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Sex Health Benefits: 10 Reasons Why You Should Be Getting Some Every Day

Health experts have long extolled the benefits of a healthy sex life, but for some of us it can be hard to get motivated. After all, there always seems to be other things that are more pressing—like work, family, and life in general. But what if we told you that regular sex could actually be one of the best things you can do for your health? Here are 10 reasons why you should make time for sex.

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1. It Boosts Your Immune System

Sex helps to increase the level of immunoglobulin A (IgA)—an antibody that helps fight off infection—in your body. Having high levels of IgA can reduce your chances of getting sick from the common cold or other minor illnesses. 

2. It Lessens Pain

The hormone oxytocin, which is released during orgasm, can help to alleviate pain.

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Women may find relief from menstrual cramps, PMS, and headaches when they have sex. The same applies to men who are experiencing chronic pain. 

Sexual activity also releases endorphins, which are hormones that block pain signals from the brain. 

3. It Can Boost Your Libido

Low libido is a common problem, affecting both men and women. While there are many potential causes, one oft- overlooked reason is simply not having enough sex. Sexual activity helps to increase levels of testosterone (the “male” hormone) in the body, which can boost libido.

4. It Can Help Fight Depression

Depression is a common mental health disorder that is sometimes caused by low levels of certain hormones, like serotonin. Research has found that sexual activity can help increase levels of serotonin, which can in turn help reduce symptoms of depression.

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5. It Improves Your Cardiovascular Health

Cardiovascular exercise is any type of aerobic activity that gets your heart pumping and keeps it healthy. Sex qualifies as a moderate-intensity cardiovascular exercise, which means it can help reduce your risk of developing heart disease.

Having regular sex can also help lower your blood pressure, which is one of the markers of overall health. 

6. It May Help Ward Off Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer in men worldwide. It’s caused by the abnormal growth of cells in the prostate, a small, walnut-shaped gland that’s part of the male reproductive system.

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Having sex may help reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer. A study of nearly 32,000 men found that those who had sex frequently (more than 21 times per month) were less likely to develop prostate cancer than those who had sex less than 21 times per month.

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7. It Improves Sleep

The hormone prolactin, which is released during orgasm, helps you feel sleepy and relaxed. This means that sex can help you fall asleep faster and sleep more soundly.

8. It Improves Bladder Control For Women

Women who frequently have sex have been shown to have better bladder control than those who do not. This is because during sex, the pelvic floor muscles contract and strengthen. These are the same muscles that are responsible for controlling the bladder.

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9. Good for Stress Management

The negative effects of chronic stress are well-documented. Stress can lead to high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, and diabetes. It can also weaken the immune system, making you more susceptible to colds and other illnesses.

Regular sexual activity can help reduce stress by releasing tension and anxiety. It can also improve communication and increase intimacy between partners.

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10. Improves Fertility

Fertility is defined as the natural ability to produce offspring. Both men and women can experience fertility problems, which may be due to a number of reasons including age, health, lifestyle choices, etc.

Having sex on a regular basis has been shown to improve fertility in both men and women. In men, it increases the quality and quantity of sperm. In women, it helps to regulate hormone levels, which can impact fertility.

The Bottom Line

The benefits of sex extend far beyond the bedroom. From reducing stress to improving heart health, there are plenty of reasons to get busy with your partner on a regular basis. So if you need a little motivation to jump start your sex life, look no further than this list of 10 science-backed health benefits.



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