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What Is Fusion Yoga And Why You Should Give It A Whirl

what is fusion yoga

Being Healthy Is The Ultimate Trend

Our world revolves around trends. Different things randomly shoot up in popularity and become beloved by everyone. And as suddenly as they appeared, they sink into oblivion. However, some trends manage to stay relevant no matter what. Leading a healthy and balanced life is one of those long-standing trends that keeps on living. That is why there are hundreds of different tips and recommendations on how to stay in shape or how to completely transform your body that keep making the rounds on the internet.


Numerous workouts promise you strong and tight muscles, while diets claim to sustain the proper functioning of your organs, and bodily processes. And such practice as yoga provides support for your outer and inner self. Its poses promote strengthening of your body and the meditative aspect adds to your stress relief and a sound mind. That is why a lot of people regularly practice it. However, even yoga is quite multifaceted, with different types and avid  supporters. So, if you haven’t heard about the fusion yoga before, buckle up! This article will open your eyes to its purposes and how it can benefit your life.

what is fusion yoga

What Is Fusion Yoga?

Yoga sure is a unique training. Its variety of poses involves different groups of muscles, therefore developing your body equally. It is mostly anaerobic, and focuses on flexing your muscles while concurrently improving your flexibility. However, what happens when someone wants to burn more calories, improve stamina, grow more muscle mass, or is just bored of their usual yoga routine? That is when fusion yoga comes to rescue.

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Fusion yoga is a combination of yoga practices and exercises from other types of trainings. The most popular variants are yoga mixed with strength training, pilates, running, martial arts, cardio, or dance aerobic fitness. Such combinations bring out the best parts of both trainings, creating an ultimately beneficial workout.

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What Is Fusion Yoga Good For?

By itself, yoga is great for your wellness and mind. It helps you unwind, revs up your metabolism and firms up your muscles (4). So, if you are curious whether fusion yoga is good for your, and what benefits it can yield, here are some of them (5):

what is fusion yoga

  • Greater Variety

Yoga fusion provides you with a great number of different practices. Such rich variety reduces the factor of monotony, making your workout exciting and always refreshingly interesting. Another benefit of various combinations in fusion yoga is that you can always find exactly what you need. Depending on your current goal, you can focus on the aspect you are most interested in at the moment, and when you eventually reach that desired result, you can adjust your workout, so that it would target something else, without drastically overhauling your routine.

  • Improved Health

As was already mentioned, the yoga by itself has lots of health benefits, such as overall toned body, weight control, cardiovascular health, and others (2). But there is even more to it, when it comes to fusion yoga. If you have diabetes, practicing fusion yoga can help you control your blood sugar levels, lower your blood pressure, and reduce the “bad” cholesterol. It also promotes your joint flexibility and strength, reducing the risk of arthritis.

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  • Increased Availability

Now, availability here consists of two aspects. As fusion yoga has little to no requirements in terms of equipment and space, you can practice it whenever and wherever you want, making it the best choice for those who don’t like gyms. 

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The second aspect is the physical requirements. Here fusion yoga is also quite unpretentious. You don’t need to have experience in exercising to follow its practices. It is a low-impact training, meaning that it’s not critical if you have certain health conditions. However, if you suffer from diseases that may be complicated by increased physical activity, like any other workout, it requires a consultation with a doctor. With certain adjustments in the program, you can practice fusion yoga if you are pregnant (1).

impact of fusion yoga on your body

  • Boosted Training

In a way, fusion yoga is a boosted version of a usual yoga. Combined with different types of workout, it may be focused on more effective muscle growth, faster fat burning process, increased flexibility and stamina, or overall body strength.

As was mentioned previously, fusion yoga involves all of your muscle groups, providing an equal development and balanced results, and preventing disproportionate muscle growth. The combination of yoga and strength training can significantly tighten up your whole body.

what is fusion yoga

Fusion Yoga Practices And Combinations

Depending on what your goal is, different types of yoga fusion may have different effects. You can combine yoga with almost any other physical activity. Here are the most popular yoga fusion combinations and what they focus on:

  • Pilates And Yoga

The combination of yoga and pilates is an ultimate core workout. It strengthens your torso while keeping the blood pumping. Such workout will not only actively involve your abdominals and obliques, but also improve your balance and flexibility.

  • Strength Training And Yoga

Incorporating some strength training exercises into your yoga workout will help you effectively build lean muscle tissue, tone up, and again, add to your flexibility, which is highly important for the proper functioning of the body.

  • High Impact Exercises And Yoga

When you combine yoga with such high impact exercises as running or martial arts fitness, you ensure the prevention of possible injuries and boost your recovery. You can perform the yoga part of your training as a warm-up or as post-workout stretches.

  • Hot Yoga Fusion

The hot yoga fusion is a training that increases your body temperature and therefore helps you sweat your calories off. For this type of fusion you work out in a hot room with high humidity level (3). It is a great option for those who like it hot. If you are planning to start hot yoga trainings, then this variant, as a bit milder form of the hot yoga, is a great way to find out what it feels like and if you are up for it.

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Having a toned body is a popular trend nowadays. All over the internet, sites offer you different workouts and their variations. Finding the training that would satisfy all your requirements may be difficult. For example, you may come to a dead end, if you are already a fan of yoga, but want to boost its fat burning, muscle growing, or stamina improving effects, or if you are simply bored of the regular monotonous workouts. If you experience such problems, then fusion yoga is a perfect workout for you. Now that you know what fusion yoga is, its benefits, and combinations, you can improve your training and boost your body and health just by incorporating it into your workout routine. However, before making any adjustments, please discuss them with a specialist.

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This article is intended for general informational purposes only and does not address individual circumstances. It is not a substitute for professional advice or help and should not be relied on to make decisions of any kind. Any action you take upon the information presented in this article is strictly at your own risk and responsibility!


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