Blog Weight Loss Here’s A Proven Method That’s Helping Women In Their 30s Lose Weight AND Maintain It (Even If Other Popular Methods Have Failed!)

Here’s A Proven Method That’s Helping Women In Their 30s Lose Weight AND Maintain It (Even If Other Popular Methods Have Failed!)

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My Weight Loss On Keto with BetterMe 

Oh my God, is this really me?

This is what I thought earlier looking at myself in the mirror. Lots of belly fat, slouching, low- self-esteem, and constant comments from friends and family. This was a weird feeling because I used to be pretty lean.

I always felt super confident about what I wore and how I looked. Every dress added more love to myself. But it seems that love was with me only when I was fit. It’s not that I’ve never gained any weight.

I remember the times when after the holidays I felt a little extra weight, but it was always very easy to shed those pounds. No problem, it’s still me!

But several months back, I saw numbers that scared me. I got a promotion, and there was so much work, the stakes were just too high. I was stressed out constantly, which, of course, contributed to weight gain.

I didn’t sleep well, ate on the go, and quit exercising at all.

Pretty soon, I gained two more sizes, and all of my dresses turned out to be too small. This was a tragedy for me and my self-esteem.

I decided to take up exercise. Every day I engaged in high-intensity interval workouts. It was the most terrible 20 minutes of the day, I felt exhausted. I did it in the morning, listening to the most motivational music I had.

But I didn’t see the results. Maybe a couple of pounds. Something felt really off here.

So, I decided to change my dieting choices. Working on my eating habits, I tried it all it seems: Paleo, Atkins…nothing. No, not nothing, I’m sure some people will find benefits in those diets.

But not me. I found it too difficult to stay on track for several days. It all seemed boring and even lost taste after a week or two. There was a time when I couldn’t decide what I should eat.

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This caused burning frustration. I didn’t know what to do. Everything in my body seemed to be falling apart. Nobody wants to become a huge office worker, right?

So yeah, the situation became worse because of my mental state. I ate everything I saw without counting macros and calories just because I was so tired of it all.

Too much work and nearing depression made everything worse

I felt disgusting. Tired of people pointing out that I gained a lot of weight, I started to close a little bit, not allowing anyone to really talk to me like I did.

I wanted to become the old me again. The fit gal with all the confidence and the desire to win in the world.

My beautiful children and husband tried to hype me up as well as they could, but it didn’t seem to help. I felt like I was betraying them by becoming a large sad person. 

I could just be happy and spend time with family because I constantly thought about weight. How to lose it? Why did this happen to me? What to eat to become fit? I became obsessed with this idea, which, of course, took a toll on my relationships.

I was embarrassed by everything I did. I couldn’t play Twister with them or prepare a tasty carb-filled meal just for the hell of it.

I tried everything, from magic tablets to the most vicious diets, but my weight hasn’t moved. 

One night, my hubby found me in the bathroom, crying. When he asked what happened, I couldn’t open up to him anymore about my concerns due to weight loss and my total inability to do it. I couldn’t tell him I was afraid he’d stop loving me if I didn’t change back.

So I shouted at him.

He silently listened to me and said: “When are the old you coming back? I can’t wait.”

I was shocked to hear such words from the closest person that I love dearly

But I didn’t blame him. I changed.

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So, that moment was a revelation for me. Was that really me? A grown-up woman, sobbing in the bathroom?

It was time to do something. I wouldn’t wait any longer. That wasn’t my life and I wanted to change it back.

So, that was the time I decided to call my friend, Mary. We were really close and she always seemed kind and caring. I felt an inner resonance that she was going to help me. Besides, she had a hormonal treatment around a year and a half ago, and it was very difficult for her to lose weight after that.

I thought she could help me with a piece of advice on how to cope with it mentally.

But she had so much more for me that day.

Start The Most Important Transformation Of Your Life With BetterMe Ketogenic Meal Plan!

Mary told me how she managed to lose weight

She was always my best helper. Whatever happens, I run to her, and if something is off with her, she runs to me. But this time, I was too embarrassed to tell Mary about my problems. That’s why I waited for such a  long time.

But once we met, the atmosphere was so calm, I realized I should have done it much, much earlier.

She smiled at me, listened carefully to every word, every concern, and then told me her secret. She had the same problem for quite a long time after her therapy.

When I heard what she used to lose weight, I was shocked by how simple and to the point this solution was. How come I didn’t try it sooner? At that time, I was nauseous after hearing the word ‘diet’, but this was more like a lifestyle…completely different.

Mary seemed to know what I was thinking and started to explain everything to me, answering my every question.

First of all, she told me why losing weight in your 30s may be a tricky task

At this age, we go through a crisis (yeah, another one). We try to figure out who we are and what we have achieved over the years. Plus, our hormones play with our minds. There are two main factors contributing to the negative change:

  • Hormones

    Women gain weight due to the hormonal changes they go through. And the older they get, the more dramatic the changes become. Women gain body fat and it’s very difficult to decrease the levels without a special approach.

  • Metabolism

    As we age, our metabolism is becoming slower. This means your body burns fewer calories with time, which results in a need to eat less or fuel up your engine. This simple explanation has helped me to understand why I failed at losing weight before. I just needed a personalized program that would help me increase my metabolism speed.

Mary made me realize that all my problems were caused by a simple lack of knowledge and insight into the problem. That’s about it. I was panicking so hard that I forgot the main thing – you have to gain knowledge to resolve the problem.

Then, she told me how the BetterMe Keto meal plan has helped her

My best friend and now my savior has opened a new world for me with the BetterMe app. There are so many useful meal plans! But I really wanted to try the one she achieved such amazing results with.

I mean, after the treatment, she looks amazing. Very fit and glowy!

First, I was skeptical. An app that helps lose weight? I’ve seen like a thousand ads like this, and nothing really helped.

But this one was different. I felt care and a personal approach with my program. Keto is amazingly tasty and suits my body very well.

So, the BetterMe Keto meal plan helped me shed 23 pounds!

It was the first time in months that I lost weight and didn’t gain it back in a week. The plan is also perfect for my caloric needs.

I’ll tell you more about the app, but first, let me explain what keto means.

It’s a ketogenic diet that involves eating fewer carbs, moderate protein, and lots of healthy fats. We aim to enter ketosis — the ability of our body to process fat to get energy, instead of carbs. Our usual metabolism uses carbs to get power supplies.

We want to change that.

The first time I heard about the diet, I thought this was totally useless. I mean, do I have to eat fats now? And lose weight? What?

But BetterMe has completely changed my perception with their app and so carefully chosen meal plans.

The key is that not all fats are the same. There are healthy ones that really help you improve metabolism and hormones. So basically, it targets both areas where women over 30 are weak in.

But you have to count everything to really lose weight!

Well, I thought so too, feeling a bit burdened with the task  But that’s where BetterMe helps so much!

The app exceeded my expectations by much! All I had to do was to fill in my:

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Age
  • Favorite foods, etc.

The easiest quiz has given me so much information about nutrition and how to achieve the best possible results for me. 

At that moment I felt cared for and understood what makes BetterMe so special — a personal approach to every man and woman who wants to lose weight and live a happier life.

The meal plan itself is very, very easy, which is why I had no cheat days or times when I didn’t want to stick to keto anymore. Now I’m never hungry and can eat all my favorite foods. 

Besides, the plan is created by professional nutritionists. So, you don’t have to count macros and micros since all of them are already included in the recipes.

And should I say it became easier for me to choose what to eat? 

The app literally does all the job for me. All I have to do now is to open the app and do everything as it says. Grocery shopping, meal choice, etc. – everything is planned for me. Glad the eating part is still mine!

What I love about BetterMe:

  • 24/7 support of a professional nutritionist
  • No unhealthy cravings
  • I eat everything I love and don’t gain weight
  • Weekly lists for grocery shopping
  • Hundreds of personalized meals; all of them are easy-to-follow and super-delicious

I’ve been a faithful subscriber for over 3,5 months now, and I feel comfortable in my skin again. My confidence is getting back bit by bit, my family is happy to see the best version of me. I renewed contacts with friends, who are also very surprised to see the changes.

Now, my mind is filled with gratitude, plans for the future, and new dresses instead of “How to lose weight? What if I eat this?”

I look at myself in the mirror and love what I see. I actually started to love myself again, this time forever! 

If you’re over 30 and struggling with excess weight, I highly recommend you to download the application and start a new life ASAP! The program has helped thousands of women to regain their high self-esteem and stop suffering!

Want to find out more about your opportunities? Take this BetterMe 1-minute quiz and get valuable stats and info on how to lose weight in just 28 days!

after 30

after 30

Take this quick BetterMe Keto quiz and see how much weight you can lose in 28 days!

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Best app for exercise!

I lost weight, gained muscles. I’m very satisfied and grateful for this app! ❤️❤️

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Jeff L.
Day 5 seeing some real results with weight loss and muscle tone.

The New ME at last! app is brilliant for logging in...

The app is brilliant for logging in dietary food / drink consumed throughout day . Reminders to exercise and set goals for loosing weight , consuming water to aid weight loss. I am so much fitter since starting with daily exercise and love the various different new exercises too.