Blog Weight Loss Fat-Burning Exercises For Men: Blast Away Your Belly Flab With These High-Powered Moves

Fat-Burning Exercises For Men: Blast Away Your Belly Flab With These High-Powered Moves

fat burning exercises for men

What exercise burns the most belly fat? Most people go to the gym with one goal, to lose belly fat so that they can enhance their appearance. If you are looking for the best fat burning exercises for men, look no more because we have you covered. We have featured simple but effective workouts that will have you burning calories for hours after completing them.


Belly fat may be stubborn and difficult to lose, especially if you are older (8). The body is designed to store fat because it is an easy energy source that can be tapped to keep the body going in tough times. For this reason, the body will not willingly burn its fat energy reserves, so you have to work smart and engage in intense exercises to keep the fat stores in check. Therefore, the key is to engage in fat burning exercises that will pull muscle mass while limiting excess fat storage.

Understanding How Body Fat Is Lost

Besides improving aesthetics, burning belly fat, also known as visceral fat, may minimize the risk of many dangerous health conditions because this fat is metabolically active, making it harmful to the body (6). To lose fat successfully, you need to maintain as much muscle mass as possible while shedding extra body fat storage. You should follow a low-calorie diet, but not too few calories, or else the body will restrict the quantity of fat burnt to ensure you. 

Some sources give tips on how to lose weight fast with exercise or fad diets, but this may not be a great path to follow because even if it results in fat-loss, you may not enjoy the benefits for a long time. Generally, you require a faster metabolic rate for fat burning; that is why it is essential to follow a healthy lifestyle, including dieting and doing targeted fat burning exercises for men.

exercises for men

 Exercises To Help Men Lose Belly Fat

What exercise is best for fat burning? According to WebMD, the body does not burn fats in specific parts even if you work on that area only; therefore, it is better to engage in full-body workouts, which will burn fat everywhere, and with time, you will attain your belly fat-burning goal (3). Instead of randomly exercising, it is vital to concentrate on smart, efficient workouts that can burn heavy calories, speed up metabolism, and help build muscle mass for effective loss of belly fat.  

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Appropriate Fat Burning Exercises For Men

After understanding how fat is burnt, the next step is to know the appropriate type of workouts to attain your goal. 

Here are the three main categories of training that should be done:

exercise for men

  • Metabolic Resistance Training

This type of workout combines cardio-vascular aspects and resistance training, making it a very intense training type that yields results quickly (5). It helps men burn fat by keeping your calorie engine moving and the heart rate high when you move through the involved high-intensity exercises with little rest. Fat will be burnt throughout the sessions, and even after, as you do resistance workouts, which work large muscles across the body, keeping your metabolic rate raised for up to 48 hours later (5). In the process, the body will also build more muscle tissue that is metabolically active than fat; therefore, more calories will be burnt even at rest.

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Metabolic resistance training exercises include presses, rows, squats, thruster, or a combination. Other routines under this category may require equipment such as battle ropes for shoulder and arm exercises, sandbags for presses or sandbag walks, and tractor tires for sledgehammer blows or tire flips. Usually, metabolic resistance training workouts are done in mini-circuits of 3-4 exercises with 20-30 seconds rest in-between the workouts and 1-minute rest after each circuit. They are among the belly fat burning exercises for men over 50, but you have to safely push your limits while engaging in this workout to get the most out of it.

  • High-Intensity Interval Training

These exercises raise and lower the heart rate using intervals of higher and lower intensities and may be done with resistance training or cardiovascular training. While cardio increases the heart’s pace, resistance workouts level, or gradient, make the interval difficult. HIIT helps burn fat through intensity because the increase every after 30 or 60 seconds, or after each set of resistance, causes the heart rate to rise, and more calories are burnt. Your metabolic rate will also increase for a longer time, even after the exercise is over. Examples of specific exercises under this include cardio and resistance training, such as walking on a treadmill, squats, and slow jumping jacks.


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  • Full-Body Resistance Training

This type of resistance training involves working the entire body’s muscles on the same day, for 3 days, every week. The different weight training workouts at varying reps and weights will help work your muscles for size, strength, and endurance. Increasing muscle mass enhances the metabolic rate, and there is a large caloric expenditure in the process that results in the reduction of fat stores. Exercises under this category work multiple/large muscle groups or such as presses, squats, deadlifts, rows, and pulls.

So, what are the best fat burning exercises for men? Here are some simple stomach fat burning exercises for men that can be done at home in the absence of equipment, and some that require specific equipment. We have also explained how you should do them.

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exercise for men

Specific Simple Fat Burning Exercises For Men At Home

These do not require any equipment or everyday things found at home. 

Here are simple fat burning exercises for men at home:

  • Mountain Climbers

They are a solid way to fasten your heart rate while sharpening your athleticism and abs.

How to do: At the right plank position, drive the knee up so that you are squeezing the glutes and abs even as you pump away the legs. Alternatively, mimicking mountain climbing, consider the ground your mountain. Begin in a push-up position with your feet’ balls on the ground, and then alternately drive the knees forward to their corresponding arms. Your hips should be kept down throughout. You may repeat 30 times on each leg (7).

  • Burpees

Burpee is a killer calorie torcher, but do not go overboard and overdo them. Control your movements so that you do not harm your arms and wrists when hitting the deck.

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How to do: One rep involves dropping to the floor, pushing your back up, then jumping. Repeat until you complete the required sets, which is usually about 10 at a time. Another alternative is to be in a standing position, squat, then place your hands on the ground and jump your feet out into a push-up position. Do the push-up, then jump your feet to your hands, followed by a high jump while throwing hands over the head (7).

exercise for men

This is a leg staple that works your whole body, burning fats and fattening metabolism, hammering leg strength, and constructing a solid midsection. Heavy loaded back squats are a more reliable method of building lower body strength. Since you are engaging several major muscle groups and expending plenty of energy to move your body weight, you burn fat in the process. 

How to do: Apply the appropriate form by involving your core, hitting a reasonable depth for your own mobility, i.e., parallel or just below, and slowly work through each rep. You may also do jump squats by standing with the feet just outside the shoulders and hang behind your head, then squat, keeping your toes in front of your knees. Hold this position for 2 seconds, then jump vertically, pulling the toes to the shins in midair to prepare for landing. Land softly with hips back and down (7).

  • Skipping The Rope

Jumping the rope is necessary as it gives you a complete body exercise with a significant fat burning possibility. You don’t have to go to the gym for this; you can purchase a strong skipping rope at the stores then jump in a spacious room, outside your house if there is space, or at the nearest field. 

How to do: Begin by skipping for short periods, 2 minutes at most, to perfect your speed, then after mastering the basics, you can upgrade to high-intensity interval routines of skipping the rope for more fat-burning benefits.

exercises for men

Lunges challenge you unilaterally because you will be working almost every leg muscle, and when you begin walking, the heart rate is ramped up. You can add a load to this leg workout to increase core engagement.

How to do: Prioritize your posture as you lunge, particularly when you load up the exercise with weight. Engage the core, keep your chest up, focus your eyes right at the front, and then drive up into the next step. You can try alternating reverse lunges if you are low on space.

  • Sprints 

This is one of the best bodyweight moves that we can all do but progressively lose that ability as we age. Core stability is vital in this workout.

How to do: Try ten 100-meter or 100-yard dashes across a football field, taking plenty of time between each.

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  • Carries

Although obvious, merely carrying a heavyweight from one place to another may effectively burn fats. Doing so may build critical strength and muscle.

How to do: Be in the right posture. Grip the handles of the loaded carry tightly, engage your core and glutes, draw the rib cage in, keep your eyes ahead, and ensure your shoulders are not slumping forward as you walk. 

  • Bear Crawling

The whole body is involved; therefore, this fat-burning exercise enhances your strength, athleticism, and mobility while burning fat. It tightens the entire core and tones the thigh muscles and obliques.  

How to do: Go on all fours, but the knees should not touch the ground. The palms and toes should firmly hold the ground, and the spine should be in a safe, neutral position. The focus should be on moving forward in the same position, with a purpose; bracing your core. As the palms move forward, your legs should correspondingly move ahead too, the hips should not be lifted, and be as close to the floor as possible. Begin with 3 sets, 30 seconds each, then progress to 60 seconds.

  • V-Sit Crunch

This exercise challenges the abs while giving you a minor breather, helping in core strength.

How to do: Hands extended over the head, start on your back, then lift your legs and crunch up at the same time so that the body forms a V shape (7). Exhale as you lift your legs and crunch, then inhale as you go back to the starting position.

exercises for men

Belly Fat Burning Exercises for Men that Require Equipment

What are the top 10 fat burning exercises for men with equipment? Most weight-based exercises for burning fat men require the help of equipment. Here are more than 10 fat burning exercises for men with access to the appropriate equipment.

  • Medicine Ball Slams

This is a full-body power workout driven by the upper body and requires the lower body’s input. Other than burning fats, smashing the ball into the ground as hard as you can, burn away anger, stress, boredom, etc.

How to do: Utilize your whole body to raise the ball above your head as you rise on your toes. Next, use your hips, core, and arms to slam the ball back down and catch it as it bounces back to your chest. Repeat. Your body should be under control to avoid accidents.

  • Pull-Ups

Back exercises require plenty of input from your upper limbs. It pushes your lower body and core to quicken your metabolism, build muscle, and attain a great physique by crafting your shoulders and lats, therefore helping you achieve your dream body. 

How to do: For beginners, hands facing away from you, grab a bar with a grip that is slightly wider than the shoulder width. Hang all the way down, then pull yourself up until your chin is above the bar. Slightly pause, then lower yourself down (4).

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exercises for men

  • Dumbbell Thrusters

These are great to kick-start your fat burning journey. It involves combining a front squat with a push press.

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How to do: Emphasize the depth of the squat, then explode up to drive through the top of the press. 

  • Deadlifts 

Besides being a leg favorite, deadlifts will push your entire body, meaning that you will be building muscle mass while revving your metabolism to help you burn stubborn fat. It is a multi-joint exercise that gets the whole body involved, especially the posterior chain and the lower body. It is the effort taken to move the weight from the ground that triggers your metabolism. 

How to do: Perform the exercise with big loads to get the most benefits because when you are engaging your core to stabilize the spine, you will be using your hamstrings and glutes to power the weight off the ground. Move slowly and deliberately through each rep.

  • Sled Pushes

Moving heavy weights is one great way of getting rid of the belly fat, and sled pushes, which are joint-friendly, utilize your whole body, making them a perfect option. 

How to do: Lean forward at a 45-degree angle, then grip the sled with your hands near your chest, the same position you do push-ups. Drive through the balls of your feet, all toes touching the ground, from a staggered stance. Maximize your stride length, pulling the leg forward as far as possible to get the most of every step.

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exercises for men

  • The Assault Bike

This is a bike with arm-pumping handles and wheels that will help you train power, intensity, and several energy systems, making it effective in weight loss. Be careful when using this equipment driven by variable resistance; therefore, effort plays a significant role here. 

How to do: Begin with only five rounds of going hard in intervals, attacking for 30 seconds, then resting for 90 seconds.

  • Power Cleans

It is a triple extension combined with weight and speed, therefore, pushes your body to its maximum capacity. Since it requires plenty of energy and ballistic intensity, power cleans will rev your metabolic rate. 

How to do: Begin by learning to form because it is a challenging, nuanced workout.

These are power in motion, recommended in professional strength rooms, CrossFit exercises, and group fitness classes. It builds the size of your lower body and strength as you burn fat. 

How to do: Use your hips to drive movements since the arms’ work is to hold and handle the weight. You should be in the right position when swinging, i.e., knees slightly bent (not squatting) with the hinge at hips and head neutrally placed for the spine to align properly. You require your entire body to handle the kettlebell’s momentum and stay tense for swing after swing.

exercises for men

  • Dumbbell Snatch

This is a multi-joint dumbbell movement that challenges you to bail triple extension in one fluid motion, i.e., hip, knee, ankle extension, and straightening. They help in building strength, burn fat, hone explosion, and athleticism in a way that is safe to the shoulders. 

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How to do: It focuses on pulling the weight off the ground, exploring through the hops to raise the weight, punching the dumbbell overhead, and landing underneath. With the focus being to keep your core engaged, begin with lightweight first to become an expert in the workout’s three steps.

  • Walking On A Treadmill

This is a cardio workout whereby you walk on the treadmill.

How to do: Walk at a set speed such as 7 km per hour, then for intervals, increase the gradient setting to a higher level every time, for example, 1% for a minute, 3% for 2 minutes, then 5% for 3 minutes, etc. (5)

This is an amazing full-body workout that utilizes power, endurance, and pace that tests your cardiovascular’s potential. It uses the rowing machine.

How to do: Put your feet in the stirrups; the strap height should hit roughly at the ball of your foot. Hinge at hips, bend the knees so that they are directly over the ankles, then take a light grip around the handle, keeping the wrists straight. Without hunching, extend your arms in front, with shoulders down and back, then hinge forward from the hips and bend the knees until they are over your ankles. Push through the feet, aiming for the entire bottom of the foot, then extend the legs long without locking out your knees. Lean back slightly while engaging the core, with shoulders relaxed, then draw elbows back without lifting the handle so that it comes at the top of the ribcage or just below your chest. Straighten your arms before beginning the next stroke (2). 

Others include battle ropes and Turkish get-ups.

Final Thought

The above fat burning exercises for men will significantly contribute to your desired objective of having an appealing, flat belly. However, note that you can’t outwork a bad diet, therefore, combine these workouts with a healthy low-calorie diet, healthy lifestyle, and avoid stress because it may cause the body to release cortisol, among other hormones that inhibit the burning of stubborn fat. Remember to consult a qualified personal trainer who will customize your effective workouts, intensity, and frequency.



This article is intended for general informational purposes only and does not address individual circumstances. It is not a substitute for professional advice or help and should not be relied on to make decisions of any kind. Any action you take upon the information presented in this article is strictly at your own risk and responsibility!


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