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13 Exercises To Tighten Neck Skin And Reduce Sagging

Neck skin tightening exercises are sure to become your savior if you tire of that sagging skin under your chin. No one wants to look like a turkey, and you certainly don’t deserve to resemble one. Fortunately, there are various exercises that will help you tighten up sagging skin. So, you don’t need to feel conscious of loose skin, double chins, or turkey neck. Instead, you can find practical ways to tighten up what lost elasticity. Let’s see how. 


Ways To Tighten Neck Skin

You can tighten your neck skin in various ways, including:

  • Almond oil (21)
  • Aloe vera or collagen neck masks (2)
  • Dietary changes (10 and 18)
  • Moisturizing lotions (1)
  • Neck massages (9)
  • Reducing environmental exposure to smoking and other toxins (1)
  • Surgical and non-surgical procedures (16 and 17)
  • Weight loss (1)

That’s the short explanation, but let’s look at why neck skin sags and how these methods work. Some ways are natural and safe, while others are effective but costly. Ultimately, you’ll find the exercises that cost nothing soon enough. 

Why Does Neck Skin Sag?

Neck skin sags to create a turkey neck or double chin for various reasons. 


A researcher at the University of Medicine and Dentistry in New Jersey has explained how the natural aging process commonly shows in the neck (20):

  • A reduction in subcutaneous fat, the deepest layer of skin, complicates the skin holding onto muscle,
  • More prominent platysmal banding forms, which are the two long muscles vertical alongside your neck,
  • The loss of collagen and elasticity causes jowling, a fancy term for sagging neck skin,
  • The loss of elastin and collagen also reduces skin tightness and thickness.

Environment And Lifestyle

The Cleveland Clinic explains that the environment may cause sagging necks (1). Sun damage and smoking may cause sagging skin when you lose elasticity. Poor dietary choices also cause it because your neck may collect excess fat.

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Extreme Weight Changes

Massive changes in your weight can cause sagging skin. Dr. Boswell at the St. Louis Body Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and Skincare Center reviewed how weight loss affects the skin (5). Losing a lot of weight causes loose skin around the neck, face, and abdomen.

Medical News Today explains how gaining too much weight may contribute to a double chin (8). Too much weight loss or gain affects neck skin and shape. Knowing this, you’ll need complementary methods to tighten neck skin if you plan to lose loads of weight. 


The Cleveland Clinic says genetics also causes a Turkey neck (1). You may inherit your parent’s jawline, bone structure, and tissue under the skin. Also, you may be more prone to carry excess fat under the neck’s skin.

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How Do You Tighten Your Neck Naturally?

Fortunately, there are various ways to tighten loose neck skin naturally. Natural methods are always the safest option. 

Dietary Changes May Improve The Neck

Did you know some dietary changes may cause sagging skin and turkey necks? Consider these nutritional changes you need to tighten your neck or prevent further sagging:

  • Italian researchers suggest eating more antioxidants to prevent oxidative stress from speeding up the aging process in your neck (18). Eat more asparagus, cabbage, beetroot, avocado, lettuce, squash, kale, and collard greens. 
  • The India Times recommends cutting junk food, carbonated drinks, processed food, and gluten to reduce neck fat (22). Instead, eat loads of fresh fruit and vegetables to get more fiber and vitamins to keep your metabolism strong. 
  • Medical News Today suggests you remove refined carbs (10). White bread, sucrose, cereal, pasta, and white rice cause sugar spikes and weight gain. Instead, eat more whole grains and complex carbs. 
  • Medical News Today also recommends reducing salt because it causes water retention (10). Water retention causes puffiness in your face and other body parts. 
  • French researchers found good hydration may help gradual weight loss (12). Drinking a glass of water before eating helps to start lipolysis, turning fat into fatty acids. Your body uses fatty acids as an energy source. 
  • Medical News Today recommends adding lean protein to your diet to lose overall body weight (10). The thinner you become through healthy choices, the slimmer your neck looks. Eggs, chicken, fish, and tofu are lean proteins. 

Moisturizing Lotions May Help

The Cleveland Clinic suggests using moisturizing lotion to prevent collagen loss (1). Massage lotions into your neck’s skin daily to keep them moisturized. Also, it helps your neck muscles warm up before doing any facial exercises. 

Neck Massages May Work

French researchers studied whether massages could reduce wrinkles and sagging skin (9). The combination of lotion and a massaging device on the skin successfully stimulated collagen production. So, combine your cream with some touchy neck massages. 

Almond Oil May Help

Almond oil massages may tighten neck skin. Salisbury General Hospital studied the compounds of almond oil and its benefits on the skin (21). Almond oil has vitamin E, which helps to stimulate collagen production. 

Neck Masks May Tighten The Skin

You’ll find collagen or aloe vera neck masks that may help to tighten the skin. An Indian researcher reviewed the many uses of aloe vera (2). Aloe vera has anti-aging properties. It also acts as an astringent to tighten pores and stimulates elastin fibers for tighter skin.

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exercises to tighten neck

Healthy Weight Loss Works For Some

The Cleveland Clinic says in some cases you can tighten neck skin by losing weight (1). 

You must be younger with less elastic skin to tighten neck skin with weight loss. Also, you should have minimal signs of aging on your neck skin and not smoke.

Young, healthy neck skin can rebound with slow weight loss. The Mayo Clinic recommends losing 1-2 pounds weekly (23). Extreme weight changes can cause a turkey neck (5). Only some people can tighten their neck skin by losing weight. 

Can You Tighten Neck Skin With Exercise?

Exercises to tighten neck skin are your best bet. Chicago’s Northwestern University researchers found that face exercises improved aging signs and neck sagging (3). The participants did 30 minutes of facial exercises daily for eight weeks. 

They continued doing 30-minute facial exercises 3-4 times weekly for another 12 weeks. Facial aging improved among the participants, including neck and jawline skin. Suitable types of exercises will target the face muscles to help tighten and tone the area. 

Non-Invasive Ways To Tighten Neck Skin

Medical treatments offer a faster solution with less effort. However, they can cost a lot and may require multiple treatments. Let’s see which treatments to consider. 


Researchers published the myths and realities of Botox in the National Library of Medicine (7). Botox reduces the platysma bands and horizontal lines around your neck. So, it tightens the neck. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons says Botox, on average, costs $466 (6). 

Laser Treatment

Turkish doctors studied the efficacy of laser treatment for neck sagging (16). The result showed improved skin tautness after treatment at one month and then one year. However, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons says laser skin renewal costs $1445 or more (13).


Micro-needling is another potential method to use. Polish researchers reviewed whether micro-needling effectively reduced wrinkles and aging on the neck’s skin (19). The results were considered successful as it kept the skin younger for a longer time by producing more collagen. 

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exercises to tighten neck

What Is The Fastest Way To Tighten Your Neck?

Exercises to tighten the neck’s skin are effective but require patience and commitment. Instead, you’ll need to look at two invasive treatments to get instant results. Instant results sound excellent, but you’ll also need recovery time for these procedures. 

In addition, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons says an invasive neck lift costs around $5700 (15). The fastest way isn’t always affordable and won’t suit everyone. 

Old-School Plastic Surgery

Doctor José Guerrerosantos at Oxford Academic improved vertical platysmal banding with a surgical procedure (14). The doctor found that cutting horizontal lines across the vertical bands reduces their prominence. This may help to keep your neck tighter for longer. 

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Hyo Neck Lift

A French researcher studied how effective a neck lift would be by fixing the platysma muscles to the neck’s cervical fascia (17). The more modern invasive procedure cuts through the muscles to attach them to the deeper neck, reducing the prominence. 

Neck Exercises To Tighten Skin And Reduce Turkey Neck

Neck exercises to tighten skin and muscle may help reverse sagging skin in one of the most intimate body areas. They are also helpful when you can’t afford invasive surgery or have the time to tighten the skin at home at no cost. Let’s see how you can do it. 

5 Face Yoga Exercises To Tighten A Saggy Neck

Face yoga is a simple exercise that stretches targeted muscles. Chicago’s Northwestern University researchers found that facial exercises helped reduce aging signs in the neck area (3).

Extended Neck Face Yoga

  1. Sit tall on a chair with good posture,
  2. Slowly move your head backward until you see the ceiling,
  3. Start opening and closing your mouth,
  4. Bring your head back to the center with control,
  5. Complete the pose 15 times twice daily. 

Forehead Lifter Face Yoga

  1. Interlace your fingers, and rest them over your forehead,
  2. Apply gentle pressure while trying to lift your forehead,
  3. Hold the position for 60 seconds or repeat it 50 times.

Gargling Face Yoga

  1. Sit tall on your legs, like you’re about to pray,
  2. Imagine you have water in your mouth or add some,
  3. Swish the water from one side of your mouth to the other,
  4. Alternatively, blow air from one inner cheek to the other,
  5. Complete this face yoga 20 times twice daily. 

Jaw And Neck Firmer Face Yoga

  1. Make an “aah” sound as your mouth opens,
  2. Fold the corners and center of the lower lip into your mouth,
  3. Scoop your mouth closed as you move your lower jaw forward and upward,
  4. Release your mouth before moving your chin another inch upward and forward while scooping the mouth closed again,
  5. You should scoop your mouth ten times before your chin points toward the ceiling,
  6. Hold this position for 20 seconds before slowly moving your forehead down. 

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exercises to tighten neck

Swan Neck Face Yoga

  1. Put your hands on the opposite collarbones,
  2. Look to the right at a 45° angle, only using your eyes,
  3. Put your lips into a soft, subtle pucker position without pressing too hard,
  4. Hold the duck face for ten seconds while breathing easily,
  5. Return to your center and rest your face,
  6. Do the same exercise in the opposite direction with your eyes,
  7. Repeat both sides two times for a set. 
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4 Exercises To Tighten Neck And Jawline

Use “tighten under the chin” exercises to help target more than your neck muscles and skin. WebMD recommends chin-up style exercises to define your jawline (4). 

Kisses Face Exercise

  1. Sit firm before placing your palm over your opposite collarbone,
  2. Look up to the ceiling while opening your mouth to an “o” position,
  3. Close your mouth into a puckering position and hold for two seconds,
  4. Repeat the “o” mouth turning into a pucker five times before lowering your head,
  5. Extend your head to the left before repeating the “o” to pucker movement five times,
  6. Bring your head back and repeat the same on your left side. 

Neck And Jaw Stretch

  1. Tilt your face slightly upward, 
  2. Slowly lift your chin forward and up at a 45° angle over one of your shoulders,
  3. Hold your chin over your shoulder for three seconds,
  4. Return your head the same way it came, and repeat it on the other side,
  5. Do 20 shoulder-overs on each side.

Pursed Lips Neck Stretch

  1. Sit or stand with a solid posture,
  2. Slowly move your head back and look at the ceiling,
  3. Purse your lips gently and without too much force,
  4. Hold your kissing position for ten seconds,
  5. Slowly control the head coming back,
  6. Repeat this exercise ten times twice daily.

Tongue Push

  1. Sit tall on a chair before making a fist to rest your jaw on,
  2. Touch your tongue to the roof of your mouth,
  3. Push your fist upward while moving your bottom jaw down,
  4. Your tongue remains toward the mouth’s roof,
  5. Hold the tongue position for five seconds,
  6. Relax and repeat the exercise 15 times in different head positions to the right and left. 

4 Turkey Neck Exercises That Work

Ridding yourself of a turkey-style wattle under your chin isn’t easy. The Seattle Times says lost elasticity and weakened muscles cause a turkey neck (11). Strengthening neck muscles, using lotions, and other natural treatments may show good results. 

Acupressure Push With Slide

  1. Gently massage lotion into your neck, moving your hands upward,
  2. Rest your knuckles under the front of your chin with your thumbs under the chin,
  3. Glide your knuckles under your chin until under the ear while you breathe out slowly,
  4. Glide your knuckles smoothly down the sides of your neck from the under-ear position,
  5. Reset before repeating the glide five times. 

Chew Lift

  1. Sit firm in a chair while gently moving your head backward to see the ceiling,
  2. Move your mouth in a chewing position, as though you’re chewing gum,
  3. Keep your mouth closed as you hold the position for ten seconds,
  4. Repeat the chew lift 20 times. 
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Head Tilt

  1. Stand with your eyes straight ahead and hands beside you,
  2. Slowly bend your neck forward to bring your chin as close to your chest as possible,
  3. Stop if you feel pain in your neck or back,
  4. Hold your chin as low as possible for ten seconds,
  5. Repeat the head tilt up to five times.


Neck Lift

  1. Hang your head over the bed’s edge while lying flat on your back,
  2. Slowly and carefully raise your forehead to be parallel to the bed,
  3. Use those neck muscles to raise the head, and repeat it five times before resting,
  4. Immediately stop if you experience neck or back pain. 


How To Tighten Neck Skin With Exercises?

Using targeted neck exercises will tighten the skin. Chicago’s Northwestern University researchers found that face exercises improved aging signs and neck sagging (3). The participants saw improved aging signs on the neck skin after eight and 20 weeks. 

What Exercises Tighten Neck Skin?

You must tighten your neck skin by using facial exercises or face yoga. Chicago’s Northwestern University researchers found that face exercises improved aging signs and neck sagging (3). However, the exercises targeted the face and neck muscles. 

How Can I Tighten My Saggy Neck Naturally?

Losing overall body weight gradually may tighten a sagging neck naturally. Medical News Today recommends removing refined carbs, processed foods, and sugary drinks (10). Instead, eat lean protein, reduce salt intake, and stay hydrated before meals. 

Why Is My Neck Aging So Fast?

The neck shows aging earlier than most areas of your body. Italian researchers found that aging speeds up when you experience oxidative stress (18). You need more antioxidants in your diet to reduce oxidative stress. 

Will My Turkey Neck Go If I Lose Weight?

The Cleveland Clinic says it’s possible to tighten neck skin with weight loss if you’re young and have healthy skin (1). However, you must lose weight slowly. The Mayo Clinic recommends 1-2 pounds weekly (23). Drastic weight changes won’t help but rather worsen it.

Dr. Boswell at the St. Louis Body Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and Skincare Center reviewed how weight loss affects the skin (5). Losing a lot of weight causes the skin to sag as you lose subcutaneous fat. Remember, you’ll need to tighten the skin after losing weight. 


A sagging chin, turkey-style wattle, and excess fat around the jawline can be troublesome. Fortunately, you can learn how to tighten the skin naturally at home. Otherwise, you may need to spend money to have it done surgically or professionally. However, if you’re patient and determined, it costs nothing to do at home.



This article is intended for general informational purposes only and does not address individual circumstances. It is not a substitute for professional advice or help and should not be relied on to make decisions of any kind. Any action you take upon the information presented in this article is strictly at your own risk and responsibility!


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