Blog Fitness Ways To Exercise At Home: Going Full Throttle On Your Body Transformation Plans

Ways To Exercise At Home: Going Full Throttle On Your Body Transformation Plans

ways to exercise at home

2021 has been a tough year, especially for anyone who had been planning on going ham on their weight loss journey and body transformation goals. Just as many of us were thinking about being able to go back to the gym, the world is starting to go back into lockdown, closing up many public spaces, like gyms, once more. This however, does not mean that you cannot still work towards your goals. Learning ways to exercise at home can just as easily help you achieve the body of your dreams by this time next year.



In this article we will let you know ways to exercise and lose weight at home. Weight loss is not determined by the presence of a fully equipped gymnasium or the availability of free weights. You can still workout at home and watch the pounds drop off. Keep reading to find out how to work out at home as well as fun ways to exercise at home and get fit while at it.

How To Get In Shape Fast: The Sad But Necessary Truth

Lift your hand up if you have come across books, publications, videos and articles with titles promising to help you lose 5 pounds in 5 days, 10 pounds in two weeks, or any other large number of weight in a surprisingly short time.

If that is what you are looking for then you will not find it here. The hard truth of the matter is that these plans and diets illustrated by such articles or videos are unhealthy, unsafe, and quite unsustainable. They are often starvation or very-low-calorie diets, that while they may help you lose a drastic amount of weight in a short time frame, are not sustainable in the long-term, could land you in the hospital, and you are most likely to regain all the weight back just as quickly.

The best advice on how to get in shape fast is to be patient. According to the CDC, healthy weight loss is not fast. Instead, healthy and sustainable weight loss is a gradual lifelong process that includes long-term changes in daily eating and exercise habits. It means losing 1 to 2 pounds a week – nothing more (4).

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Ways To Exercise At Home

How To Workout At Home And Ensure That You Do?

As we all know exercising at home can be hard. Multiple factors such as lack of motivation, being busy with kids or working from home, loneliness, or even little distractions such as binge watching your favorite show can keep you from exercising. So how can you ensure to exercise from home and achieve your goals?

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The Best Ways To Exercise At Home: How To Stay Motivated And Ensure That You Work Out Everyday?

  • Pencil In Your Workouts

If you are a fan of to-do lists, then you understand how they can influence you to get your tasks done for the day. Treat workouts in the same way as you would your chores or other work tasks. With your workout time set aside on your task list you are bound to give it time and actually work out.

A simple way to do this would be, for example, dedicating 3 days each week for working out. Take out your journal, notes app or notebook and pencil in a 30-minute workout every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning. On these days, promise yourself that you will not do anything else before first getting in a simple home workout.

  • Keep Your Equipment Where You Can See It

Shoving your home workout equipment to the back of your closet lessens your chances of exercising. To prevent this, keep your equipment where you can see it. It can be in the corner of your living room, right in front of your work space, or close to your bedside. That way you see them every morning and night.

Ways To Exercise At Home

  • Designate A Small Exercise Area In Your Home

Not all of us are fortunate enough to have a garage that can be half turned into a gym area, a designated workout room, or live in apartment complexes that have indoor gyms. But this does not mean that you are out of ways to work out at home. If you can, move some things around so you can have some clear space that you can always access freely (or with little hustle) to start working out.

  • Follow You Favorite Fitness Gurus And Influencers On Social Media

We all have people whose physique we admire on social media, some of them who are ‘body goals’ and we’d give anything to look like and have their dedication to physical fitness. Since most of us spend a lot of time on social media, it is best to curate your feed to let it feature gurus and influencers, who not only have an achievable physique that you desire, but also those who actually put in the work to keep up their fitness. Doing this can get you motivated to get up and get your workout session in for the day.

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Fun Ways To Exercise At Home And Avoid Boredom

Working out does not have to be a dreaded daunting affair. So what are the easiest ways to exercise at home for beginners? Here are some fun ways to exercise at home that will have you looking forward to your next session (1).

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1. Go For A Walk

If you absolutely hate the thought of running or jogging, then opt to take a walk instead. While it may not be as vigorous as running, it is still a great way to get your body moving and to burn calories. If you have a pet, take it out for a walk and enjoy the company.

2. Get Some Company

Some people enjoy going to the gym due to the feeling of community, which motivates them to keep moving. If you find it hard to work out alone, encourage your family, friends, or lover to join you. You can have some friendly competition, enjoy a few laughs, and generally make the whole experience more fun than it would be if you were alone.

Ways To Exercise At Home

3. Watch Your Favorite Show

It might seem odd at first but think of it as multitasking. Instead of flopping down on your couch to catch up on your favorite show, clear out some space in your living room, put on your favorite show, and do some quick squats and burpees as you enjoy the show’s storyline.

4. Listen To Some Music

The louder, the better! Have you ever walked into a quiet gym? Probably not. There is something about loud music that gets us pumped to pick up some weights and do some reps. Instead of working out in silence, get on your favorite music app and choose some bops to work out to. Whether you prefer hip-hop, heavy metal, pop or hard rock, it doesn’t matter – curate your favorite home workout playlist and use it to help you get and keep moving.

5. Dance

Who said dancing is only designated to clubs or performances alone? Dancing is one of the ways to work out at home that is not only incredibly fun, but it also does not require any equipment and can be done by anyone. You can freestyle, do some ballet, try disco, or ballroom dancing if your partner is willing. There are no rules for it.

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Ways To Exercise At Home

6. Try Rock Climbing

This can be indoors or outdoors. Rock climbing is a full-body workout that will have you sweating out your calories in no time. Experienced rock climbers can do this outside, while beginners can do indoor rock climbing which is much safer.

7. Do Some Chores

Working out does not always mean running, walking, or lifting weights. Doing household chores such as moving furniture, cooking and cleaning can burn anywhere from 75 to 266 calories in 30 minutes, depending on how much you weigh. You can make it even more fun by having a singing and dance party as you do your chores.

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8. Go Shopping

While you may not consider it, shopping can burn quite a number of calories and for those who enjoy it, they can make it one of the fun ways to exercise at home without a gym. Not only are you carrying bags which are heavy and offering an arm workout, but you are also walking a lot which increases your steps for the day.

9. Try Game Night

We do not mean spending the night away playing board games. Instead try having an active game night with fun games such as twister, hide-and-seek, and more.

Ways To Exercise At Home

10. Play With Your Children

Children are basically endless balls of energy that can play for long hours. If you have younger children, they are also more active than teens are and will have you running around and burning calories. Even when they are older, you can play games such as frisbee, hula-hooping, kick-ball, dodgeball, and more.

11. Jumping Rope

This is a simple and fun workout that can help you burn anywhere from 300 to 44 calories depending on how much you weigh, how vigorously and how long you jump rope for.

12. Swimming

If you have a pool at home, trying out different swimming styles is among the best fun ways to exercise at home.

13. Bicycling

Pick out a trail around your home area and try cycling on it. You can make it even more fun by involving your family members.

Other fun ways to exercise at home include trying different YouTube workout videos, trying exercises from different workout apps, doing yoga, hiking, etc.

Ways To Exercise At Home

Are There Ways To Lose Weight At Home Without Exercise?

Yes, there are. If you cannot incorporate the above-mentioned ways to exercise at home due to lack of time, an injury, or some other health condition, there are other things that you can do to help you lose weight at home without exercise. They include:

  • Chew And Eat More Slowly

A 2015 review of 23 studies revealed that faster eaters are more likely to gain weight than slower eaters (3). Chewing food slowly has also been associated with decreased food intake, increased fullness, and the consumption of smaller portion sizes.

  • Eat More Protein

This macronutrient affects your hunger and satiety hormones, helping you feel less hungry and fuller meaning that you end up consuming less calories. A 2005 study reported that upping protein intake by 15% helped participants eat 441 calories a day, leading to a loss of 11 pounds in 12 weeks (2). It can also boost your metabolism because the body uses more energy to digest protein than it does to digest carbs or fats.

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  • Consume More Fiber

High fiber foods help keep you fuller for longer, meaning that you consume less food in a day. Due to the soluble fiber, viscous fiber, that turns into a gel-like substance when consumed, it helps increase fullness. Fiber can be found in fruit, vegetables, legumes, and whole grains.

  • Use Smaller Plates

This helps you with portion control, which keeps you at a calorie deficit, helping you lose weight.

  • Drink More Water

Water helps you keep your weight down as it is a natural appetite suppressant, keeps you from drinking unhealthy and sugar filled drinks, and can increase your metabolism.

  • Sleep More And Destress

When you lack sleep or are stressed, it can mess with the hormones  leptin and ghrelin, and elevates cortisol. Hormonal fluctuations can make you eat more than you normally would and will have you making more unhealthy food choices. Cortisol, on the other hand, makes your body hold on to fat.

  • Eliminate Alcohol And Sugary Drinks

Both are full of empty calories and the latter is high in sugar, both factors that make you gain weight.

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What Are Some Ways To Exercise At Home Without Equipment?

While most workout routines will suggest using free weights to exercise, they are not always necessary. If you cannot afford free weights, using your bodyweight during these moves is enough can help you lose weight and even gain muscle. Some full body exercises that you can do at home without equipment include squats, push-ups, lunges, and more.

Here is how to do some of them:


  1. Get on the floor on all fours, positioning your hands slightly wider than your shoulders.
  2. Extend your legs back so that you are balanced on your hands and toes. Keep your body in a straight line from head to toe without sagging in the middle or arching your back.
  3. Contract your abs and tighten your core by pulling your belly button toward your spine. Keep a tight core throughout the entire push-up.
  4. Inhale as you slowly bend your elbows and lower yourself until your elbows are at a 90-degree angle.
  5. Exhale as you begin contracting your chest muscles and pushing back up through your hands to the start position. Don’t lock out the elbows; keep them slightly bent.
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  1. Begin by standing straight and slightly tucking your pelvis.
  2. Inhale, then exhale, contracting your abdominal muscles.
  3. As you inhale again, slowly lower yourself into a squat by bending at the knees and hips and sending your butt out behind you, as if sitting down into a chair. Remember to keep your core engaged.
  4. You can squat to the floor or as far as your knees allow you. Do not push too far so as not to hurt yourself.
  5. Exhale as you begin to rise, pushing through your feet and extending through your knees and hips all the while maintaining the abdominal contraction.


  1. Stand with right foot forward, left foot back about 3 feet apart.
  2. Hold weights in each hand and bend the knees so as to lower the body towards the floor. Keep the front knee behind the toes, and be sure to lower them straight down rather than forward.
  3. Keep the torso straight and abs in as you push through the front heel and back to starting position.
  4. Do this 12 to 15 times on one leg before switching to the other leg.

What Are The Best Home Workouts For Men?

Some of the best home workouts for men include cardio and strength training. Cardio includes walking, jogging, rope jumping, running and swimming. Strength training workouts include squats, shoulder presses, lunges, push-ups, planks, burpees and more. All these at home exercises can easily be done with or without weights. If you do not have traditional weights but would like to add some intensity to your exercise, you can use resistance bands, or improvise by using water/milk bottles or soup cans.


The Bottom Line

The best ways to exercise at home include options that are fun and engaging. Choosing such options ensures that you will almost always be looking forward to doing them, and can even do them without considering then as exercise. 



This article is intended for general informational purposes only and does not address individual circumstances. It is not a substitute for professional advice or help and should not be relied on to make decisions of any kind. A licensed physician should be consulted for diagnosis and treatment of any medical conditions. Any action you take upon the information presented in this article is strictly at your own risk and responsibility!


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