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Clare Kamau

Clare Kamau


Clare is an experienced and engaging freelance writer who, for the past few years, has worked in different fields – from news and entertainment to now health, fitness and nutrition. As a health and fitness writer, she strives to provide the best, fun, engaging, and well-researched articles. With a degree in Law and previous work experience in the field, she understands the importance of research and facts in all information provided – and thus ensures that everything she writes is backed by science. As a writer for BetterMe, her goal is to ensure that all her readers understand the importance of nutrition, good mental health, and exercise in health and day-to-day life.

When she’s not researching and writing, Clare enjoys reading manga and fiction – with fantasy and romance being her favorite genres, listening to music, and watching dramas. Through her work at BetterMe, she has also found a new love for the gym and can be found talking her friends’ ears off on the importance of protein.

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