercise might yield faster results compared to the daily intake of this drink. 

However, it is an excellent option if you want long-term results. The idea is to determine from the word go your weight loss goals and how fast you want your results.

best tea to drink to lose weight fast

The Effectiveness of Drinking Green Tea

Drinking one cup of green tea in a week will not magically shed your body fat. For quicker results, experts recommend you drink 2 or 3 cups of this brew daily (3). However, this amount may tend to vary depending on your overall assessment with your doctor.

The amount of green tea you consume will be impacted by your daily caffeine intake and your metabolism. So, do not just dictate how much of this slimming tea you are supposed or going to take. It must be determined by a physician or registered dietitian. 

If you consume your recommended cups of green tea, then you will gain more than just losing weight. Green tea can also reduce your cholesterol, improve the functioning of your heart and minimize your risk of attaining Alzheimer’s disease. 

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best cleanse drink to lose weight fast
  • Ginger Tea

The other tea to consider is ginger tea. As the name implies, the main component of this tea is ginger. It might not be a good alternative if you are allergic to ginger. So, never try this tea if ginger does not sit well with your body.

Consuming this brew helps you lose some extra pounds for a couple of reasons. First and foremost, it suppresses lipogenesis, the process that contributes to fat storage. By stopping this process, your body can break down more fat, thereby helping you lose weight (11).

It can also help you lose weight because it controls your appetite and inhibits intestinal fat absorption. Besides helping with weight loss, ginger tea also has other health benefits. They include reduction of nausea and vomiting and assisting in pain relief due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

Pros and Cons of Drinking Ginger Tea

Like any other weight-loss method, drinking ginger tea can also be advantageous and disadvantageous. If you consume less than 5 g of ginger tea in a day, you will attain all the listed benefits. 

However, more than this is not safe for you. It can lead to multiple and severe heartburns and digestive problems that include diarrhea and abdominal pains. Therefore, you need the go-ahead of an accredited healthcare provider before you start consuming this tea daily.

best cleanse drink to lose weight fast
  • Black Tea

Black tea also ranks among the other best things to drink to lose weight fast. It is a highly consumed tea in America. Due to its exceptional health benefits, most people have opted for this tea.

Experts acknowledge that black tea is as effective as green tea in helping you lose your extra pounds (1). However, it is not to mean that it uses the same technique as green tea. This is not the case. 

Black tea alters gut bacteria that enables you to shed extra fat and maintain good health. Similarly, this tea also helps in reducing your cholesterol levels and blood pressure. These are more reasons why you should start drinking black tea. However, only do so after your doctor approves of it.

Tips on Drinking Black Tea for Weight Loss

The important thing to be cautious about when taking black tea is the frequency. Do not overdo and now start drinking four or five cups of this tea in a day. Remember that it has caffeine and too much of it poses various risks. 

It might raise your blood sugar and cholesterol levels. The other thing to be cautious of is your meal plans. Black tea generally contains low calories. It will only help in weight loss if you also match it with low-calorie diets. Consult your dietitian on the best low-calorie meal plans to avoid missing out on various nutrients. 

best detox drink to lose weight fast

The Best Natural Drink To Lose Weight

Perhaps the most underrated yet highly rewarding natural drink in fat loss is water. It is among the healthiest drinks to consume due to its low calories (10). Most healthcare providers will advise you to drink plenty of water if you just started watching your weight.

Water facilitates the physiologic and metabolic processes that aid in the detoxification process. So, you get to detoxify your body of its toxins using one of the most accessible drinks of all time. Experts recommend you drink at least 2 liters of water daily to help in boosting weight loss.

Usually, when you are drinking water for weight loss, you are urged to eat low-calorie diets. The idea is to minimize the calories you consume in a day. You can always add lemon to your water to further initiate the fat-burning process.

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best drink to lose weight fast

The Best Protein Drink To Lose Weight Fast 

Protein shakes are other beverages you can take to assist you shed some extra fat. They are recommended when you need to boost your overall protein intake. They contribute to fat loss by limiting the number of calories you take in a day.

An average adult is expected to consume proteins ranging from 46 to 56 grams in a day (5). So, ensure you stick to this limit to avoid protein surplus. Besides losing weight, these dietary supplements can also help you gain lean muscle.

Some of these protein drinks include:

  • Casein Protein Shakes

These shakes can help in weight loss by controlling your appetite. Casein tends to be slowly digested in the body. As a result, you tend to feel fuller for a long duration. These shakes can, therefore, help you regulate your appetite, which helps in regulating how much you eat.

By controlling your food intake, you get to limit yourself to the recommended daily caloric intake. However, ensure you also do not overdo on these shakes. They also can be high in calories and overdrinking them can lead to a calorie surplus. 

  • Whey Protein Shakes

Whey protein shakes are not only nutritious but also very helpful in getting rid of excess body fat. Experts acknowledge that whey shakes can help you lose extra pounds (9). However, you must regulate how much whey you consume.

If you overdo on this protein, you are likely to experience nausea, stomach pains, cramps and headaches. So, stick to the recommended limit even if it takes time for you to see the results. If you adhere to this limit, you can benefit from a lot more than just weight loss.

Whey protein shakes can reduce your cholesterol levels and blood pressure. Whey in these beverages can also improve your immune response to asthma. Again, never take a whey protein shake while looking to get any of these benefits without consulting your doctor.  

best detox drink to lose weight fast

Which Is The Best Drink To Lose Weight Fast?

We have mentioned a few fat-burning beverages that you can consume throughout or during your weight loss journey. They all differ in terms of their ingredients, preparation methods and caloric amounts. However, they all fulfil one goal , which is the shedding of body fat.

The question remains which of all these brews is the best to consume to lose weight. The best drink to lose weight fast is determined by several factors. These include:

  • Your Body Weight

Your body weight influences not only your exercise regime but also the drinks which are best for weight loss (2). Obese people may be at high risk from things like increased blood sugar and high blood pressure. This factor requires them to keep away from drinks that may increase the risk of such conditions. 

So, book a consultation to determine your overall body weight. The consultation you have with your physician will help you determine the best drink for your weight loss. In most cases, physicians recommend water.

  • Your Weight Loss Goals

Some people do not intend on embarking on a long-term weight loss journey. In such a case, they should not expect to choose a beverage with long-term results. 

Instead, they would choose the lemonade detox drink if the idea is to lose weight in just a week. Identify your weight loss goals beforehand to make it easy to determine the best drink for fat loss. 

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The Bottom Line

Drinks provide an easier way of shedding extra fat compared to the strenuous physical activities. However, not all drinks can help attain this goal. They are limited to detox teas, slimming teas, water and some protein beverages.

The beverage you choose will depend on several factors. They include your weight loss goals, body weight and overall health status. Always remember to consult with your healthcare provider before embracing a liquid diet for weight loss.

Similarly, remember to follow the required amount of each drink. Exceeding the limits could be harmful to your health and could lead to adverse health events.

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All the writer’s opinions are not their own and do not constitute medical advice in any manner whatsoever. We strongly recommend you do your research and/or consult with a physician before using any of these drinks for weight loss.


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