Blog Fitness Workouts Reduce Inner Thigh Fat: Put An End To Chub Rub!

Reduce Inner Thigh Fat: Put An End To Chub Rub!

reduce inner thigh fat

Exercises To Reduce Inner Thigh Fat 

Today, beauty standards rule the world and make thousands of people transform their bodies. Many people want to slim down and get toned abs, arms and glutes. However, one of the most problematic and stubborn zones of your body is inner thigh area. It is quite hard to tone it and reduce excess fat. In this article, you can find the most effective exercises and tips, that will help you to achieve the desired effect. Let’s start.


How To Reduce Inner Thigh Fat?

It is highly important to understand that it is impossible to spot reduce your body fat (4). For example, if you want to get rid of your belly fat, you should lose your overall body fat as well. It is the only tried and tested approach to whittling your waist effectively.  

That’s why if you want to reduce your inner thigh fat, you should stick to a traditional weight loss plan – establish healthy eating habits and work out on a regular basis.

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However, there are special exercises that will target your inner thigh muscles in particular and help to tone this stubborn area. Below you can see a sample of an effective inner thigh workout.

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reduce inner thigh fat

Curtsy Lunge

Stand upright. Then move your left leg to the right behind the right leg, crossing your thighs and bending both knees. While performing this exercise, keep your palms together in front of your chest. Get to the starting position. Do the same move for your right leg. Perform 15 reps.

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Side-Lying Double Leg Lift

Lie down on your right side and rest your neck and head on your right arm. Make sure to keep your toes together and pointed away from your body. You can place your left hand on your waist or lift it up. Now carefully and slowly elevate your legs as high as you can, keeping them together. Make a 2-second pause and get back to the starting position. Keep in mind, that while performing this move you should also engage your abs, outer thighs and obliques. Do 15 reps for each side.

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Sumo Goblet Squat

This exercise has a great bonus – it helps not only reduce inner thigh fat, but also tones your butt and helps to get rid of belly fat. Stand upright. Then spread your feet wider than your shoulders and place them at a 45-degree angle. Keep your hands together under your chin or grab a dumbbell. Next, do a deep squat until your thighs are parallel to the floor. Keep your back straight and your knees out. Don’t round out your lower back and don’t lift your feet off the ground, while performing this move. Get back to the starting position. Do 15 reps.

Inner Thigh Blaster

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and your toes pointing straight ahead. Now place a soft ball between your inner thighs. Place your hands on your hips and lift your heels. Your aim is to balance on the balls of your feet. Then bend your knees and slowly lower your body an inch down, squeezing the ball with your inner thighs. Keep your core tight and your back straight. Get back to the starting position. You can replace the ball with a pillow. If it is hard for you to balance on your toes, you can slightly support yourself by holding a chair back.

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reduce inner thigh fat

Squeeze And Lift

Lie down on your right side, supporting your head with your right arm. Place a small soft ball between your ankles. Stabilize your body by placing your left palm in front of your chest. Squeeze your inner thigh muscles to hold the ball better. Press your right leg towards the left one and lift both legs about six inches up. Make a 5-second pause and get back to the starting position. Do 10 reps for each side.

Supine Inner Thigh Lift

Lie down on your back. Then lift your legs up with your feet flexed. Make sure that your abs are engaged in order to perform the exercise safely and properly. Extend your hands out to the sides and place them on the floor. Now lower your right leg out to the side keeping your left leg stable in the starting position and without lifting your left hip off the ground. Make sure to keep your feet constantly flexed. Then bring your right leg back to the starting position and squeeze the muscles on both legs. That is one rep. Perform 15 reps for each leg.

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For the better effect you should perform 2-3 sets of each exercise.

Apart from this workout you can also include brisk walking, running or any other cardio workout to your routine. In this way you’ll significantly improve your results and get them much faster.

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What About Eating Habits?

As for the diet, it has to be healthy and well-balanced to provide your body with all the necessary nutrients. It should include many fruits and veggies, lean meats, fish, low-fat dairy, whole grains and good fats. It’s self-explanatory that you should avoid alcohol, bakery, sugar in any form, processed, fried and sweetened foods. Besides, remember to control your portion size, calorie intake and drink necessary amounts of water in order to maintain healthy weight. If it is hard for you to choose the most suitable diet, you can consult your nutritionist (6).

Lifestyle Changes To Improve Your Results

Apart from a well-balanced meal plan and regular exercising it is also critical to make certain adjustments in your lifestyle.

Stay Physically Active

Of course, there are special exercises that will help you to tone your inner thigh area. However, it is also critical to stay active throughout the day and perform other types of workouts (5). Go for a walk regularly, use stairs and go on foot when it is possible. It will aid in toning not only your inner thighs but your legs in general.

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reduce inner thigh fat

Reduce Stress Levels

It is a well-known fact that constant stress leads to a number of health issues including excessive weight gain (3). Moreover, stress makes people feel unmotivated and lethargic, which is a direct reason why for so many of us the idea of reaching our fitness goals eventually falls by the wayside. High stress levels also throw your newfound smart eating habits into disarray and raise the risks of resorting to emotional eating. So, make meditation, yoga or any other stress-relieving activity an integral part of your life.

Get Healthy, High-Quality Sleep

This is a rule number one for all who want to lose excess pounds. Lack of sleep decreases your energy levels, leads to binge eating, imbalances your nutrition, causes high stress levels, health issues and excessive weight gain (2). Make sure to sleep 7-8 hours every night (1). It is also important to sleep in a dark and cool room.

reduce inner thigh fat


How Long Does It Take To Reduce Inner Thigh Fat?

This is a quite controversial issue, because it depends on several factors. Genetics, the amount of fat stored in this area for the moment and general amount of your body fat influence your results. As it was mentioned above, you cannot lose excess weight only on a certain body part, so the result of your diet and exercising will come with a gradual reduction of your general body fat percentage. Some people have 10 extra pounds, others have 30 extra pounds, so, obviously, they need different amounts of time to get rid of their inner thigh fat. So, all you have to do is to follow your meal plan and perform exercises on a regular basis. In this way you’ll shed 1-2 pounds per week, this amount is recommended for a healthy and safe weight loss.

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In conclusion, despite the fact that inner thighs are one of those stubborn areas which are rather hard to reduce, there still are ways to reach your aim. By using the exercises and tips mentioned above, you will undoubtedly reduce your inner thigh fat. However, remember that your health is your number one priority. That’s why it is critical to consult corresponding professionals before starting a new nutrition plan or workout routine.



This article is intended for general informational purposes only and does not address individual circumstances. It is not a substitute for professional advice or help and should not be relied on to make decisions of any kind. Any action you take upon the information presented in this article is strictly at your own risk and responsibility!


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