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Are you a yoga beginner? Discover everything you need to know about starting a yoga practice, including helpful tips and advice for at-home yoga.

Relax Yoga Poses To Calm Your Body

We all want to unwind after a long, busy, or stressful day at work or home or after accomplishing a specific goal that was draining us. Interestingly, yoga has numerous physical, spiritual, and emotional benefits with zero side effects and is appropriate for people of all ages. For instance, according to Hopkins Medicine, you get […]

Beginning Yoga For Seniors: Types, Poses, And Benefits

The typical picture painted by yoga is a young, flexible person comfortably twisted up like a pretzel. You may be surprised then to find out that the Yoga in America Study by Ipsos Public Affairs revealed that about 14 million Americans over 50 years old practiced yoga in 2016 (1). This confirms that older and […]

Yoga Poses For Hips: Giving Your Lower Body A Good Stretch!

Of the many health problems most people report today, tight hips and lower back pain tend to top the list. These ailments are on the rise, mainly because most people today spend majority of their time sitting down. Sitting down for extended durations limits how long and how much you exercise your hip muscles. So, […]

Intermediate Yoga Poses: Putting A Fun Yet Challenging Spin On Your Yoga Routine

One of the best gifts to humankind, especially when it comes to keeping it zen, is yoga. The serenity, patience, stamina, and health benefits of doing yoga have made this practice pretty common. Typically, when embarking on a yoga journey, you must start at the beginner level before progressing to the intermediate and advanced levels. […]

Yoga After Eating: Simple Asanas To Do After Overeating

Exercise after eating is not often recommended for anyone. This is one reason why yoga is such a wonderful exercise, as it can be done even after a heavy meal. Yoga is known to boost digestion, relieve problems with indigestion and also help in dealing with constipation. This is why doing yoga after eating is […]