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Workout Challenges At Home: 11 Routines To Help You Stay Fit Without Going To The Gym

workout challenges to do at home

Are you looking for a way to get in shape at home? It can be challenging to find the motivation to work out when there are so many temptations around. Don’t worry! We have some great workout challenges that you can do at home! We also have advice on how to stay motivated with your fitness goals.


This article will go over five different types of workouts that you can do at home. These include full-body workouts, cardio workouts, weight lifting workouts, and more. With these challenges, you’ll be able to complete an entire week’s worth of workout routines from the comfort of your own living room!

How To Get In Shape At Home?

Getting in shape at home is not easy. Although you feel guilty about not being so active, you probably have a long list of excuses, such as:

No Time

With a busy work schedule or many family responsibilities, finding time to work out seems almost impossible. 

But many workouts take a fraction of time to do at home (we give you several of these later in this article). Plus, there are even more ways to keep moving throughout your day, e.g., taking the stairs instead of the elevator. 

With so many different commitments in our lives these days (work, kids’ activities), we often have trouble fitting everything into our schedules. It’s essential to schedule workouts and other obligations such as work meetings or playtime with children if possible. 

No Equipment

If you don’t have a gym membership or own equipment, getting fit at home can seem even more impossible. You may not have the right tools to do exercises, and if you did, they probably wouldn’t be enough for an intense workout. 

Cue-bodyweight exercises. Did you know you can get a great workout using just your body weight? You don’t need fancy equipment or skills to do these workouts, and they will work the muscles you want to tone.

workout challenges at home

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No Motivation

We all know how difficult it can be to find motivation when stretched thin with other priorities (like our families). Plus, home is where most people feel comfortable- it’s cozy, familiar, and relaxing — so relaxing that you may not feel like leaving the couch to sweat for an hour! 

Get creative with your workout routine to get stale and make workouts feel like torture. Mix up cardio routines with weight workouts using just bodyweight exercises. Or find fun games like hopscotch, jump rope, or tag to keep things interesting while burning calories. You can also check out our fun workout challenges to do at home in the next section. 

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In addition, it’s hard to get motivated when there is no one around but yourself! We all know how easy it is to talk ourselves out of going on that run because we just want to watch TV instead. 

Sometimes it takes finding someone else who has similar goals as us to break our procrastination habits. Doing at-home workout challenges with someone, even just checking in via text, is super helpful in staying accountable.

workout challenges at home

10 Workout Challenges To Do At Home

What is the best at-home workout? Well, it depends. You can do many exercises depending on your fitness level, access to equipment, and fitness goals. Try one, or more, of these 30-day workout challenges at home. 

These challenges are designed to target specific muscles and body parts. They also don’t require any equipment or weights, making them perfect for those on a budget who can find time outside of their busy workday!

You may not be able to do all three every single day due to a lack of time in your schedule, so that’s okay too. Pick the days of the week you feel most like working out and stick with it. Try incorporating these workouts into your routine for at least two weeks before swapping one in place of another – this will give you an idea of what you’re doing is right for you! 

The 7-Minute Workout Challenge

The seven-minute workout is a bodyweight routine designed by exercise scientists from the American College of Sports Medicine. The researchers found that just seven minutes of high-intensity circuit training is the most efficient way to burn fat and stay fit and healthy in daily life (3).

Short but intense exercises are the hallmark of any seven-minute workout. Although many apps and routines give different workout variations, they’re all based on the same principle. You’ll do 12 other exercises for 30 seconds each, with 10-second breaks in between. 

Like any other HIIT workout, this one involves full-body exercises such as mountain climbers, squats, jumping jacks, core exercises, and pushups.

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workout challenges at home

The 30-Day Lower Body Workout Challenge

This is a workout challenge that helps to strengthen your lower body and provides you with core stability. The workouts will target all areas of your legs, glutes, inner thighs, and, most importantly, butt muscles (1).  

The workouts given in this challenge can be done at three different levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. The difficulty level will depend on the amount of time you can spend doing each workout routine per day. 

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Some of the exercises that would feature this challenge include squats, step-ups, lunges, and leg presses. 

The 30-Day Upper Body Workout Challenge

This is an easy-to-follow challenge that will help you build lean & strong muscles in your arms and back. It includes a full 30-day workout plan for a complete upper body transformation, including exercises that work the back, chest, and arm muscles and develop strength in your core for stability.

The workouts are designed to be challenging but doable to fit into any lifestyle without sacrificing results. You won’t need any equipment or supplements – just a body and a mat! The best part? It only takes 25 minutes per day (for the first week) until 20 minutes after the 3rd week because of its progressive nature. 

Some of the most effective upper body exercises featured in this workout include push ups on an incline, bench press, pull-ups, and pull-downs.

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workout challenges at home

The 30-Day Flat Abs Challenge

Did you know there are six different muscles in the abdominal wall, and each requires a unique angle of flexion to be fully activated (5)? That’s why it’s essential to include a variety of different ab exercises into your workout routine. Do each exercise for 10 seconds at first, progressing to 60 seconds over time. 

The challenge is a series of simple exercises, including:

Alternating Heel Touches

Have you ever seen anyone with a slight “V” shape at the lower part of their abdomen? This is thanks to alternating heel touches!

This ab exercise will target the oblique muscles on both sides of your abdomen (the outermost abdominals). It is vital to make sure that you reach for your ankles as you raise just enough off the ground to activate and tone the rectus abdominis or what we call “abs”.


Planks are a type of exercise that makes your core muscles work. You don’t move, but you need to hold for a long time. They activate the transversus abdominis, rectus abdominis, and the internal and external oblique muscles. This type of exercise is also helpful for strengthening your back, chest, shoulders, and neck, not just your abs.

workout challenges at home

Bicycle Crunches

These crunches are one of the few core exercises that involve rotational movement. When used consistently, they increase your core strength, stability, balance and coordination, and rotational power

Bicycle crunches involve multiple core muscles, including the rectus abdominis, hips, lower abs, and obliques.

Reverse Crunch

This exercise targets the muscles in the lower abs, obliques, and transverse abdominis. When doing this exercise, don’t forget to engage your core. Your pelvis should be tucked in, and your lower back should be touching the ground.

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Ankle Reach Leg Lifts

This exercise focuses on the upper and lower part of your abs. Begin with your legs on the floor. Lift your legs to a 90-degree position (you should be using your lower ab muscles to complete this movement), and then using your hands, reach for your ankles by lifting your upper body off the floor and engaging your lower abs.

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workout challenges at home

The 30-Day Squat Challenge

One of the most well-known and effective exercises to build strength in your legs, hips, backside, and abs is a squat. These are not only great for building muscle mass but also for developing stability throughout your body. They target the glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps, and calf muscles. Squats are a full-body exercise that can help you burn calories as well (4). 

How To Do A Squat Properly?

Start by standing with your back straight, feet shoulder-width apart. Your toes should be pointing outwards at about a 45-degree angle to the ground. Put your arms up in the air on either side of you. Now squat down until your thighs are parallel to the floor, then stand up again and repeat as many times as you can without stopping for one minute.

The 30-Day Pushup Challenge

Pushups are a full-body exercise that strengthens your core, chest, arms, and shoulders. When you do push ups correctly, they work the muscles in your back as well. It is important to keep good form when doing this exercise so you don’t hurt yourself or use too much momentum, which will take away from the benefits of working out (2).

workout challenges at home

How To Do A Pushup Properly?

Stand with your legs together but slightly wider than hip-width and hands just below rib cage level (elbows bent). Press into your palms pushing through heels into tippy toes position if desired) bend elbows lowering chest towards the ground. Push off from the floor returning to the original starting position. Repeat for one minute.

The 30-Day Plank Challenge 

Planks are a type of exercise that makes your core muscles work. You don’t move, but you need to hold for a long time. They activate the transversus abdominis, rectus abdominis, and the internal and external oblique muscles. This type of exercise is also helpful for strengthening your back, chest, shoulders, and neck, not just your abs

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How To Do A Plank Properly?

Start by lying on your stomach with elbows and forearms placed directly beneath shoulders, toes touching the ground (heels can be elevated if desired), thighs engaged, then lift your body into a straight line from head to heels, keeping your core tight and back flat. Remain in this position as long as possible without holding your breath – or work towards it! The longer you hold it, the harder it becomes, so try starting it off with just 15 seconds to start and slowly increase over time. Remember not to let your lower back sag down at any point during plank challenge day one!

workout challenges at home

The 30-Day Yoga Challenge

Yoga is an exercise that is said to come from the ancient Indian tradition of Hinduism. It is a physical activity that aims to achieve mental clarity through stretching poses or postures. These can be done either sitting in a chair or on the floor for as little as five minutes every day.

How To Do Yoga?

In a standing position, keep your feet about hip-width apart. Bring palms together in front of your chest with fingers pointing up; press hands firmly against one another and breathe deeply for two minutes. This is just one pose; there are many more you can try with varying intensity.

workout challenges at home

The 30-Day Running Challenge 

Running is an essential exercise for bodyweight fitness. It increases muscular endurance, coordination and strengthens the muscles of your legs. It is cardio, which means it will also help lower your blood pressure and reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, such as stroke (6).

How To Do The Running Challenge?

Put on a pair of comfortable sneakers – or take off your shoes if you prefer to work out barefoot. Start by running for as long as possible without stopping, then rest until your urge to run again feels strong (could be less than 60 seconds). Repeat this process, feeling free to increase the length of your runs after each session! Remember that it’s better not to push too hard at first, so don’t start too fast from the get-go but instead find a sustainable pace over time.

workout challenges at home

The 30-Day Jump Rope Challenge

This is one of the best workout challenges for beginners at home because it involves a simple exercise. Jump rope is a great way to get your blood moving and your heart pumping. Studies have shown that jumping rope is one of the best exercises for burning calories; it’s also an excellent full-body workout.

Jumping rope strengthens your legs, arms, and shoulders; tones your abs and back muscles; improves coordination and agility while providing cardiovascular benefits. It is a great way to stay in shape while having fun. 

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How To Do The Jump Rope Challenge?

Start by jumping on the spot with your feet shoulder-width apart and knees bent. Now keep alternating your left foot to the right hand and vice versa, never letting go of your rope. Try not to touch the floor or let your arms cross in front- remember that you can use one arm if it becomes too difficult! Repeat for 30 seconds without stopping before resting until you are ready to repeat (repeat up to three times).

workout challenges at home

The 30-Day Sit Up Challenge

Sit-ups are an exercise that strengthens the abdominal muscles. They are a great way to work your abdominals and every other muscle in your midsection while also engaging your shoulders and back for stability. The benefits of doing sit-ups include building stronger abs and obliques – two critical components to achieving six-pack abs.

How To Do Situps Properly?

Lie back flat on a mat with your legs straight out in front. Place your hands behind your head or alongside your ears, lift hips off the ground while maintaining a 90-degree angle at the waist, and keep your lower abs tight. Return slowly but steadily to start position, never letting your back arch or lower back sag. Repeat for one minute.

Workout Challenges At Home: The Bottom Line

To help you keep your fitness routine on track, we’ve compiled a list of workout challenges at the home, full-body and targeted. Whether you want to tone muscles, lose weight, or maintain good health, there is something for everyone on this list. To stay motivated and make sure you’re always crushing your workout goals, find an exercise buddy who will hold each other accountable.



This article is intended for general informational purposes only and does not address individual circumstances. It is not a substitute for professional advice or help and should not be relied on to make decisions of any kind. Any action you take upon the information presented in this article is strictly at your own risk and responsibility!


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