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Spiritual Meditation: Discover The Depths Of Who You Are

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Many of us are fascinated by the myriad of rewards offered through meditation. This perhaps might explain why a lot of  people are into it these days. One of the greatest advantages is in the area of spiritual enlightenment. At times you may have felt the nudge to dig deeper while reflecting and want to discover more about your spiritual self. This journey is achievable through regular spiritual meditation.


Spiritual meditation is one of several types of meditative practices. This type of meditation is unique compared to the other ones as it can relieve you of your ego. As a result of this you are able to tap into various emotions and discover your spiritual path.

You only need a hunger to explore your life purpose and to have a spiritual awakening happen in order to try out spiritual meditation.

What Is Spiritual Meditation?

The term originates from spiritual practices. Spirituality has multiple definitions, most of which differ on a point of context. Despite the differences, the core of all of the available meditations is the concept of using intention to bring about your life purpose and meaning.

Spiritual meditation is, therefore, a method that enables you to unfold various layers of understanding and belief to determine who you truly are. It entails reflecting deeper and going beneath the surface level of your everyday life to discover your true self.

You may make your choice to start this practice from the desire to seek to reaffirm your purpose in life. Another possibility is that you may want to give time to this concept as your way to better connect with your environment.

Whatever the case, the bottom line is that this approach has the potential to give you more insight about yourself. It could support you in gaining an honest reflection of who you are when nobody’s watching (1).

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Spiritual Meditation: Does It Work?

Like any other type of meditation, the approach within it is bound to work if you practice it correctly. If you have never tried this before, then you most likely will face various challenges. Those challenges may cause you to view this approach as a scam.

A key bit of advice is to commence spiritual healing meditation with an instructor. A qualified instructor can guide you on how to properly connect with your inner self. 

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Health Benefits Of Spiritual Meditation

The health and spiritual benefits of meditation are diverse. They are:

  • Better Emotional Health

The recent rise in psychological health disorders in society at large has had a detrimental effect on our emotional wellbeing and mental health. A significant number of those who have psychological disorders can benefit from this approach and such disorders even might be thwarted.

Spiritual meditation helps you to slow down from your busy lifestyle and find time to reflect on yourself. Notably you will begin to contemplate on your entire being. Your reflection on your perceptions will help you to identify what calms you down.

When you are more relaxed, you have a better perception of your emotions and how to manage them. You also can then learn what your life’s purpose and meaning is, allowing you to refocus on the things that truly matter.  

Discovering a healthy purpose in life can help you prevent stress. Long term stress as well as high-stress levels might be like ticking time bombs to your emotional and mental health deterioration. 

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  • Stress Reduction

Probably you spend much time juggling activities to make sure everything is done. Many people are like this, however we often spend minimal to no time to schedule time for the soul purpose of getting into the proper mindset to get everything done. What usually happens is that when you spend less time focusing on yourself, your stress levels begin to increase. 

You might lose your sense of direction in life and the value you bring to the table. As a consequence, you may lose your sense of meaning and connectedness. The aftermath of all this is increased stress levels, which in turn triggers anxiety or even mental disorders. 

The contemplative approach found in spiritual meditation can help you reduce your stress levels by helping you relax and rediscover your purpose. It can also help you to view yourself as an asset to family and society that has so much to offer. Such validation and recollection of your purpose in life will go a long way in buffering you from the impact of stress (2). 

If you wish to reach into the deep crevices of your mind, take yourself out of the mental loop, regain balance, infuse yourself with optimism, and cultivate compassion – BetterMe: Meditation & Sleep app is exactly what you need!

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  • Increased Ability To Cope With Illnesses

Diseases are undoubtedly an unavoidable fact of life that we are bound to encounter once in a while. It should go without saying that one might get sick from infectious diseases, chronic diseases, physiological diseases and/or hereditary diseases. 

While many may worry about their speed of recovery, perhaps even more worrying should be our attitude towards any illness. Not comprehending the impact of your illness or what it means for your existence can have a weighted effect on you. Being in the dark about your condition often affects your prognosis profoundly. 

Lack of comprehension of how to manage your feelings during such times in your life can affect your emotional wellbeing. When this happens you begin to question your life’s meaning and the impact of the forces of your environment on your life.  

Experts acknowledge that this practice can help with increasing your capacity at coping with an illness. Instead of focusing on the disease, meditation allows one to reflect on their life purpose. It may even help you live a more fulfilling life despite the severity of your illness. 

  • Increased Self-Awareness

Now and then we all can learn something different about ourselves. You might discover an emotional reaction you never knew you had merely because it was suppressed. One of the benefits of practising this type of meditation is increased self-awareness.

A practice of spiritual meditation can permit you to connect to your deeper self and further process your feelings. In the process, you likely will discover new things about yourself. It could be new emotional connections or distinct ways of how you manage your emotions.

Similarly, people who practice this type of meditation can increase their critical thinking ability. Improvement in this ability helps paint a clear picture of how to deal with issues and how to manage conflicts. All these factors only serve to increase the comprehension you could have of yourself and your life

Increased Self-Awareness

  • Better Understanding Of How To Tame Your Emotions

Our emotions are certainly a colorful part of our lives. Their influence over how we live and interact with others is practically a daily topic. The thing is though, we cannot exist without them. Yet despite this most of us do little to acknowledge their presence and impact. 

This contemplative activity not only helps one to recognize one’s emotions but also how one can manage and tame them. Your possible reason for this could be there is a chance that by reflecting on your inner shadows you might bump into sensations that do not settle well with you.

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The key is not to ignore them but rather tame them. In the spiritual dimension, experts have identified several emotions. Some of them are meaningfulness, acceptance, trust, care and our connectedness with nature.

Taming and facilitating emotions like connectedness and trust can help you improve your ties. Likewise, perceptions such as meaningfulness can help you find your life purpose as well as a hope for your future.

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How To Do Spiritual Meditation? 

You could attain spiritual understanding through the following process:

  • Find A Cozy Spot

A priority of this type of meditation is comfortability. You must find a cozy spot before you start this practice. The most comfortable spots tend to be less noisy and with fewer distractions than the common places we spend time each day.

Again, find a spot that will not quickly activate your desire for sleep. It can be quite easy for one to fall asleep when practising this approach. To keep you away from sleeping, pick a spot and a stance that will keep you alert longer. 

You can start by sitting on a chair and resting your arms on your laps. This position is bound to keep you alert for a longer duration. Ensure you keep your back straight and slightly tuck your chin.

  • Focus On Your Breathing

Your respiration plays a crucial role in this practice. You are required to take in long, slow and deep breaths. As you breathe in, try to visualize this respiring process. Think about how this process works and makes your respiration possible.  

The more you focus on this, the faster you will get a grip on respiring during this technique. Remember to inhale through your nose and not your mouth. 

Get Lost In The Moment

  • Get Lost In The Moment

After settling in your cozy spot, go ahead and close your eyes. It will help in reducing the area of your attention. Allow yourself to feel the moment and appreciate where you are. Your senses will come in handy when you are appreciating where you are at the moment.

Instead of averting these thoughts, analyze them along with your other emotions and sensations. Dig deeper to uncover the depths of who you are when stripped of all these emotions and perceptions

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It will give a concise picture of your true self and life purpose as intended by this approach. If you were doing the Christian style of spiritual meditation, then you can utter a prayer in this step. Those words will help you connect to your higher being. 

  • Add It To Your Routine

This meditative practice undeniably has loads of advantages. However, you cannot attain them all by just doing this once a month or week. You will have to make a habit of this practice. This does not imply that you will have to enroll in a daily spiritual meditation for women’s class. 

Always negotiate with your spiritual meditation instructor to know how many times in a week you should do this. Additionally, determine how long your sessions should last. 

If you’ve dipped your toes in meditation before but couldn’t sit through a session because of all the thoughts buzzing in your head, impulses snatching away control or all the overwhelming feelings that start bubbling up the minute you sink into the silence, it’s only because you didn’t have the right guidance. Start using BetterMe: Meditation & Sleep app and watch your life transform!

Guided Spiritual Meditation

Guided Spiritual Meditation 

The concept of meditation spiritual awakening sounds rather easy. However, it might not be as straightforward as you may think. Other meditative styles may only require you to find a cozy stance and clear your thoughts. 

However, this practice does call upon deeper reflection of all the sensations. Thus, rather than clearing your thoughts, you ought to see through them to discover true self and life purpose.

For this reason, most people prefer to learn this technique from an experienced teacher. Such an experienced person can offer insight on concentration and living in the present moment and what matters. If they are not present physically, they could also provide you with several pre-recorded guided meditations. 

Tips On Mastering Spiritual Meditation

Spiritual meditation can be mind-boggling, particularly if it is your first time trying this activity. Here are some fundamental hacks that can help you along the way while learning the techniques:

  • Start Small

Your aim in the first sitting is not to beat the thirty minutes timestamp. However, if it is possible, then kudos! The key is to always start small and move up the ladder. Start with five minutes. These five minutes can be a challenge for some.

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So, do not beat yourself up if you manage only two or three minutes. Adjust your contemplation time to limit what you feel best suits you. With time, and after mastering this art, move on up the ladder.

Again, remember that time is not a measure of success when you are starting this practice. The crucial factor is realizing how to meditate for spiritual awakening

spiritual meditation

  • Practice

You cannot perfect any skill without putting effort into it. So, to enjoy the fruits of this rewarding method, practice a lot. Ensure you take note of what are the critical elements considered in this practice, for instance, your breathing.

You can always ask for help from a spiritual meditation instructor. Remember to also take it easy on yourself. Do not judge yourself if you cannot instantly figure out your life purpose. The judgment can be demoralizing. So, instead of relaxing and getting insight from this practice, you could end up with increased stress levels. 

  • Treasure The Ups And Downs

Most people may want to embrace the highlights in this practice and ignore the downfalls. Keep in mind that perfection is not possible in this practice. Sometimes even the best of us will doze off and other times your thoughts will likely wander.

Cherish all the moments as they also teach you something about yourself. For example, dozing off might indicate that the technique is calming and you can use it to beat insomnia. Look past your supposed failures. It will help you avoid stressing over small things and make you feel better.

The Bottom Line

Spiritual meditation is a craft to uphold if you are trying to rediscover who you truly are and your life purpose. 

Like any other meditative practice, you have to follow some guidelines to ensure you do it correctly.  Practice this technique regularly and at your convenience to ensure you get the most from it.



All the views expressed in this article are not a representation of any physician’s advice. You should seek prompt medical advice before upholding this practice. 


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