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Blog Nutrition Diets What Comes Out Of Your Body When You Detox? A Look At The Toxins Your Body Flushes Out

What Comes Out Of Your Body When You Detox? A Look At The Toxins Your Body Flushes Out

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Detox diets are increasingly becoming popular strategies to facilitate toxin elimination and weight loss. Their promotion has led to the development of numerous detox diets and drinks. Many people believe that using these detox products can help them lose weight and improve their overall health. But is this the case? One can only answer this question after understanding the detoxification process. In this article, we will look at the detox concept. We will be looking at segments such as what detoxing entails, what comes out of your body when you detox, and signs you need to detox. Take a look!

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What Is To Detox?

Detox or detoxification is the process to help your body get rid of toxins. The belief is that getting rid of toxins will help improve your overall health and even promote weight loss (3).

Science denotes that the body is well-equipped to detoxify on its own. Even so, there are people who still follow these diets and use these products.

The most common detox diet programs involve juice fasting, strict vegan eating plans, liquid diets, and supplementation. (3). In addition, there are detox diets that target different organs. For example, a kidney detox cleanse. 

This cleanse may involve consuming specific herbs and foods that would trigger the kidney to eliminate toxins (9). For example, take a look at these recipe samples that may fit a kidney cleanse plan (8):

what comes out of your body when you detox

Breakfast Ideas:

  • Smoothie made of one beetroot, two apples, half a lemon juice, half a cucumber, and one inch grated ginger.
  • One cup of almond milk, one frozen banana, one tablespoon of ground flaxseed, half a cup of spinach, and a quarter cup of mixed berries.

Lunch Ideas:

  • One large mixed green salad with tofu or grilled chicken, half a red onion, one cup of chopped apple, and a quarter cup of grapes.
  • One cup of cooked brown rice, half a cup of cooked beans, a quarter cup of green beans, a quarter cup of chopped carrots, and one teaspoon of minced garlic.

Dinner Ideas:

  • An eight-ounce smoothie prepared with one cup of coconut water, one cup of blueberries, half a cup of mango, one cup of kale, one tablespoon of lemon juice, and one tablespoon of ground flaxseed.
  • Vegetable soup prepared with one yellow onion, one can of kidney beans, a quarter cup of parsley, two teaspoons of minced garlic, two celery stalks, one sweet potato, one cup of carrots, one cup of tomato, and four cups of low-sodium vegetable broth.

You may also follow a colon detox diet or consume specific teas to help in flushing out the large intestine (2). Similarly, if you think your liver needs a detox, you may follow a liver cleanse to assist in flushing out toxins in your liver (1).

Do not attempt any of these eating plans without talking to your doctor first.

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Do Detox Diets Work?

After learning that the body can detoxify on its own, you may be questioning the effectiveness of detox diets. According to Medical News Today, most detox diets have no scientific proof supporting their efficacy or safety (3).

Medical News Today also pinpoints the following critical points about detox diets:

  • There are a variety. You cannot exhaust the list of detox diets, whether solid or liquid diets, available online. They range from plant-based detoxes, juice to smoothie detoxes. Talk to your nutritionist to determine the proper detox diet for you.
  • A couple are safe. Although there is no clinical evidence supporting their safety, Medical News Today states that some are safe as they are only followed for a few days (3). Again, some encourage healthy eating habits, especially those that are plant-based. 
  • They can be costly. Some detox diets can be expensive, mainly those that require dietary supplements and herbs (3).
  • Some can encourage the use of dangerous practices. Medical News Today also states that some detox diets may promote harmful practices like a coffee enema. This is a practice where an individual is required to administer coffee through their rectum (3). This practice has severe side effects, including rectal burns, rectal perforation, and electrolyte imbalance (3).

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what comes out of your body when you detox

The Detoxification Process/System

The scientific definition of detoxification is the body’s natural process involving primarily the kidneys, skin, and liver to remove waste products and toxins (4). We are more exposed to more toxins in today’s generation than before, which is why we need to pay more attention to detoxification.

Experts acknowledge that the primary means for toxin elimination are diet improvement, hydration, and supplementation (4). However, note that the experts emphasize diet improvement and not a detox diet. For them, the secret to getting a thorough detox is eating clean and drinking water instead of using one of the highly publicized detox diets and drinks.

Typically, your liver makes up the detoxification system as it represents the body’s primary filtration system (4). It is responsible for converting toxins into waste products and cleansing your blood (4). Your skin is another part of the detox system as it helps get rid of waste substances through the skin via sweat. 

Kidneys are the other organs that make up the detox system. They are responsible for removing toxins, waste, and excess water from the body (9).

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best detox cleanse

What Comes Out Of Your Body When You Detox?

Again, we emphasize that the best detox cleanse is initiated by your body on its own. That said, you can still consume diets and supplements to start a detox, which will have you removing the following from your body:

  • Urea

Urea is the number one waste product removed from your body by the kidney during a detox. According to Medical News Today, urea is removed from the body due to protein breakdown (8).

  • Uric Acid

Uric acid is another waste product removed by the kidney when the body detoxifies. It results from the breakdown of nucleic acids (8).

  • Ammonia

Ammonia is another waste product removed by the liver, but it makes urea in the kidneys. Urea is then removed from the body through urine (7).

  • Creatinine

Creatinine is an unwanted product of metabolism that is removed from the blood by the kidneys during detox by glomerular filtration or proximal tubular secretion (7).

what comes out of your body when you detox
  • Industrial Toxins

When your body detoxifies, it also gets rid of industrial toxins like heavy metals and some new-to-nature molecules (7). 

  • Other Wastes

Detoxifying also helps your body get rid of other toxins like unwanted products of hemoglobin metabolism and toxins made water-soluble by phase two in the liver (5). In addition, the detoxification process may also help flush out hormone metabolites and nutrients or foods consumed in excess like salt and vitamins C and B (7).

  • Excess Sebum And Dead Skin Cells

These are some things that will come out of your body when you use skin detox products. Most detox products for the skin are merely skincare products. 

These products can help you remove excess sebum and dead skin cells that may clog your skin pores. However, be very careful when purchasing skincare products, as some may contain harmful products. Talk to your dermatologist first and let them recommend the best care products for your skin based on your skin type and sensitivity.

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Significant Signs You Need To Detox

Although your body detoxifies by itself, it may send you some messages that you need to adopt cleansing strategies like drinking more water. Some signs you need to watch out for include:

  • Fatigue. This is one of the signs that your body is in dire need of a detox. You can naturally cleanse through strategies such as drinking water. With this in mind, fatigue may also be a result of the cleanse.
  • Disrupted Sleeping Patterns. Fatigue goes hand in hand with disrupted sleeping patterns. You may not get enough sleep because of increased fatigue. In such a case, you can naturally help cleanse the kidneys through hydration and dietary changes (8). These dietary changes include avoiding processed foods, refined carbs, sugary foods, artificial sweeteners, caffeine, alcohol, high sodium foods, and animal proteins like pork and beef (8).
  • Infrequent Bowel Movements. An irregular bowel movement also indicates the clogging of toxins in your body. Additionally, it also may be a symptom of slowed digestion alongside constipation and straining (6). It shows that toxins have accumulated in your liver and are not exiting as they should. In such a case, you need to implement strategies that will help cleanse your liver, one being hydration.
  • Trouble Losing Weight. Now, we all know that losing weight is a difficult task. However, it does not mean you still encounter difficulties losing weight, especially around your belly, despite eating clean and participating in an exercise program. Such problems may indicate the need for a stomach cleanse. Like with all other cleanses, this too will require you to drink water regularly and continue eating healthy.
  • Skin Issues.  The body may also be telling you of congested skin with toxins when you start having a break-out. You could have acne, rosacea, or even dry skin. Like infrequent bowel movements, these skin issues will be accompanied by other telling signs such as foul body smell. Do not rush to use skincare products or oils without consulting your dermatologist.

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The Bottom Line

Detox is a natural process initiated and conducted by the body on its own. What comes out of your body when you detox? Numerous waste products such as urea, uric acid, creatinine, excess sebum, dead skin cells, and industrial toxins. Your body can signal you it needs to detox with signs such as fatigue, poor sleep quality, infrequent bowel movements, and skin issues. Make sure you talk to your doctor before you follow any detox diet.

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This article is intended for general informational purposes only and does not address individual circumstances. It is not a substitute for professional advice or help and should not be relied on for decision-making. Any action you take upon the information presented in this article is strictly at your own risk and responsibility!


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