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Sleep Tricks: Silk Pillowcases

Sleep tricks: Silk Pillowcases

Have you ever thought of your sleep quality and how it affects your body? Since sleep occupies about a third of our lives, we should do our best to promote healthy deep dreams. There are many factors that affect how well we sleep and one of them is our bedding, especially pillowcases. Sleep tricks: silk pillowcases are loaded with so many benefits that you can’t even think of. It is astonishing how natural pillowcases promote better feelings, hydrate our skin, and even prevent wrinkles. This article discusses the benefits of good sleep and why you should add silk pillowcases to your shopping list today. 


How Important Is Sleep For A Healthy Life?

How well do you sleep? With daily instability and stressful situations, people neglect good sleep and opt for late-night work or go-outs with friends. The next day they wake up exhausted and pump their bodies with energy drinks or coffee. 

As children, we were taught to stick to sleeping schedules by our parents which is an excellent idea. However, our parents rarely explained to us the importance of good sleep provoking disobedience from our side. 

If you haven’t started your healthy sleeping routine then it’s high time you did and these reasons are going to pull you closer to the right decision: 

Reason #1 You Improve Your Memory And Performance

In the 2017 research investigating sleep disruption, it was discovered that sleep is that sleep has links to several brain functions, including:

  • Memory: Sleep disruption might affect memory formation and processing.
  • Performance: People’s performance at school, work, home, and other settings is impacted by sleep disruption. This includes emotional reactivity, focus, decision-making, judgment, and risk-taking behavior, 
  • Cognition: sleep disruption may affect cognition by affecting stress hormones (4).
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Sleep tricks: Silk Pillowcases

Reason #2 It Impacts Your Weight

With a full night’s sleep, you feel rested and less hungry. When you haven’t slept well, you feel less energetic and tired. Therefore, you may eat more than usual because you desire to overcome this tiredness, leading to weight gain (1). Sleep deprivation may also cause an imbalance in the hormones that control your hunger. In this case, you can’t control your cravings and opt for junk food, sweets, and other unhealthy supplements. 

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Reason #3 Good Sleep Lowers The Risk Of Heart Disease

Centers for Disease and Control and Prevention indicate that getting adequate rest every night regulates blood pressure. Heart diseases can be caused by high blood pressure, so once it’s regulated the risk of heart issues decreases (2).

Reason #4 Sleeping Well Can Prevent Depression

Meta-analysis in 2016 acknowledged that insomnia is associated with an increased risk of depression. Due to the review, sleep loss may alternate our cognition which leads to depression. Sleep disturbance may also damage emotional regulation and stability which also can increase the risks of depressing feelings.

To sum up,  good sleep promotes overall health and with its loss, we deprive ourselves of enjoyable moments and positive feelings. 

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Sleep tricks: Silk Pillowcases

Why Is It So Good To Have A Silk Pillowcase?

Before we purchase something we should want to understand the benefits it’s going to bring to us. Silk pillowcases will not only jazz up your mundane sleeping routine but will leave you feeling refreshed during the whole day. 

So, what kind of benefits will you get if you buy silk pillowcases? 

1. Wrinkles Prevention

At some point in your life, you stumbled upon sleep creases. You got out of bed, looked at the mirror, and noticed patterns of crumpled pillow cases etched on your forehead or cheek. Eventually, these creases disappear during the day but once they keep repeating they turn into real wrinkles on your face (5). This won’t happen to you if you are sleeping on a smoother fabric with less creasing or stiffness, like a silk pillowcase. 

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2. Soothing Skin

If you sleep on silk fabrics, you can experience improvements to your skin within weeks. For example, you reduce the chances of skin inflammation, irritation, and relief from itching. Moreover, people who struggle with eczema, acne, and other inflammatory conditions can smooth the symptoms with silk fabric. 

Sleep tricks: Silk Pillowcases

3. Healthier Hair

Surprisingly, among other health benefits of silk pillowcases whirl around hair conditions. Since silk is smoother than other fabrics, such as cotton, resting your hair on the silk pillowcase decreases the friction of tossing and turning during your sleep. This provides a bunch of benefits, like fewer split ends, silkier strands, fewer tangles, less, hair breakage, and reduced frizz. 

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4. The Right Temperature Is Always There

Our bedding affects our body temperature. Due to moisture-repelling properties and breathable fibers in the silk pillowcase, you avoid sleeping hot and remain dry and cool. These factors contribute to regulating body temperature during sleep.

5. A Cleaner Sleep

Since you need to wash your bedding weekly, silk has special properties that allow it to stay cleaner in between washes. Additionally, silk absorbs moisture less which can protect itself from dust mites and bacteria from your skin and face. Being naturally hypoallergenic, its dryness prevents bedroom allergens compared to other fabrics, like cotton pillowcases, for example.

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Sleep tricks: Silk Pillowcases

Is It Worth Getting A Silk Pillowcase At The Betterme Shop?

The benefits of silk pillowcases have proven these goods to become an essential part of your bedding routine. The BetterMe store provides the best options for your cozy and refreshing sleep. If you purchase silk pillowcases in our store you will: 

  • Get Fresher Skin

As we have mentioned, waking up with creases on your face is not a pleasant start to the day, especially when you are up for an interview or meeting with other people. Blame the harsh and thick pillowcase. The truth is, that silk is smooth and soft which makes the friction coefficient to its human body the lowest of all fibers, only 7.4%. Silk contains 18 amino acids that refine your skin. The more hydrated your skin is, the less noticeable wrinkles and lines become.

  • Get Better Hair

Frizzy birds nest on your head might be your everyday looks in the morning when you use stiff fabrics. Rich in natural proteins, silk pillowcases in the BetterMe shop can minimize split ends, dryness, and frizz. They can reduce friction by 43% on average. Additionally, silk helps to maintain the natural oils in your hair and keeps it smooth. Say farewells to bad hair days and hello to luxurious nights.

  • Get A Temperature Regulator

Silk helps you maintain the correct body temperature by regulating the heat. That’s why you will feel cool in summer and warm in winter. Silk is a symbol of passion, love, and elegance. We recommend buying 2 Packs or more because these Silk Pillow Cases can be a luxurious present for Birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving gifts, and Christmas,

  • Get Natural Materials

Did you know that silk is produced from domesticated silkworms that are raised and bred in captivity? King pillowcase is regarded as a natural material and a skin-friendly choice. The hidden zipper allows easy fitting and protects the washable silk pillowcase overnight. Easy and transparent one-time payment for better sleep and skin.

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Are silk pillowcases really worth it? Their benefits speak for themselves. You gently rest your head on a soft natural material and end up with a healthier head and happier skin. The experience you’ll face after sleeping on silk pillowcases will make you wonder why you haven’t purchased them before. 

How Often Should I Wash Silk Pillowcases?

You should wash silk pillowcases every week. In order to keep them fresh and luxurious as long as possible you’d better switch to hand washing. This is the safest way to avoid pilling over time. However, if manual work is not your thing and you haven’t enough time then a washing machine is also an option. 

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Remember, you can’t put silk bedding in the dryer and iron them because it can shrink and deform the material.

The Bottom Line

Healthy sleep is an essential part of our lives that promotes memory and performance, regulates body temperature, impacts weight, decreases the risk of heart disease, and prevents depression. 

Sleep tricks: silk pillowcases in a BetterMe store are meant to boost comfort and luxurious feelings during your sleep. The versatile benefits of silk pillowcases can prevent wrinkles, soothe skin, reduce all the morning troubles with your hair, and allow your body to feel cool in hot summer and warm in chilling winter. 

At BetterMe, we believe that a luxuriously comfortable sleep is better than just a dream. With our silk pillowcases, you’ll find yourself in a sleep environment that seems to be out of this world.



This article is intended for general informational purposes only and does not address individual circumstances. It is not a substitute for professional advice or help and should not be relied on to make decisions of any kind. Any action you take upon the information presented in this article is strictly at your own risk and responsibility!


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