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Pilates Wall Workout Chart: A Quick Guide For Beginners

Wall Pilates is a popular at-home workout that mimics the Pilates reformer workout. If you have seen some of these exercises online and would like a guide to help you do them at home, then this Pilates wall workout chart is what you’ve been looking for.

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Pilates Wall Workout Chart

This BetterMe Pilates wall workout chart outlines a 5-week routine that helps reduce your waist circumference and strengthen your core – if you want abs, this is the routine for you! As seen in the chart, the first week of this routine requires you to do these exercises for 5 days but from week 2 to 5, you will only be doing them thrice a week.

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The 5 days a week schedule for week 1 helps activate your core muscles and get them used to the workouts. Weeks 2 to 5 continue to work on activation but with more rest time which allows the muscles to rebuild and get stronger – giving you that ab definition that you have been craving.

Benefits Of Using This Pilates Wall Workout Chart For Beginners

With this beginners wall Pilates workout chart you will be able to:

  1. Have more control of your workouts – When to to them and at what intervals
  2. A detailed visual guide perfect for visual learners
  3. A challenge designed with beginners in mind – One that takes into consideration that you are not an expert
  4. Incredible core strength – While pilates can sculpt your body, they are best known for helping to tone the midriff.
  5. Improved flexibility – If you’ve been feeling a little tight, unable to reach up or bend all the way down, exercises on this Pilates wall workout chart will help increase both your flexibility and range of motion.
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The Bottom Line

As a beginner, we recommend using this Pilates wall workout chart two to three times a week. Daily practices are also okay, but be sure to prioritize recovery. Be patient with your body and have fun!

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