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How Long Does It Take For Your Butt To Grow? Facts And Nothing But Facts

how long does it take for your butt to grow

How long does it take for your butt to grow? Many people, ladies and men alike, desire to have a nice butt to enhance their looks and make them feel confident. Some go for expensive cosmetic surgeries and questionable beauty creams to quickly attain their dream butt. However, some of these techniques may actually be risky. When they backfire, you may end up with a disproportionate body shape or health conditions and, in worst-case scenarios, a dire health mishap that could lead to death. The good news is that you can make your rear end firm, round, and perky in a very natural way, and with effects that are long-lasting.


Butts are a thing all over the world, and celebrities such as the Kardashians can prove this. Having a nicely sculpted, firm butt is one of the best ways to look naturally fashionable all-year-round, not just for women but also for men. While some people have genes that somehow distribute fats in the right places, some of us need to work harder for the curvy look. You may come across different ways of doing so, with some having many side effects such as unappealing, sagging, flabby buttocks, and even death. However, you can achieve your dream butt without going for surgery or using dangerous creams by following our expert-approved tips on how to get a bigger butt.

The Anatomy Of Your Glutes

It’s important to learn about the anatomy of your glutes and how to properly train them. With this knowledge, you can make sure that you are doing exercises that target all three muscles, and that you are using the right form to get the most out of your workouts.

Your glutes are made up of three main muscles: the gluteus Maximus, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus.

The gluteus maximus is the largest of the three muscles and is responsible for the most of the shape and bulk of your butt. The gluteus medius and minimus are smaller muscles that help to stabilize your hip and pelvis.

All three of these muscles work together to allow you to perform activities such as walking, running, and jumping. They also provide stability to your hip and spine, and help to prevent injuries to these areas.

Aside from aesthetics, having strong glutes can help to improve your overall performance in activities such as sports and weightlifting. Strong glutes can also help to prevent injuries to your hips, knees, and lower back.

How Long Does It Take For Your Butt To Grow?

The time it takes to grow your butt varies depending on what approach you take. If you decide to use diet and exercises, it might take between one and three months before you see tangible gains and up to a year or two to get where you want to be.

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Do not trust methods that assure you a big butt in just a few days or weeks. They may not be long-lasting, and when a but-job goes wrong, it may result in unsightly outcomes that may be irreversible or cost you a fortune to fix by undergoing reconstructive surgery. Here are some essential things that you first need to understand on how to grow your butt naturally and the reasonable time frame that it will take you.

Factors That Contribute To A Well-Toned Butt

Your butt muscles or glutes may be nice but hidden in the subcutaneous fat layer that makes them thinner or thicker based on your overall body fat percentage. Therefore, for your glutes to be visible, you need to burn the unwanted fat by working out and lowering your calorie intake so that the body can tap into the extra fat stores for energy. Factors that determine how long it takes for the butt to grow include your genes, working out consistency, diet, and sleep schedule.


  • Spot-reduction is a fitness myth- you cannot target only the butt; therefore, to get a toned, rounder butt, you need to work your whole body to lose overall body fat to make it leaner and more toned.
  • Body fat depends on other factors such as genetics and lifestyle; therefore, there is no standard period for everyone to shed weight and make their butts appear bigger- everyone is different, and what works for you may not turn out with the exact same results for your friend.

how long does it take for your butt to grow

How To Get A Perfect Butt?

Now that you understand the basics of toning your booty, here are the three main ways of naturally making your rear end round, firm, and appealing. Remember to set long term, achievable goals, and after attaining them, of course set new ones.

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Butt-Toning Exercises

To get your dream bodacious butt, you must know how to activate and work your glutes. The Cosmopolitan UK states that to lift weights and maximize your glutes’ development, you need to build strength in your core and upper body (7).

Cardio And Strength-Training

To burn fat and build your glutes, regularly engage in moderate and high-intensity cardio and a strength-training routine involving progressive overload, as is recommended by Livestrong (5). Although both high-volume steady cardio (for example running for 45 minutes on the treadmill) and high-intensity interval training (alternating between intense and recovery periods, for example, running sprints on a treadmill) are effective with fat-burning, the benefits of the latter may be witnessed in a shorter time. However, interval training should not be done daily because it places more stress on the body than usual; therefore, experts recommend shorter 30-minutes sessions, including 5 minutes of warming up and 5 minutes of cooling down, 3-4 times weekly.

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how long does it take for your butt to grow

Resistance Training

On top of cardio, you can further lose weight by increasing resting metabolism by creating overall body lean muscle. Train all the major muscle groups, i.e., shoulders, arms, chest, abs, and legs, twice a week, and have an extra leg day to focus on your glutes.

Begin without weights, or use lighter ones before going all in. Target to do 2-3 sets, 12-15 reps of each workout using a weight that is heavy enough to challenge the last rep of each set, but light enough to prevent you from injury. You can then progressively increase the load of the weight and include more complex workouts but reduce repetitions.

Compound Glute Workouts

You should train the glutes in isolation and compounds for the best growth. Compound workouts are more effective and efficient than the isolation ones because they activate multiple muscle groups at a time. These activities are more intense and burn more calories. Some of the workouts which may make your bum bigger, firmer, and rounder include:

  • Regular squats, sumo squats, Bulgarian split squats
  • Deadlifts, sumo deadlifts
  • Hip thrusts
  • Step-ups
  • Lunges
  • Glute bridges
  • Donkey kickbacks

how long does it take for your butt to grow

How To Perform Butt-Toning Exercises?

A practical example of a workout routine to enhance the butt, as given in Cosmopolitan, involves 3 sessions for 6 weeks (7). 

Week 1

Warm up- Each session begins by warming up. Some of the appropriate moves include deadbugs, kettlebell swings, and hip thrust. When doing them, the core should be engaged and the glutes tensed from the start through to the end of the movement.

Session 1

  • Goblet squats. The move should engage the core, not the back, and you should push the knees and feet outwards to engage the side glute, not dip inwards.
  • Banded walks.
  • Bulgarian split squats. This is a move between a lunge and squat. 
  • TRX row. Works the upper body.
  • Swiss ball leg curls. Works on the hamstrings.
  • Swiss ball rollouts.
  • Frog pumps.
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how long does it take for your butt to grow

Session 2

  • Landmine press teamed with kettlebell pullover- The landmine press is performed by lifting a giant metal bar from the shoulder until the arm is straight while half-kneeling.
  • Single leg hip thrust off a bench.
  • TRX rollout on knees.
  • Half kneel cable pulldown then cable chop.
  • GHR machine for booty-building.

Session 3

  • Deadlift using a hex bar or trap bar. It is easier on the back and allows you to pull the weight up more in line with the center of gravity.
  • Floor press.
  • Single leg reverse deadlift.
  • Cable pull through.
  • Face pull.
  • Reverse lunge.
  • Reverse crunch.

Following the same routine as week 1, you can increase the weights on the subsequent weeks. Ensure you perform the workouts correctly, in the right form, before adding on weights. 

How long does it take for your butt to grow doing squats? By the fourth week, you will begin to feel the changes in your body, for example, the firmness of muscles in your butt and less wobble around the lower body. You will be fitter, stronger, and more energetic. After the sixth week, your butt will be nicely different; for example, they should be noticeably lifted and round in the glutes, but not drastically different.

how long does it take for your butt to grow

Some tips:

  • Add your weights when you feel that the last 1-2 reps of every exercise are very easy.
  • If you are fatigued by your last set and can not maintain your form, lower the reps. 

Form and technique are important in these workouts. Also, enough rest from exercising is necessary because that is when the muscles repair and grow bigger and stronger. Do not work the same muscle groups on consecutive days, and take 1 full day off working out every week.

Foods That Can Make Your Butt Grow

Apart from working out, some foods contribute to getting a bigger butt because what you consume plays a key role in your body’s fat distribution, muscle growth, strength, reduce exercise-induced inflammation, and enhance recovery (4). Here is what to eat to get bigger buttocks fast.

  • Follow the kind of healthy, balanced weight loss diet that you can maintain in the long run. 
  • Consuming protein helps to build muscle, and an expert in the Cosmopolitan publication recommends the intake of 25g of protein per meal (7). For example, a breakfast consisting of porridge with fresh fruit and semi-skimmed milk is about 11g protein. 1 large egg contains about 6g protein, while some branded greek yogurts have 7.7grams of protein per 100g container. Other meals rich in protein include salmon, tuna, fish, chicken breast, cottage cheese, lentils, pulses, green vegetables, wild rice, tofu, quinoa, bean sprouts, pumpkin and flax seeds, Potato, etc (4).
  • Carbohydrates also play a big role in increasing the size of your glutes because they help create mass. 
  • Take healthy fats, for example, avocado and nut butter, and enough calories to sustain muscle growth.
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Eat before the workout for the exercises to burn the food off, and then after the workout for the meal to go to your booty.

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how long does it take for your butt to grow

Ways To Make Your Butt Appear Bigger

You can create a big-butt effect. Here is how to make your butt look bigger (7):

  • Stretch Fabrics

Properly tailored stretch fabrics hug and lift your butt instead of squashing it down. Curvy skinny jeans also flatter your body shape, skintight that hug the top of your curve to bottom, and A-line silhouette in a strong fabric that maintains a neat, continuous line from the waist to the hem are also recommended. Avoid flimsy, drapey fabrics that sadly hang off your butt.

  • Highlight Your Waist

Making your waist look small emphasizes your booty by making it look rounder and more bodacious. You can highlight your waist by wearing skirts, dresses, and pants that snugly fit at your natural waist. Pair them with tucked-in or cropped tops and jackets. Low-rise bottoms and shift dresses do not show the difference between your waist size and that of your hips and butt.

  • Go For Trumpet Skirts 

These add an extra flare below the butt as if two hourglass shapes have been stacked on top of each other. Trumpet skirts also draw the eye down from the waist to the booty, creating a curvy appearance and balancing the look of a larger chest with a small butt and narrow hips.

how long does it take for your butt to grow

  • Structured Pleats

Pleated clothes made from strong fabric support added bulk. Avoid bubble or tulip skirts, which may make the booty look more prominent in an unsexy way as if you are wearing a diaper.  

  • Horizontal Color Blocking

This emphasizes your curves, creates a visual effect similar to when wearing a trumpet skirt. On the other hand, vertical color blocking de-emphasizes your booty and hips by drawing the eye in, making you look less curvy.

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You can make your booty look bigger in photos by posing at the right leg angle (1). Face sideways and using the inner leg, slightly bend it to the front, leaving the other leg straight. Arching your back and sucking in your stomach also creates a big butt effect on pictures.

So, how long does it take for your glutes to grow? Combining a low-calorie, healthy diet with regular cardio, strength training, and resistance workouts will give you small visible outcomes in about a month, according to Livestrong, with big improvements noticed after 11 months in the Women’sHealth publication (5) (6). However, you will have to work harder and be consistent to continue seeing the butt-toning program outcomes to the point where you can now maintain your desired body shape. Besides enhancing your looks, strong glutes help increase athletic performance, maintain good posture, and minimize some aches and pains.

Final Thought

How long does it take for your butt to grow depends on the procedure that you follow and the efforts you put. While some methods promise quick outcomes in no time, they may have adverse consequences that may make you regret for the rest of your life. Therefore, it is important to consistently eat healthy foods that will help your butt grow, do appropriate workouts to tone your buttocks, for example, squats and deadlifts, and implement the different ways that will make your rear end look nicely big. Always seek expert opinion before trying any butt-enhancing method.



This article is intended for general informational purposes only and does not address individual circumstances. It is not a substitute for professional advice or help and should not be relied on to make decisions of any kind. Any action you take upon the information presented in this article is strictly at your own risk and responsibility! 


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