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Kaye Smith, PhD

Behavioral health coach, PhD in General Psychology with a research focus on female sexual health

Kaye Smith holds an academic Ph.D. in psychology with a specialization in female sexual health, coupled with over 15 years of diverse experience. With roles ranging from a trained psychotherapist, former psychology professor, sexuality blogger, to behavioral health coach and freelance writer, Kaye has made significant contributions to the field.

Notably, she has collaborated on the blog of the late Dr. Betty Dodson, a renowned sexologist, and has served as a behavioral health coach since 2017. Kaye’s professional journey revolves around empowering middle-aged women facing behavioral and physical health challenges, focusing particularly on anxiety, depression, and stress management. Through expertise in cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness, motivational interviewing, and ACT, Kaye assists clients in improving their overall well-being, including diet and stress management, while offering insights into female sexual dysfunction, menopause, and women’s issues.


  • Over 15 years of experience as a trained psychotherapist, former psychology professor, sexuality blogger, behavioral health coach, and freelance writer.
  • Blogged for the late, renowned sexologist Dr. Betty Dodson.
  • Behavioral health coach since 2017.


  • Ph.D. in General Psychology
  • Masters of Science in Counseling Psychology

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