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Pilates Wall Tower: Quick Facts You Should Know

The Pilates wall tower is a very new type of exercise equipment that is slowly but steadily making its way into studios in major cities around the world. Despite being quite niche at the moment, praise for Pilates wall tower exercises is spreading far and wide. Here is all you need to know about it.

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What Is A Pilates Wall Unit?

Also known as a half trapeze or a wall mounted pilates tower, it is a kind of Pilates equipment. The tower was first created in 1980 and the present version is a more compact and less space consuming alternative to the reformer – which makes it a good option for smaller studios or home use.

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The following table shows the difference between the Pilates wall tower and the reformer:

Refromer Tower
Shape Horizontal with springs, bar and moving carriage Vertical with multiple attachments like springs, roll down bars and push/pull bars
Range of Exercises Limited due to shape and location of ropes Varied. Perfect for full body workout
Expertise Perfect for true beginners Better suited for strong beginners and intermediate to advanced practitioners
Space Requires more space Very compact
Cost Cheaper compared to the tower Expensive

What Does A Pilates Wall Tower Do?

This is a machine used to aid exercises in a pilates class. As mentioned above, pilates wall tower exercises are perfect for anyone who wants to do a full body workout and is looking for deeper stretches and better range of motion.

pilates wall tower

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Which Is Harder Tower Or Reformer?

Because of how the tower is set up, it can be harder, especially for true beginners. If you’ve never done Pilates before, try a reformer class first to gain more flexibility and muscle strength before trying out a tower class.


Is Pilates A Good Workout?

Yes, it is. Research shows that this exercise is great for improved balance and coordination, increased muscle tone and strength, better posture, increased flexibility and range of motion, pain management and rehabilitation as well as improved mental health (2, 3, 1).

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What Is The Difference Between Pilates Trapeze And Reformer?

Unlike the reformer that has a top that rolls front and back, the trapeze has a frame above the table with multiple attachments.

The Bottom Line

The Pilates wall tower is the perfect equipment for compact studios and for anyone looking for a more challenging workout as compared to traditional Pilates classes.

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