Blog Mental Health Therapy 20 Benefits of Sleeping Naked for the Nudist Enthusiast to Enjoy Better Health, Sex, and More

20 Benefits of Sleeping Naked for the Nudist Enthusiast to Enjoy Better Health, Sex, and More

The benefits of sleeping naked can make it much simpler to become a nudist enthusiast, especially when you’ve already felt comfortable lying under the covers in your birthday suit. Some people have reservations, while others never consider the health benefits. 

However, everything starts with curiosity. So, let’s fuel your interest, whether you sleep alone, with a partner, or wonder if sleeping in the buff can refresh you for work tomorrow. 

What Are the Benefits of Sleeping Naked?

The scientific benefits of sleeping naked include the following:

  • Having a better chance to regulate body temperature to sleep by avoiding fabrics that potentially deregulate sleep patterns (25, 23).
  • Improving sleep hygiene to enhance the circadian rhythm for better sleep (4),
  • Encouraging your body’s natural processes to help you sleep longer (19).

As a result, you may also enjoy these benefits of sleeping naked:

  • Improved self-esteem (17)
  • Faster wound-healing (14)
  • Younger-looking skin (5)
  • Fewer yeast infections (2)
  • Faster metabolism (22)
  • Increased fat burning (3)
  • Reduced weight gain (1)
  • Less stress (22)
  • Improved mood (22)
  • Lower risk of chronic disease (22)
  • Complete wellness (28)
  • Sexual health (30)
  • Better self-care (20)
  • Bonding with your partner (21)
  • Higher testosterone in men (7)
  • More sex (27)
  • Improved fertility in men (15)

Let’s show you why you may enjoy these benefits by stripping down before bed. 

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Why Is it Healthy to Sleep Naked? The Start of Self-Care

The benefits of sleeping naked start with relevant facts leading to the remaining advantages. When stripping clothes off before bed, three key factors improve your sleep and wellness. 

Is it Unhealthy to Sleep With Clothes On?

It isn’t unhealthy to sleep with clothes on, especially once you discover the following tips. However, UK sleep experts studied the temperature dependence of sleep (25). They found that the optimal room temperature of 66-70°F promotes the best sleep environment. 

The deeper sleep state called rapid-eye movement (REM) happens best when the core and brain temperature reach optimal levels. You enter a deeper sleep state when regulating body temperature; clothing may influence it, depending on the fabric. 

Australian researchers compared wool and cotton to see which let people fall asleep faster and sleep better (23). Wool allowed everyone to fall asleep quicker and sleep better through all the cycles. So, sleeping with clothes on isn’t wrong if you sleep with the proper clothing. 

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Ultimately, sleeping naked allows your body to regulate temperature without fabric influence if you adjust the room temperature. Also, if it’s cold, add more covers. 

Good Sleep Hygiene May Enhance the Circadian Rhythm

Japanese researchers confirmed that core temperature regulation was a primary indication of good sleep hygiene (10). They examined the effects of core temperatures on the circadian rhythm responsible for sleep-wake patterns and the stages of sleep. Oddly, core temperature influences the circadian rhythm and vice versa. 

The Cleveland Clinic states poor sleep hygiene may interrupt the circadian rhythm and cause poor sleeping habits and frequent wakes (4). Poor sleep hygiene includes anything that disrupts the 24-hours sleep-wake cycle, such as poorly managed core temperatures. 

Good Circadian Rhythms May Extend Sleep Duration

The CDC says up to 42.8% of adults sleep for less than seven hours per 24-hour period (18). Meanwhile, the National Library of Medicine suggests the circadian rhythm is responsible for how long you sleep (19). Sleeping naked to promote a healthier circadian rhythm may help you sleep longer, which has benefits you’ll soon see (22).

benefits of sleeping naked  

7 Benefits of Sleeping Naked for Everyone

The benefits of sleeping naked alone also apply to those who sleep with partners. However, you don’t need a partner to enjoy these advantages, some resulting from the scientific benefits of sleeping naked. 

Benefits of Sleeping Naked for Girls

What’s the most significant issue among young girls? Forbes says teenage girls are at their lowest self-esteem points (11). It may be a long shot, but sleeping naked may help teen girls develop self-esteem. The University of London measured the effects of nudity on self-esteem (17). Shockingly, spending more time naked may reduce shameful feelings. 

Spending time naked and alone helps teens overcome cultural and mental blocks and unrealistic expectations. Girls become more comfortable with their bodies and may experience better body images. Just don’t encourage teen girls to join nudist colonies; let them sleep naked privately if they want to embrace nudist sleep. 

Nude Sleep May Help Improve Your Skin

Massachusetts nutrition experts studied the effects of poor sleep or short duration on the skin’s vital immune functions (14). It was a small-scale study but revealed how good sleep duration and quality allowed the restorative barrier to replenish skin after injury. 

Also, you may reverse some skin aging with better sleep. Swedish research examined how sleep deprivation may impact facial features (5). Sagging, dark, and wrinkled skin resulted from poor sleep. Naked sleep may help you regulate the rest you need to look younger. 

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Sleeping Naked May Enhance Vaginal Health

Yeast infections are a nightmare! Dr. Denise Aaron suggests losing the tight, synthetic underwear to prevent candida overgrowth (2). Hot, humid temperatures, pregnancy, and obesity also increase the risk of candida infections. 

Lose the clothing that prevents your skin from breathing during the night, or replace it with loose-fitting, cotton, or wool options. You won’t miss the itch and rash once you start sleeping naked, as it may reduce your risk for yeast infections. 

Does Sleeping Naked Help to Lose Weight?

Sleeping naked helps you achieve longer and better sleep. Dutch scientists found that improved sleep quality may reduce metabolic disease risk (22). The Mayo Clinic explains how metabolic syndrome causes excess weight around your waist (16). The risk of metabolic syndrome increases with age. Sleeping naked may help you prevent waist gains. 

Sleeping Naked May Burn Fat

The University of Utah also found that people who slept at 66°F for a month had more “brown fat” in their bodies (3). Brown fat is the kind that burns white fat and glucose to speed up the metabolism. It doesn’t work as well in men, though. Sleeping naked may help women burn fat by regulating their core temperatures. But ensure you don’t sleep too cold. 

Sleeping Naked May Reduce Weight Gain

Japanese scientists studied obesity and sleep duration for three years (1). They found that sleeping for five hours or less a night may cause weight gain and obesity in men and women. The first benefits help many others to confirm how sleeping naked may improve your wellness. 

Sleeping in the Nude May Improve Your Mood

Dutch researchers studied short-term risks of poor mental health related to sleep quality and duration (22). They found that short-term risks increased for stress and other mood disorders when sleep deprivation occurs. Strip down, and you may wake up feeling better. 

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The Health Benefits of Sleeping Naked

Longer sleep durations, suitable core temperatures, and a healthy circadian rhythm may provide health benefits. Sleeping naked may create good sleep hygiene. Dutch researchers also studied long-term risks of health related to sleep quality and duration (22). They found long-term sleep deprivation may increase the chances of developing these conditions:

  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Colorectal cancer
  • Dyslipidemia
  • Hypertension
  • Metabolic syndrome
  • Type II diabetes
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benefits of sleeping naked  

Sleeping Naked May Improve Wellness

The benefits of sleeping naked may improve wellness. Let’s understand wellness to see how sleeping naked may improve mental, physical, and sexual well-being simultaneously. 

What Is Wellness?

Understanding the 8 areas of wellness helps you realize wellness and health aren’t the same things (28). Complete wellness requires you to have good well-being in these areas:

  • Emotional
  • Environmental
  • Financial
  • Intellectual
  • Physical 
  • Social
  • Spiritual
  • Vocational

How does sleeping naked impact the significant areas of complete wellness? Here are some ways nude sleep may improve the quality of the wellness areas:

  • An improved mood and reduced stress lead to emotional wellness (22),
  • A sleep-ready room may enhance environmental wellness (25),
  • Reduced cognitive and memory functions from good sleep may promote financial, vocational, and intellectual wellness (22),
  • Naked sleep benefits may burn fat to improve physical wellness (3),
  • The connection between nudity and self-esteem may boost social wellness (17),
  • Buffness that improves sleep and general health may improve spiritual wellness (22).

Is Sexual Well-Being a Part of Wellness?

Sexual well-being is a part of social and emotional well-being with influence over your wellness. A lack of sexual health may cause poor emotional and social well-being. It’s vital to ensure your sexual wellness if you’re with someone. What can you do for sexual wellness (30)? Improving your mood already helps, but sleeping naked has more benefits coming. 

Is Sleeping Naked Related to Self-Care?

Yes, sleeping naked is a form of self-care because it benefits every aspect of wellness. Additionally, the self-care checklist shows you how wellness and self-care areas collide (20). Every wellness area requires a matching self-care habit. Check the list out if you’re not keen to sleep naked. Alternatively, let’s get into the information you’re dying to hear. 

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Benefits of Sleeping Naked With a Partner

Indeed, some benefits are for couples. Sleeping naked with a partner isn’t only about getting hot and bothered. Instead, discover three benefits for couples. 

Sleeping Naked May Improve Intimacy and Closeness

Sleeping naked as a couple may have intimate and bonding advantages. Intimacy means more than having sex. Intimacy is the emotional bonding that helps couples develop closeness and a sense of safety (13). It’s also physical, intellectual, and spiritual while assisting couples to develop stronger feelings for each other. 

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A lack of intimacy may influence how long your relationship lasts or how much you bond. Sleeping naked may enhance bonding through skin-to-skin contact. Swedish research shows how the oxytocin hormone initiates bonding, even reducing stress (21). Even gentle touches during the night as you sleep naked may improve intimacy and bonding. 

Does Sleeping Naked Increase Testosterone? What About Sex?

The benefits of sleeping naked for men include improving testosterone levels. A study published in the National Library of Medicine found that sleep restriction for a week lowers testosterone levels in healthy men (7). Testosterone manages your sex drive and naturally declines with age (27). 

Sleeping naked is the answer to improved sleep duration and testosterone production. UK scientists found that targeting the Thr4 Gly7 oxytocin receptor is another way to produce testosterone (8). More naked sleep will increase bonding and get you wilder for each other.

Sleeping Naked May Help Improve Men’s Fertility

Naked sleep may help in two ways to improve fertility. The rise in testosterone from sound sleep and higher oxytocin levels already help (7, 8). Testosterone influences sperm count, meaning higher testosterone may improve fertility (27). 

Also, German research confirms that testicular temperature influences your sperm count (15). Results proved how tight underwear without airflow may increase testicular heat, called spermatogenesis. This process damages your sperm quality. Sleep naked to bond more, increase testosterone, and protect your sperm!

Tips to Start Sleeping Naked

You don’t need to be problem-focused when you have simple solutions to the disadvantages of sleeping in the buff. Here are ways to overcome the problems with nude nighttimes:

  • Wear cotton or wool undergarments or clothing to prevent fabrics without airflow from increasing your body temperature when it should decrease (23). 
  • Adjust your room temperature to the recommended 66-70°F to ensure you sleep better throughout the night (25). 
  • Stay warm while naked by buying suitable fabric for your bed linen and using enough covers to ensure you don’t get too cold. Use wool or cotton in winter (23). Meanwhile, the best summer fabrics for bed linen include silk, cotton, and flax-fiber linen(26). 
  • Start sleeping in loose-fitting clothing to prevent yeast infections, or lose the clothes altogether (2). Loose boxers and briefs help if you can’t sleep entirely naked. 
  • Don’t use devices with unnatural light within two hours before bed, including smartphones and televisions. The CDC says your circadian rhythm is most sensitive to light two hours before bed (9). Disrupting your rhythm won’t help naked sleep. 
  • Finally, discover the benefits of elevating legs to relax before sleeping naked (24). Doing anything relaxing before bed will help ease your sleep while starting with a naked routine.   
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Can You Get Sick From Sleeping Without a Shirt?

Not unless you’re getting too cold. Dropping your core temperature below 98.6°F makes it easier for the rhinovirus to breed and multiply, according to Medical News Today (6). The rhinovirus is responsible for the common cold. However, this suggests how too cold of a body temperature can increase your risk. 

The cold alone doesn’t make people sick. Also, please remember that this is body temperature, not the recommended room temperature of 66-70°F (25). A shirt may increase your body temperature to reduce the risk of infection, but you can achieve the same with more bed covers and the ideal room temperature when setting the thermostat. 

Is It Better to Sleep With Clothes On?

It’s better to sleep naked if you can’t wash your sheets and covers at least biweekly in warm or hot water. The Cleveland Clinic says you share your bed with dust mites, dead skin cells, bacteria, and pet hair (12). It’s a breeding ground for allergies, eczema, respiratory problems, and skin rashes. Alternatively, sleep naked if you wash the linen often enough. 

What Are the Benefits of Sleeping Naked When Pregnant?

Pregnancy increases the risk of vaginal infections. Dr. Denise Aaron recommends losing tight-fitting and synthetic underwear to reduce your risk of yeast infections (2). However, avoid sleeping naked or use loose-fitting, breathable underwear if you don’t wash your sheets biweekly. Bacteria is the second leading cause of urinary tract infections (UTIs) (29). 

The Bottom Line

The benefits of sleeping naked suit everyone, from teenage girls to men and women bonding over their flourishing relationships. The most impressive benefit is the connection to complete wellness. Sleeping naked also feels naturally freeing. Try it out before you determine whether it works for you or not. 



This article is intended for general informational purposes only and does not address individual circumstances. It is not a substitute for professional advice or help and should not be relied on to make decisions of any kind. Any action you take upon the information presented in this article is strictly at your own risk and responsibility!


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