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How To Lose Weight In Your Face? Simple Ways To Look Better

When was the last time you looked in the mirror and hated those puffy cheeks of yours? Yesterday? This morning? Facial fat is a thing mostly common among overweight people. There are many disputes around losing topical fat, which entails trimming the fat from a specific body part.


You can even watch an extensive number of videos where so-called certified coaches practice exercises on a targeted area, whether it’s the chest, abdomen, or glutes. You can see the same videos focused on facial fat. 

Despite being tempting, there is very little evidence suggesting a person can burn fat in only one spot. That said, does it mean it’s impossible to lose facial fat? 

Actually, staying active, choosing healthier diets, and eliminating sugary drinks/alcohol from your life can elevate your chances of losing whole-body fat. In this case, you would also reduce fat on your face.

This article outlines the answers to one essential question: How can you lose weight on your face? Simple ways to look better. 

How Can You Lose Weight On Your Face?

Losing fat in one area is also called spot reduction. Even though there are many exercises targeting specific body parts, people use them mostly for improving body definition after weight loss.  

For instance, if you want to reduce belly fat and desire to make it more appealing, you turn to a workout primarily for this spot. 

Many experts on the Internet boast about their specialized programs for spot fat reduction. Workouts to lose weight in your face are helpful only as an additional source, but not the foundation. If you want to lose weight in your face, you should focus on slimming down your whole body by leading a healthy lifestyle. 

Facial fat reduction diets or exercise regimes that boast alluring results are a waste of your money. Don’t get bummed. There are effective ways to lose weight on your face. Most importantly, they are healthy promoting your overall being:

  1. Practice cardio exercises
  2. Sleep well
  3. Reduce stress in your life
  4. Perform facial exercises
  5. Drink less alcohol, or eliminate it all (do yourself a big favor)
  6. Consume more water 
  7. Eat healthier food
  8. Reduce salty food intake

This is a short version of the list. Now let’s get to know each other more meticulously so that you could have a clear idea of your next steps.

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how to lose weight in your face

Practice Cardio Exercises

There is a golden rule in facial fat loss – your whole body loss will have a slimming effect on your face. You can get your blood pumping by implementing cardio into your workout routine. 

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A cardiovascular workout is the fastest and most effective way to lose whole-body fat. It’s also called an aerobic workout. 

Regular walking, bicycle cruising, swimming, or dancing are common cardio exercises during which you repeatedly move large muscles in your arms, hips, and legs. You’ll breathe deeply and faster which maximizes oxygen in your blood (1).

A study in 2019 demonstrates that 24 overweight women following a 12-week aerobic exercise program reduced their body fat significantly along with an increase in lean body mass.

You don’t need to do high-intensity training especially when you’re a beginner. Start with a low and gradually upgrade to a higher intensity.

Therefore, you have a good chance of losing full-body fat which affects your face definition.

Sleep Well

How many times have your parents told you to sleep well?  And you listened to them only if they came up with the key reasons. The thing is, if you don’t sleep well it may increase the levels of the hormone ghrelin. This hormone stimulates appetite. This means that if you don’t sleep well you will feel hungry more often. 

Sleep deprivation may lead to a number of health issues, such as: 

  • type 2 diabetes
  • stroke
  • heart attack
  • depression
  • high blood pressure.

Obesity is a major condition provoked by the lack of good sleep (5). 

If you want to prevent weight gain or lose weight, make sure you sleep enough. 

Reduce Stress In Your Life

Stressful situations affect your body, mood, and behavior. Sometimes you wonder how on earth you can’t fall asleep three nights in a row, or why you feel so fatigued and restless all the time. But most importantly, stress often leads to overeating (6).

The more you eat, the more calories you digest, leaving you with extra weight on your body and face. 

In order to manage a healthier weight, you need to alleviate stress by getting regular physical activity, meditating, doing yoga, or enjoying pleasurable hobbies (6).

face exercises for men

Perform Facial Exercises

Yes, this point is vital, but not exactly for facial fat loss but rather for toning your facial muscles. There are other potential benefits of facial exercises: 

  • Appearance improvement
  • Slowing down aging‌
  • Making your muscles stronger (4).

Check out the examples of exercises to lose weight in your face:

  • Hold the air in your mouth and push your cheeks out. Move the air from side to side to stretch your muscles.
  • Pucker your lips in the middle and then alternate your pucker from side to side. 
  • Smile and hold like this while clenching your teeth together.‌
  • Stretch your neck out while pressing your tongue to the roof of your mouth (4).
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Drink Less Alcohol, Or Eliminate It All (Do Yourself A Big Favor)

There are many reasons why you should reduce alcohol intake or eliminate it from your life completely. 

Firstly, excessive alcohol intake leads to water retention in the face, making it puffy and bloated. 

Secondly, alcohol is a source of empty calories, which offer no nutritional value whatsoever. The more empty calories you consume the more additional pounds you get. That’s why alcohol consumption is linked to weight gain (2). 

Thirdly, alcohol may suppress the hormones that help you feel full. Remember the last time you threw back a glass of wine and then yearned to have another bite of a delectable dish even though you felt satiated. 

The problem here is in the misconception that people have lived in for years: “Alcohol is a beverage, not food, therefore, giving me no calories” but in reality, it works another way around. 

So, consider drinking less alcohol if you want to have a slimmer face. 

Consume More Water

Water is the only beneficial beverage you should ever think of. Drinking water makes you feel full and prevents potential cravings. Drinking water before a meal is a good idea as you will get a tad satiated and consume less food. 

Drinking more water also boosts your metabolism allowing you to burn more calories during the day (4).

how to lose weight in your face  

Eat Healthier Food

It sounds typical, or even annoying but hearty dieting choices play a crucial role in weight loss. You could work out every day: mix cardio with HIIT, join a swimming club, start running, etc. But it’s a bummer that all these active actions are almost useless when you are ingesting only processed food, refined carbs, and alcohol. 

As such, you would need to reduce the intake of processed foods, such as bacon, pastry, sausage, cakes, biscuits, canned veggies,and ready meals. 

It’s vital to decrease the intake of refined carbs:

  • pasta
  • white bread
  • sucrose
  • white rice
  • french fries
  • syrups and frostings
  • most breakfast cereals
  • fizzy drinks
  • reduced-fat products

Instead, switch to whole grains (barley, quinoa, whole oats, buckwheat, millet, or brown rice), legumes, vegetables, and fruits. 

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Combining workouts and a healthy balanced diet can decrease the total body fat and make your face slimmer. 

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Reduce Salty Food Intake

Salty food is delicious, there is no doubt about it. But abusing servings of salty dishes also provokes fluid retention. In simple words, water retention presupposes body swelling due to the build-up of trapped fluid. 

This causes puffiness not only in your whole body but your face as well. If you’re sensitive to fluid retention, you should limit foods high in salt content, for example, snacks and processed meals. 

Try to cook meals on your own. This will give you a sense of control. Plus, once your body stops holding onto fluid, your face should start to appear slimmer (9).

Can I Slim Down My Face?

There is a simple answer to this question – yes, you can slim down your face. If you aspire to lose weight in your face first you be aware that spot fat reduction has no scientific evidence. 

Therefore, doing only facial exercises is less likely to bring you the desirable results. 

Face slimming is a gradual process that requires your time and patience. You should understand that you can’t reduce fat from only one specific body part. If any expert declares the opposite you’d better look somewhere else.

The key to losing fat in your face is the same as losing fat in your entire body. Only with a balanced diet, active lifestyle, and enough sleep can you cut those calories and end up with a toned physique. 

Besides, it might take a while. Don’t rush for speedy results. Your discipline is vital here. Following the aforementioned steps will give you the results you want. 

how lose face fat

How Long Does It Take To Lose Face Fat?

The results of facial fat loss may differ in time from person to person. It’s all very personal and relies on a few factors: 

  • your motivation and discipline
  • your ability to make the right dietary choices

Usually, a person may lose 2-5 kilograms in just a few weeks. Therefore, you end up with even better results within the first months. Of course, it depends on the intensity of your workouts, and your avoidance of alcohol, refined carbs, processed food, and sugary beverages. 

Remember, the fastest way to lose weight in your face does not exist. The process of calorie reduction takes time and patience. In total, an average person needs 1 to 3 months of regular training and eating healthy for whole-body weight loss. As we know already, if you decrease fat in your body, you gradually get a slimmer face. 

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Even if you attain the desirable results in a few months, you should maintain this lifestyle so as not to regain that excess weight. 

What Is The Cause Of Face Fat?

This question is purely connected to the reasons for the total fat weight. You’re already aware that you gain fat in your body affecting the looks of your face as well. 

Let’s highlight the main causes of weight gain.

  • You don’t exercise enough and eat more calories than you burn (8). The key to losing weight is to maintain a calorie deficiency, meaning you burn more fat than you consume during the day. If you’re that kind of person leading a sedentary lifestyle and consuming more calories than you need, this can contribute to weight gain. A good rule for healthy weight loss is a deficit of 500 calories per day (3). Additionally, you should stay active for at least 20 minutes per day. 

Don’t excruciate yourself with an intensive workout at first. Simple walking or riding a bicycle daily for 20 minutes will be a nice starting point. 

  • Environment affects your poor choices (8). You might not have enough money for the affordable healthy food, some food portions may be oversized, packing you with extra calories, and food ads make you purchase unhealthy snacks and fizzy beverages. 
  • Genetics (8). Genetics can also affect your susceptibility to weight gain. However, you can combat the effects of genetics by switching to a hearty diet and active lifestyle. 
  • Medications and health conditions (8). If you have hormone problems, such as underactive thyroid, Cushing syndrome, or polycystic ovary syndrome, you can end up gaining weight. Additionally, one of the side effects of certain medications, such as antidepressants or seizure medicines is weight gain. 
  • You don’t sleep well and often face stressful situations. People tend to overeat under stress and a lack of good sleep. Thus, less stress and good sleep are vital to weight loss in your body, including your face.

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Can I Slim My Face In A Week?

You can lose your face fat slightly in a week but it’s still not enough to end up with impressive results. Usually, it takes from 1 to several months to lose body fat, including your face. Of course, it depends on the weight of the person, their health conditions, and their ability to lead an active lifestyle. 

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But slimming down your face with the aforementioned tips is safe and effective. With enough discipline, you can attain the best results.  

how to lose weight in your face

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Lose Weight On Your Face Fast?

Losing weight on your face fast involves essential steps: leading an active lifestyle, opting for a healthy diet, getting enough sleep, reducing or eliminating alcohol intake, and eating food with moderate salt content. If you lose the total body fat, you automatically end up with a slimmer face. 

How Can I Lose Face Fat In A Week?

You won’t notice any serious results in one week but still slight changes may be visible. In order to lose face fat, you need to start with regular exercising, eliminating processed food, and reducing refined carbs. Make sure you do moderate physical exercises daily and pack your body with veggies, fruits, whole grains, legumes, and enough water. 

How Can I Slim My Face At Home?

It doesn’t matter where you lose weight, only your actions matter. You can slim your facial fat at home by doing cardio and facial exercises. Plus, you need to make sure you sleep well, drink enough water and eat healthy food. If you lack one of these points, you reduce your chances of losing facial fat.

How Do You Lose Weight On Your Face With Exercises?

You can check out the key simple exercises to lose facial fat in this article and implement them into your daily workouts. Please note, that you won’t lose face fat only by doing the facial workout as it’s not as effective as cardio training combined with a good diet.


In this article you’ve disclosed the top answers to your question – How can you lose weight on your face? Simple ways to look better. 

The main causes of face fat are poor sleep, a sedentary lifestyle, an unhealthy diet, high intake of alcohol, genetics, stress, certain health conditions, and medications. 

You’ve learned that spot fat reduction or in simple words losing fat only in one area isn’t possible. You can make your face slimmer by trimming the fat in your whole body. 

The key ways to lose facial fat include sleeping well, staying hydrated, eating healthily, doing physical and facial exercises, and reducing salty food and alcohol. 

If you want to obtain more specific guidelines you can talk to your healthcare provider.



This article is intended for general informational purposes only and does not address individual circumstances. It is not a substitute for professional advice or help and should not be relied on to make decisions of any kind. Any action you take upon the information presented in this article is strictly at your own risk and responsibility!


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