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Mary Nosel

Mary is a writer with an amazing ten-year experience. She has a strong passion and the right skills for relaying hard-to-process information easily. Moreover, she finds joy in helping others understand their bodies and be connected to them, which involves a lot of stereotype breaking.
During her teenage years, she was caught in a cage – like many others – with all kinds of diets that break your stomach and only provide temporary results and mindless hours-long cardio that doesn’t bear the best fruits of labor. Soon enough, she realized that something was off, and “thin but dull” wasn’t what she wanted to be.
From then on, Mary started learning.
Now, she’s a stereotype-free, healthy woman trying to inspire others to establish a connection with their bodies and improve physical and mental health. She shows that meal planning, exercising, stretching, and meditating don’t have to be restricting and dull.
Mary’s three keywords for healthy weight loss and maintenance are diversity, consistency, and joy. Furthermore, her three keywords for a good article are research, structure, and entertainment.

Mary's articles