Blog Diets 2-Week Family Meal Plan To Instill Healthy Eating Habits

2-Week Family Meal Plan To Instill Healthy Eating Habits

2 week family meal plan

Stressing over what to make for lunch or dinner is pretty common in many households. The idea of preparing meals that your kids and spouse will love can be overwhelming. On top of this, you may find it hard to introduce new diets, especially if you have picky eaters in your household. Such fears may clog your mind and eventually lead you into a meal rut. However, this does not have to be the case. We have designed a family-friendly 2-week meal plan to save you the time and worry over what you will prepare for your family.


Who Is The 2-Week Family Meal Plan For?

You will be excited to know that this healthy family eating plan is for everyone in your family. Do not worry about the adults not meeting their calorie intake. We have specified the number of calories you get from each serving, meaning you can increase the servings to meet your daily calorie count. 

We cannot give you a complex diet plan that will have you camping in the kitchen. Do not worry that you will find complicated recipes that also take hours to prepare. Instead, these are pretty straightforward and, at the same time, fun to prepare.

We encourage you and your family to take part in this 2-week healthy meal plan for the family. Be sure to talk to your nutritionist and doctor if you need any clarification about your daily dietary requirements.

2 week family meal plan

What Is Included In This 2-Week Meal Plan For Family?

The following 2-week healthy meal plan for the family includes a variety of foods and from different food groups. It includes vegetables, fruits, complex carbohydrates, healthy fats, whole grains, pulses, and protein food sources.

All these food groups have different health benefits. For example, the fruits contain fiber that is necessary for proper bowel function. Similarly, vegetables are vital in any diet plan as they contain a wide range of vitamins and essential nutrients (2).

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However, unlike other family diet plans, this healthy family meal plan has concentrated on other food elements. They include:

  • Flavor

Who does not love a well-cooked home meal? We know we do. That said, we have taken the time to select not only healthy but also flavorful meals. The idea is to keep your family excited for mealtime with these delicious meal ideas.

2 week family meal plan

  • Diversity

Secondly, we have invested in creating diverse meal plan recipes. If you look at your household’s eating pattern, you will most likely discover that you limit your diet. Yes, you are having fruits, vegetables, and all the other healthy food groups. But the question is, are you cooking them the same way every other month or week?

As humans, we get bored, especially with a routine quickly. The same way you get bored of going to work is the same way your family gets bored of eating the same thing repeatedly. Now, do not take this the wrong way, but you need a broader view of your diet. This will help fight any monotony that may be leading to the meal rut in your household.

  • Color

Believe it or not, color influences our appetite one way or the other. Bright colors like yellow and orange entice the palate and may have your family eating things they disliked or never tried before. With this in mind, we have come up with recipes that help create a colorful meal that hardly anyone can resist when served.

  • Nutrition

We have looked for great food combos that, when blended, help you and your family get enough nutrients. Remember that good nutrition is paramount, especially for your kids, as it helps them grow, develop properly, and reduce the risk of obesity and other chronic diseases (2). You can talk to your nutritionist if you have any concerns about the daily meal ideas meeting your children’s nutrients requirements.

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2 week family meal plan

Easy Family 2-Week Meal Plan

We understand how frustrating it can be on kitchen duty, you are not excited to cook the same meals you are used to. So, let’s switch things up! We have compiled different and exciting meal plan ideas, and hopefully, you like each one of them. Take a look!

Week 1 Family Meal Plan Idea

Monday (1)

  • Breakfast: Carrot Cake Porridge (Calories- 519, Fat- 16 g, Carbs- 73 g, and Protein- 17 g)
  • Lunch: Smoky beans and baked eggs (Calories- 390, Fat- 16 g, Carbs- 30 g, and Protein- 24 g)
  • Dinner: Roast chicken and baby roasties with creamed spinach (Calories- 612, Fat- 24 g, Carbs- 56 g, and Protein- 36 g)

Tuesday (1)

  • Breakfast: Blueberry and Banana Power Smoothie (Calories- 160, Fat- 4 g, Carbs- 23 g, and Protein- 7 g)
  • Lunch: Sesame, edamame and chicken noodle salad (Calories- 598, Fat- 27 g, Carbs- 54 g, and Protein- 30 g)
  • Dinner: Meatball and garlic bread traybake (Calories- 565, Fat- 28 g, Carbs- 34 g, and Protein- 42 g)

2 week family meal plan

Wednesday (1)

  • Breakfast: Raspberry, Almond, and Oat Breakfast Cookie (Calories- 86, Fat- 3 g, Carbs- 13 g, and Protein- 2 g)
  • Lunch:  Falafel lunchbox (Calories- 500, Fat- 16 g, Carbs- 61 g, and Protein- 19 g)
  • Dinner: Creamy salmon, prawn and almond curry (Calories- 784, Fat- 46 g, Carbs- 50 g, and Protein- 39 g)
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Thursday (1)

  • Breakfast: Eggy Cheesy Crumpets (Calories- 545, Fat- 30 g, Carbs- 39 g, and Protein- 26 g)
  • Lunch: Roast puttanesca aubergines with tomato rice and feta (Calories- 483, Fat- 23 g, Carbs- 50 g, and Protein- 14 g)
  • Dinner: Fish pie mac ‘n’ cheese (Calories- 504, Fat- 22 g, Carbs- 47 g, and Protein- 28 g)

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Friday (1)

  • Breakfast: Baked banana porridge (Calories- 405, Fat- 15 g, Carbs- 52 g, and Protein- 12 g)
  • Lunch: Hummus rainbow wraps (Calories- 286, Fat- 8 g, Carbs- 40 g, and Protein- 9 g)
  • Dinner: Pulled pork tacos with pineapple salsa (Calories- 537, Fat- 32 g, Carbs- 25 g, and Protein- 35 g)

Saturday (1)

  • Breakfast: Black beans and avocado on toast (Calories- 368, Fat- 19 g, Carbs- 30 g, and Protein- 12 g)
  • Lunch: Puff pastry pizzas (Calories- 357, Fat- 18 g, Carbs- 38 g, and Protein- 10 g)
  • Dinner: Grilled vegetables with cannellini beans and vegan pesto (Calories- 382, Fat- 9 g, Carbs- 30 g, and Protein- 41 g)

Sunday (1)

  • Breakfast: Avocado and strawberry smoothie (Calories- 197, Fat- 11 g, Carbs- 15 g, and Protein- 9 g)
  • Lunch: Slow-cooker chicken casserole (Calories- 382, Fat- 9 g, Carbs- 30 g, and Protein- 41 g)
  • Dinner: Edamame falafel wraps (Calories- 433, Fat- 15 g, Carbs- 52 g, and Protein- 18 g)

2 week family meal plan

Week 2 Healthy Diet Plan Sample

Monday (1)

  • Breakfast: Poached eggs with broccoli, tomatoes, and wholemeal flatbread (Calories- 383, Fat- 17 g, Carbs- 31 g, and Protein- 22 g)
  • Lunch: 15-minute chicken and halloumi burgers (Calories- 737, Fat- 42 g, Carbs- 49 g, and Protein- 39 g)
  • Dinner: Tomato soup with cheese, Marmite and spinach pinwheels (Calories- 198, Fat- 10 g, Carbs- 20 g, and Protein- 3 g)

Tuesday (1)

  • Breakfast: Oat and chia porridge (Calories- 370, Fat- 19 g, Carbs- 34 g, and Protein- 11 g)
  • Lunch: Sweet potato, spinach, and feta tortilla (Calories- 572, Fat- 25 g, Carbs- 59 g, and Protein- 23 g)
  • Dinner: Pasta with salmon and peas (Calories- 463, Fat- 19 g, Carbs- 44 g, and Protein- 25 g)
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2 week family meal plan

Wednesday (1)

  • Breakfast: Easy breakfast burritos (Calories- 577, Fat- 31 g, Carbs- 57 g, and Protein- 31 g)
  • Lunch: Chorizo and mozzarella gnocchi bake (Calories- 318, Fat- 13 g, Carbs- 36 g, and Protein- 13 g)
  • Dinner: Baked ratatouille and goat’s cheese (Calories- 472, Fat- 31 g, Carbs- 25 g, and Protein- 20 g)

Thursday (1)

  • Breakfast: Banana and tahini porridge (Calories- 431, Fat- 17 g, Carbs- 53 g, and Protein- 14 g)
  • Lunch: Teriyaki salmon and green beans (Calories- 288, Fat- 15 g, Carbs- 9 g, and Protein- 28 g)
  • Dinner: Easy chicken and bean enchiladas (Calories- 842, Fat- 36 g, Carbs- 88 g, and Protein- 46 g)

Friday (1)

  • Breakfast: Cinnamon crepes with nut butter, sliced banana and raspberries (Calories- 376, Fat- 16 g, Carbs- 46 g, and Protein- 14 g)
  • Lunch: Chicken, sweet potato, and pea curry (Calories- 485, Fat- 12 g, Carbs- 59 g, and Protein- 31 g)
  • Dinner: Easy meatloaf with spaghetti and tomato sauce (Calories- 641, Fat- 18 g, Carbs- 83 g, and Protein- 34 g)

2 week family meal plan

Saturday (1)

  • Breakfast: Mushroom and basil omelet with smashed tomato (Calories- 196, Fat- 14 g, Carbs- 4 g, and Protein- 14 g)
  • Lunch: Easy lamb tagine (Calories- 413, Fat- 21.7 g, Carbs- 27.3 g, and Protein- 27.2 g)
  • Dinner: Meatballs with creamy mushrooms and mash (Calories- 676, Fat- 39 g, Carbs- 39 g, and Protein- 38 g)

Sunday (1)

  • Breakfast: Creamy mustard mushrooms on toast with a glass of juice (Calories- 231, Fat- 7 g, Carbs- 28 g, and Protein- 13 g)
  • Lunch: Turkey bolognese pasta bake (Calories- 647, Fat- 33 g, Carbs- 44 g, and Protein- 41 g)
  • Dinner: Easy classic lasagna (Calories- 844, Fat- 52 g, Carbs- 54 g, and Protein- 37 g)
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We have made this meal plan as flexible as possible to fit into your lifestyle and meet your family needs. For example, we have left the snack option open because most individuals tend not to snack or be very specific about their snack options.

For example, we may recommend edamame as a snack option, and it turns out that your kids hate it and instead prefer hard-boiled eggs. So, yes, we want this plan to work out for you and have given you the power to fix the snack options.

The Bottom Line

The following 2-week family meal plan is designed to help you and your family adopt healthy eating patterns. Similarly, it has also been designed to help eliminate the guesswork in the kitchen and dull meals.

All of the recipes have an accompanying nutrition profile to help you track your daily nutrient and calorie intake. Feel free to talk to your doctor and nutritionist if you need any adjustments, for example for weight loss purposes. We would love to know how you feel at the end of the two weeks, please get in touch with us in the comment section below.



This article is intended for general informational purposes only and does not address individual circumstances. It is not a substitute for professional advice or help and should not be relied on for decision-making. Any action you take upon the information presented in this article is strictly at your own risk and responsibility!


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