Blog Diets 1300-Calorie Diet: Is It Enough To Keep Your Body In Running Order?

1300-Calorie Diet: Is It Enough To Keep Your Body In Running Order?

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1300-Calorie Diet: Will It Work For You?

Diet is a word that is usually thrown around whenever people talk about weight-related issues. There are so many things you need to consider while choosing a diet, as different diets work for different individuals. The 1300 calorie diet is highly recommended for losing weight, however, before jumping into it, you need to know if it will work for your body or not. The minimum number of calories usually recommended for an individual to stay healthy is 1200 calories per day. Hence, the 1300 calorie diet plan may be manageable for a lot of people.


There are some things you need to consider before implementing the 1300 calorie diet, and these are:

  • Diets you’ve tried before – How were they, and did they work for you?
  • What do you prefer? – I know the word diet is associated with boring foods, but that is just a modern-day misconception. You need to be able to enjoy your diet for it to be effective.
  • What is your budget? – Some diets require certain meals that can be quite costly. Before you pick a diet plan, you need to be sure you can afford it, less you quit in the middle.
  • Health conditions – Do you have any health conditions like diabetes, allergies, and so on?
  • Your body’s metabolism – The higher your body’s metabolism, the more calories you need. For example, if you are physically active, this will increase your metabolism and you will require more calories.
  • A professional’s recommendation – This can be a dietitian or a nutritionist. They are the best people to tell you what diet would work for you.

Why A 1300-Calorie Diet?

The 1300 calorie diet menus are highly encouraged because, first of all, they are straightforward to make and follow. The plan is also not so constricting. You don’t want to feel as if you are punishing yourself. It also allows one to have the required number of calories per day. Nobody wants to be moody, to lack energy, or to feel light-headed just because they are on a diet.

The 1300 calorie diet results show that this food plan is quite effective in losing extra pounds. A typical adult requires between 1800 calories and 3200 calories a day to maintain the same weight, depending on things like gender, age, and activity level (8). This 1300 calorie provision enables you to cut on what you consume, consequently, losing weight gradually while still absorbing the required nutrients needed for normal body functioning. It is also quite easy to balance what you take with this plan. You could go for 300 calories for breakfast, 300 calories for lunch, 300 calories for dinner, and 100 calories for snacks (2).

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What Does A 1300-Calorie Diet Contain?

One thousand three hundred calories are not as little as people think. They are quite enough to sustain an individual. A 1300-calorie diet contains:

  1. A lot of whole-grain cereals and foods. These foods include brown rice, millet, oatmeal, whole-wheat bread, etc. (2)
  2. It also includes many legumes like chickpeas, lentils, peas, kidney beans, black beans, soybeans, pinto beans, and navy beans (2).
  3. It contains a lot of healthy nuts and seeds as well, like almonds, pistachios, walnuts, cashews, pecans, macadamia nuts, and hazelnuts (2).
  4. Leafy vegetables are also included in the diet. These include Kales, collard greens, spinach, cabbage, beet greens, and lettuce (2).
  5. There are also whole fruits included, and these are actually better than fruit juices. Go for bananas, oranges, apples, pineapples, watermelons, peaches, grapefruits, avocados, blueberries, mangoes, strawberries, and pomegranate (2).
  6. It also includes low-fat dairy products (2).
  7. There are low-calorie meats as well, such as boneless and skinless chicken breasts, turkey breast, pork tenderloin, fish and seafood, salmon, and scallops (2).

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How To Stick To A-1300 Calorie Diet?

Be it a 1300 calorie gluten-free diet, or even a 1300 calorie Keto diet; there are things you need to do. These are:

Don’t Give Up If The Results Are Not Instant

Weight loss is not a magic trick. It doesn’t happen instantly. There are a few factors that determine how fast one can lose weight. Factors like age, genes, weight, and lifestyle, among others. Be patient and keep trying. If a long period passes without any significant changes, it would be advisable to see a professional as this might not be the recommended plan for you.

Get your personal plan according to your age and BMI
Select your gender
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Get your personal plan according to your age and BMI
Select your gender
Male Female

Plan Ahead

To ensure you follow the plan to the letter, it is good to prepare beforehand. This means knowing what you are supposed to eat on Thursday, as early as on Monday. Find out if you have all the necessary ingredients in advance. You don’t want to be making a meal for your 1300 calorie high protein diet, only to find out you have more carbohydrates than proteins. This might make you eat something that is not on your diet, thus affecting your progress (1).

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Do It With Someone

 Just like work or anything that can be tedious or boring, it becomes easier and better when done with someone (6). Find a person who wants the same results as you and enter the plan with them. This can be your husband, relative, friend, or even colleague. On days when you are lazy or when you don’t want to follow the diet, they will be there to keep you going. These people act as your accountability partners. The best part is that you can do it with more than one person; the more, the merrier.

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Set Small And Realistic Goals That Will Help You Achieve Your Big Goals

If you plan to lose 30 pounds in 4 months, set weekly goals and monthly goals. They will help you to continue to be motivated.

Follow Your Diet Strictly

This is to say, do not eat foods that are not in your diet. I know you may be craving that juicy double patty burger, some cheese fries, or that pepperoni pizza; try as much as possible to resist the cravings and remind yourself why you started the diet in the first place. Is a piece of pizza worth it compared to your dream summer body?


Exercise Frequently

Pick out a few hours in your day to exercise. They can be light exercises or heavy exercises, depending on what works for you. Whichever it is, make sure you set aside some time for it.

Do Not Miss Any Meals

It is advisable to eat small meals frequently and ensure you don’t miss any meals. You are not trying to starve yourself.

Add Fruits And Vegetables To Your Diet

Why are fruits and vegetables important in your 1300 calorie diet plan? It is because, first of all, they are essential and highly nutritious. They will provide your body with vitamins and mineral salts. Secondly, they contain low calories. This will help you stick to your target calories while getting the necessary nutrients.

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Keep An Eye On The Snacks You Take

The 1300 calories limit does not give you enough room for certain snacks. When snacking, go for healthy snacks like nuts and the likes.

Consult An Expert

You can consult an expert, as well as work with one. An expert will help you in the best way possible. They will advise you on what you need to do and what you don’t need to do. Experts can also change your diet if they see it is not working. They will help you achieve your weight goals. However, if you cannot afford an expert, there are so many apps that can help you with this. The BetterMe app is one of the apps that can help you with your weight loss journey.

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Keep Yourself Hydrated

Take between three to four liters of water every day. Water is very important when it comes to weight loss. This is because:

  • Firstly, it helps burn more calories (7).
  • Secondly, drinking water just before you eat can help reduce your appetite (7).
  • Thirdly, water is calorie-free. Drinking water helps take in fewer calories (7).
  • Lastly, drinking water enables you to avoid other drinks like sodas. Soft drinks are full of sugar and calories. Drinking soft drinks will be going against your diet needs (7).

Sleep Early

This helps reduce the chances of late-night snacking.

Try To Avoid Stress

I know it is almost impossible to do so but try as much as possible to avoid situations that will make you stressed. Stress is a weight-loss inhibitor. According to Wellmind, rises in Cortisol, which is the hormone related to stress, can help one gain weight. Every time you are stressed, adrenaline and stress hormones are released to the bloodstream, and this requires glucose. Once you stop being stressed, you have to replenish the glucose that was used, hence you find yourself eating more (10).

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Have A Cheat Day

You always need to remember you are not punishing yourself. Set aside a day to treat yourself. Eat those gummy bears or that bar of chocolate you’ve been avoiding. You need to satisfy your cravings once in a while. You need to remember not to overdo it though.

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You cannot certainly know if a 1300 calorie diet can maintain your normal body functioning, without consulting a professional or without checking the factors discussed above. If this diet works for you, then you are in luck. This is because it has very positive results when it comes to weight loss. It is also a straightforward plan to follow as it does not have so many restrictions when it comes to the foods you cannot take. It also encourages healthy eating and living as it advocates for healthy foods and regular exercise.

What do you think about the 1300 calorie diet plan? Is it something you might want to try? Do you have someone you might want to try it with? Share with us what you think about all of these in the comments section below.

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1300 calorie diet 7 day meal plan


Is It Safe To Eat 1300 Calories A Day?

For many people, it is safe to eat 1300 calories a day as long as you balance your meals well, and ensure each meal has the required nutrients. In general, people need a minimum of 1200 calories a day, as advised by Everyday health (4). Just make sure your meal has enough carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, and so on. For some people, however, 1300 calories may not be enough. It is always advisable to see a nutritionist as they will direct you to the right plan.

Are 1300 Calories Enough For My Body?

There is no clear cut answer for this as it all depends on your lifestyle and body. Are you highly active? What is your gender and age? What are your starting weight, BMI, and body composition? These factors will help you answer the question. If you are highly active, the 1300 calories might not be enough. But if you want to lose weight, 1300 calories plus being active might just be the way to go. Consult with your physician or dietitian to help determine if 1300 calories is safe and adequate for your personal needs.

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1300-Calorie Diet, How Much Weight Will I Lose?

People following this diet can lose between six and ten pounds within the first two weeks. After that, you can lose one to two pounds every week. If this does not happen to you, do not be discouraged, as different individuals would have different results.

According to WebMD, if you have a body mass index (BMI) of over 30, which doctors call obese, a very low-calorie diet like the 1300 calorie diet will allow you to lose around three to four pounds a week (11). That makes an average of about forty-four pounds in three months.

Losing this kind of weight can help you avoid or lower your chances of getting some diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes. I am sure nobody wants to get any of these conditions.

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Is 1300 Calories A Day Enough To Lose Weight?

A low-calorie diet for men is an intake of between 1200 calories and 1600 calories, while for women it is between 1200 calories and 1400 calories. Low-calorie meals help an individual lose between two to four pounds weekly; hence a 1300 calorie food plan is enough to lose weight.

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Can One Follow A 1300-Calorie Diet With No Exercise?

One can follow the 1300 calorie diet with no exercise. According to LivingStrong, although this might work to achieve weight loss effectively and safely, you need to add exercises to your routine (12). It doesn’t have to be very heavy exercises, just the ones you can handle. You could at least do some light exercises for proper blood circulation.

How Many Carbs Should I Eat On A 1300-Calorie Diet?

Carbohydrates constitute between forty-five and sixty-five percent of the total calorie intake. Therefore, between 585-845 calories a day should be carbohydrates, or 146-211 grams (5).

How Many Proteins Should I Eat On A 1300-Calorie Diet?

130 to 390 calories a day should be from proteins. This is about 33-98 grams. You can, however, increase the protein intake and reduce the consumption of carbohydrates. But before you do this, it is highly recommended you talk to an expert first.

I know you want to know how we got the 130-390 calories. Medical News Today, together with the Dietary Guidelines for Americans state that out of the total calories consumed, 10% to 30% should constitute proteins (9, 3). You can calculate this using the given formula:

  • 10/100 * 1300 = 130 calories
  • 30/100 * 1300 = 390 calories

You can also take your weight in kilograms and multiply by 0.8 to get the minimum number of grams of protein you personally require each day.



This article is intended for general informational purposes only and does not address individual circumstances. It is not a substitute for professional advice or help and should not be relied on to make decisions of any kind. A licensed physician should be consulted for diagnosis and treatment of any medical conditions. Any action you take upon the information presented in this 


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