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Anoshia Riaz

Anoshia Riaz

Anoshia is an experienced writer with a keen interest in a healthy lifestyle and mental well-being. She firmly believes that this life is a gift and that everyone should go the extra mile to preserve it. As a writer, she aims to inspire her readers to make conscious health decisions because a few tweaks in food and exercise patterns may significantly impact their happiness and personality. She wishes for her readers to develop an optimistic mindset that allows them to be more vigilant about self-care.
Her ability to explain a complex phenomenon in simple words makes her writings stand out. She knows how life is a rollercoaster for most people today. The crazy humdrum makes people forget about their health and wellness, which is a huge mistake on their part. She wants her readers to halt and make mindful decisions before it gets too late. She provides concrete evidence to prove her point and wants all her readers, regardless of age and gender, to prioritize their well-being over everything!

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