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Workouts That Burn 1000 Calories: Effective Weight Loss Exercises

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Working out is not the easiest thing. If it was, everyone would have been doing it. Since it is not easy, people try to go for workouts that are effective and efficient. Effective in that they get the required results and efficient in that they provide the results in a short period due to their calorie-burning capabilities. With that said, here are workouts that burn 1000 calories.


Calorie Burning 101

When it comes to increasing how many calories you burn, there are two things you need to manipulate: time and intensity. When it comes to time, the longer you work out or exercise, the more calories you burn. The less you work out, the fewer calories you burn. 

In terms of intensity, the harder you work out, the more calories you burn and vice versa. Therefore, if you work out harder and for longer, the more calories you can burn. Just from that, it means that any exercise, workout, or activity can become a 1000 calories workout depending on how long you do it and how hard you do it. 

People have different schedules and different timelines. Not everyone has too much time to work out, yet they want to experience the required results, and that is possible because there are exercises that burn 1000 calories faster than other exercises.

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Factors That Affect The Number Of Calories You Can Burn

The number of calories you burn as an individual depends on several factors. Here are some of these factors:

How Much You Weigh

Your weight will play a role as to how many calories you can burn in a period. If you have higher body weight, you’ll burn more calories per every minute of working out compared to a person who weighs less. This is because it takes more energy to move while working out compared to a lighter person.

How Fit You Are

How fit you are will also impact how many calories you can burn. The more fit you are, the fewer calories you will burn when compared to a person who is less fit while both of you are doing the same exercise. The reason for this is the fact that your body is more conditioned, and that translates to your heart and lungs being able to work more efficiently to supply fresh blood and oxygen to your working body. A less fit person’s body is not this efficient hence burning more calories. 

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In terms of gender, men tend to burn more calories than women. The reason for this is the fact that men are more muscular than women. Muscles have a higher resting metabolism compared to fat mass; hence they burn more calories while at rest and while working out.

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Your genes also play a role in how many calories you burn per workout. Those with good genes can burn more calories for doing less. That’s why you see some people can lose weight so fast while doing the same exercises you are doing. 

Your Age

The younger you are, the more calories you can burn from a workout. A person’s DNA changes as they grow older; they will have a slower metabolism, and so on. That is why it is harder for older people to lose their big bellies or weight in general compared to young people.

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Problems Associated With Burning 1000 Calories Fast

Although the goal is to lose as much weight as you can in the shortest period, burning as many as 1000 calories is not recommended to everyone as it can result in health complications. Here are some groups of people who may cause themselves harm by trying to lose 1000 calories fast.

People who overtrain. When you overtrain without giving your body the required time to recover, you are putting yourself in more harm than benefit. For most people, in order to lose 1000 calories fast, maybe in a day, they’ll have to overtrain. It is also important to know that trying to burn 1000 calories in a short period can lead to injuries from the fact that you are doing too much. 

People in very-low-calorie diets and low-calorie diets. People on these diets should not aim to burn these many calories in a day. You need calories to support normal body functions like breathing and the likes. If you are on a 1600-calorie diet and below, burning 1000 calories in a day will harm your body because you are not eating enough to support your metabolism. This can cause conditions like metabolic imbalances, heart complications, nervous system complications, and so on. 

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workouts that burn 1000 calories

Workouts That Burn 1000 Calories

Different workout, burn different amounts of calories. The number of calories a workout is likely to burn depends on how intense the workout is, how long you do it, how many muscles the exercise works, and many other factors. With that said, here are workouts that burn 1000 calories. 

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HIIT Workouts That Burn 1000 Calories And More

When it comes to burning calories, cardio is the way to go. Compared to other types of exercises like strength training and calisthenics, cardio exercises burn the most calories. High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is an anaerobic form of cardio. HIIT works by exercising for a short period, then resting for a few seconds. An added advantage of HIIT exercises is that they continue to burn calories even after you’ve stopped working out hence adding to the number of calories you burn. Here is a list of HIIT exercises that burn more than 1000 calories that you should add to your workout plan (1).

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Jumping Rope

This fun activity can help you burn 1000 calories fast. Jumping rope has become one of the exercises you are recommended to do if you want to lose weight. This is from the fact that jumping rope burns so many calories, and it is among the highest calorie-burning exercises. If you weigh somewhere between 125 pounds and 185 pounds, you can burn between 10 calories to 14 calories for every minute of jumping rope.

The best part about this calorie-burning activity is that it is, first of all, fun. Secondly, it is not expensive as the only thing you need to buy is a skipping rope. Thirdly, it can be done at any time and any place since it only requires little space to do it. If you are 125 pounds, it will take you 100 minutes to burn 1000 calories by jumping rope, and if you are 185 pounds, it will take you 67 minutes to burn 1000 calories. That is why most people are recommended to jump rope if they are trying to lose weight. 


Cycling is another fun yet tiring way to lose weight as it is known for how effective it is when it comes to burning calories. This is a good calorie-burning exercise, especially if you like adventures as you can just pick up your bike and go explore the countryside. This does mean that only outdoor cycling will help burn calories, even stationary cycling burns as many calories as outdoor cycling. 

This exercise involves a lot of muscles at once, and that is why it is a good calorie-burning activity. Just like running, the faster you cycle, the more calories you burn. If you choose terrains that are hilly and tough, you burn even more calories in a smaller amount of time. An advantage the stationary bike holds over the outdoor bike is the fact that you can alter the intensity as you wish without having to rely on terrain; benefits of technology.

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When cycling at a speed of 14 to 15.9 miles per hour, it takes you about the same time it takes to burn calories as a person running at a speed of 6 miles per hour, depending on your weight, of course. A person weighing 125 pounds will burn 300 calories for every half an hour, while a person weighing 185 pounds will burn approximately 420 pounds every half an hour. It will take a 125-pound person 100 minutes, while it takes a 185-pound person 70 to 80 minutes to burn 1000 calories (2).

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There is a reason people always go for a morning run. Running is more demanding compared to jogging or taking a walk, and that is what makes it the ultimate calorie-burning workout. It is tiring as you have to be going at a speed of 5 miles per hour or faster for it to be considered running. Anything less than that is jogging. It goes without saying that the faster you run, the more calories you burn, as that is one way you can increase the intensity of this simple activity.

Another way is by choosing terrains that are a little bit difficult, a good example being hilly terrain. If you weigh 125 pounds and you run a 10-minute mile at the speed of 6 miles per hour, you will be able to burn 600 calories for every hour, and if you weigh 185 pounds and you run a 10-minute mile at the speed of 6 miles per hour, you will be able to burn 888 calories in an hour. At the rate described, it would roughly take a person between 68 minutes to 100 minutes to burn 1000 calories.


The fact that most people do swimming for fun just shows how much it is liked. What most people fail to keep in mind is the fact that swimming can help with weight loss. Swimming, just like most activities on this list, works so many muscles, and for this reason, it can be quite tiring. A person can burn 1000 calories in 90-120 minutes. Some different strokes and styles burn more calories than others. The butterfly stroke burns more calories than the freestyle stroke. Another way to burn more calories while swimming is to swim in very cold water. The reason for this is that the body burns calories just to keep your core warm, and hence that added to the calories you are already burning while swimming results in more calorie burn.

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Jumping Jacks And Plank Jacks

These two variations of Jacks are quite effective when it comes to burning calories. These two variations of Jacks will help you burn approximately 600 to 1000 calories in an hour


This workout belongs both in cardiovascular exercises and strength training exercises. It is a bodyweight exercise as no weights are required for the exercise. Here is how burpees are done: 

  1. Begin by standing straight with your feet shoulder-width apart.
  2. Bend your knees and place your hands on the floor. Let’s call this the “frog” position for clarity.
  3. Jump and push both your legs back and get into a plank or push-up position.
  4. Hop and get back to the “frog” position.
  5. Jump vertically and extend your hands above your head.
  6. Land softly on the floor.
  7. Get into the frog position again, then go back to the plank position. 
  8. You should do 3 sets of 8 reps while taking a 10-second break between the sets.

Burpees burn approximately 700 to 1000 calories for 90 to 120 minutes of doing them.

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Crunches And Sit-Ups

Sit-ups are exercises that work many muscles at once, and this helps with their fat-burning calories. Crushes, on the other hand, are exercises that closely resemble doing sit-ups. The only difference between crunches and sit-ups is that crunches have a smaller range of motion compared to sit-ups. Crunches are known for helping to strengthen the core. It doesn’t require weight, and hence they are cheap and can be done at any place at any time

Here Is How You Do Crunches

  1. You start by lying down on the ground with your back. Then bend your knees and make sure your feet are flat on the floor.
  2. Then take your hands and hold them behind your head. Make sure you hold them loosely so that you do not pull on your neck when you move. If you hold them too tight, you increase your risk of getting an injury.
  3. Then gently raise your shoulders upwards from the floor to about a 30-degree angle. 
  4. Hold that position for a few seconds. You should feel your abdominal muscles being engaged.
  5. Lower yourself to the original position. 
  6. If you are new to crunches, you can try 3 sets of 15 reps.
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Here Is How You Do Sit-Ups:

  1. You start by lying down on your back. Make sure you lie on a flat straight surface to prevent getting injured. Then bend your legs at your knees and make sure your feet are firmly flat on the ground. You should bring your heels close to your bottom so that you can create a 90-degree angle at the knee area.
  2. Then take your hands and place them behind your head. You can choose to put them there or cross them on your chest. This is the initial starting position. 
  3. Then raise your body until it is no longer on the floor, your chest close to your thighs. Exhale as you raise your body upwards. 
  4. Gently lower yourself back to the original starting position as you inhale. 
  5. If you are new to the sit-up, you should try to do 10 reps at a time. 

By doing a combination of these two exercises, you will burn as many as 900 calories.

The Bottom Line

Those are some workouts that burn 1000 calories. Apart from those workouts, some activities can also burn 1000 calories. Kickboxing, for example, helps burn 582-864 calories per hour. Rowing also helps burn between 481-713 calories. A game of football, basket, or rugby can also help burn a lot of calories as those sports are very demanding as they involve a lot of movement. This shows that you don’t need to go to the gym to burn 1000 calories as how workouts are also effective when it comes to that. When doing any of the exercises mentioned above, make sure you warm up first to prevent getting injured. You should also maintain the right form for doing the exercises as it helps get the most out of the workout and prevent injury.



This article is intended for general informational purposes only and does not address individual circumstances. It is not a substitute for professional advice or help and should not be relied on to make decisions of any kind. Any action you take upon the information presented in this article is strictly at your own risk and responsibility!


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