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Blog Fitness Workouts Kettlebell Back Workout That Will Put Your Muscles Through The Wringer

Kettlebell Back Workout That Will Put Your Muscles Through The Wringer

Kettlebell Back Workout

Kettlebell Back Workout

Millions of men and women around the world struggle with building up a lean and muscular back. Backbone problems and excess weight become more and more widespread even among the youth with the proliferation of desk jobs and rise of dependence on smartphones. A lean back and good posture not only upgrade your looks, but also help sustain a well-balanced overall body condition. Kettlebells are often unduly forgotten when people begin patching out their workout routine, yet they are one of the most effective instruments to sculpt the back you wish for. Follow the best Kettlebell Back Workout to get the self-confident, lean and tall posture you’re striving for. 

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Why Do I Need Kettlebell Back Workout?

First of all, you need to work out your back in general, because it yields a bunch of health benefits. Healthy posture comes in package with: 

  1. Less lower back pain, which makes people suffer a lot
  2. Fewer headaches, as increased muscle tension in the back of your neck due to poor posture contributes to tension headaches. 
  3. Increased energy. When your bones and joints are aligned correctly, the muscles work as they should, and you don’t get as worn out.Kettlebell Back Workout
  4. Lessening the risk of abnormal wearing of joint surfaces. When you sit or stand in a crooked way, you get hip strain, which produces more and more pain and problems as you age. 
  5. Improving your breathing, as when you stand or sit taller, your lungs get more space for expansion. 
  6. Better circulation and digestion. Healthy blood flow requires avoidance of cramped positions. 
  7. Burning more calories. A well-designed back workout will burn your calories not only during the process, but afterwards too. 

Why do you need to incorporate particularly kettlebell back workout? The crux is, kettlebells do not rely on specific muscle groups, and are programmed by muscle patterns, which align with the way the body is naturally designed to move. Kettlebell exercises are specifically important for your back development, as they often rely on pulling and deadlift movements. Follow our workouts for beginner and intermediate levels below to enjoy the best training for your lean and muscled back.

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Beginner Workout

Rest for 60 seconds and repeat for 3 circuits

1. Halo

This is a great warm up for your shoulder griddle, as it strengthens the shoulder stabilizers, and the upper trapezius muscles. 

  • Get into a squat position in order to pick up the kettlebell, raise it to chest level. Hold the kettlebell upside-down by the handle.
  • Move the kettlebell around your head in a clockwise motion. Begin by making a large circle and then gradually decrease it until the weight is barely clearing your head. Make 5-6 reps each side.

A woman performing an exercise

2. Single Arm Deadlift

This is one of the most effective exercises to strengthen the back fully. 

  • Stand at shoulder width apart, the toes must be pointing forward or slightly out. The legs are bent to the point where the kettlebell, being held by the extended arm, touches the floor. The back must be straight and bent slightly forward. The buttocks are extended backwards.
  • Bring the kettlebell upwards using the power of the legs and lower back by extending the legs and pushing the hips forward. The whole back stays straight and always maintains tension. The kettlebell is brought close to the body upwards until the whole body is upright.
  • Keep the tension in the body while you bring the hips and buttocks backwards, so that the kettlebell can be lowered into the starting position. Make 7-12 reps each side. 

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Intermediate Workout

Rest for a minute and repeat for 3 circuits

1. Swing

This exercise allows you to get solid glutes, more flexible hips, and a core of steel

  • Stand wider than shoulder-width apart. Set the kettlebell on the floor or a mat about 12 inches in front of your feet. When you bend down to pick up the kettlebell, make sure to position your back parallel to the ground. Hips have to be precisely in line or slightly above your chest depending on your height. 
  • You can be sure your stance is well done if your shinbone is perpendicular to the ground. If you’re on the taller side, there might be a slight angle. Turn the crook of your elbows out past your shoulders. Grip the top handle with both hands, palms have to face you. Hike the kettlebell back as if you’re hiking a football. Swing the kettlebell forward using your glutes, keep it swing low. Make sure you swing to approximately chest height, where your forearm is parallel to the ground. Swing it to the height of your head when you adjust to the move and feel comfortable. Pull the kettlebell back down and try to catch it in your hip and hike it back using your shins. The kettlebell should hit your butt on the arc behind you. That’s one rep, make 10-20 repetitions.


2. Regular Row

This exercise will add size and strength to your upper back while improving the stability of your core. 

  • Grab one kettlebell with each hand and stand on both legs. Your knees must be slightly bent. Bend your upper body down until your chest is parallel to the ground and extend your arms so both kettlebells nearly touch the ground.
  • Now, row the kettlebells up to your navel and keep your elbows close to your body. Hold this position for a second and let the kettlebells sink down to your starting position. Make 6-12 reps overall.

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So here you go! Choose the kettlebell back workout suitable for your training level, and don’t forget to combine your regular exercising with a well-balanced, high in proteins (1, 4), and fiber (3) diet. Proteins repair damaged tissue, fortify your bones, relieve muscle soreness, and curb hunger, while high-fiber foods improve your digestion and help lose weight. You can opt for powders and snacks, yet there are lots of natural good proteins out there, just avoid red meat, as it might lead to diabetes and heart disease (2). Look through the Mediterranean, Vegetarian, or Keto Diet for examples of nutritious dietary plans. Remember to guzzle some water before and after your training, as staying hydrated is essential for your health, even more so when you’re physically active. Water delivers essential nutrients, supplies your lungs with oxygen, helps the immune system, and sustains your nail and skin condition. Make a glass of detoxifying and refreshing lemon water every morning to achieve even better results.


This article is intended for general informational purposes only and does not address individual circumstances. It is not a substitute for professional advice or help and should not be relied on to make decisions of any kind. Any action you take upon the information presented in this article is strictly at your own risk and responsibility!


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A. Porter

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