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The Ultimate 2-Week Workout Challenge For Fat Loss And Muscle Growth

2-week workout challenges are quite common and everyone out there has a routine that they swear by claiming that it will help you lose weight, get abs or even grow a bigger bum, among other fantastic promises. However, are all challenges built the same and will they truly help you achieve your weight loss and fitness goals? Read on to find out what makes the perfect 2-week workout challenge as well as simple samples to get you started on your journey.

What Is The Best 2-Week Workout Challenge

Whenever you look up a 2-week challenge, more often than not, you are bound to find targeted challenges like ‘ab challenges, booty challenges’ etc. While there isn’t anything really wrong with such workouts, the best workout challenge is one that exercises your whole body and not a set group of muscles. The challenge should also incorporate both cardio and resistance exercises.

Here is a simple sample of a 2-week challenge that includes all these aspects:

1 Mountain climbers 2 10
High knee ups 2 10
Jumping jacks 2 10
Squats 2 10
2 Sit-ups 2 10
Lunges 2 10
Knee push-ups 2 10
Bent over rows 2 10
3 30 seconds elbow plank 2 10
Chair dips 2 10
Leg raises 2 10
Flutter kicks 2 10
4 Rest Day Rest Day Rest Day
5 Body weight squats 2 10
Lunges 2 10
Jump squats 2 10
Glute bridge 2 10
Deadlift 2 10
6 30 minutes’ jump rope - -
Weighted jumping jacks
Bicycle crunches
30 seconds side plank (per side)
30 seconds flutter kicks Two sets per workout 10 sets for each exercise
7 Rest Day Rest Day Rest Day

For the next seven days, follow this same routine but be sure to increase your set or reps to make the workout more challenging. That being said, remember to always pace yourself. If you cannot manage to increase the sets/reps don’t.

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Simple Equipment Needed For A 2-Week Home Workout Challenge

One of the best and simplest things about doing home workouts is the fact that it is cheap due to the lack of costly gym membership fees and no expensive equipment required. That being said, having some type of simple at home equipment is also a good idea as it can motivate you to workout and provides you with endless possibilities regarding all the exercises you could do.

If this sounds like something you are interested in investing in, here are some equipment that will not only take up very little space in your house, but will also be very useful for any 2-week home workout challenge.

  • A yoga/exercise mat – Working out on the floor or any other hard surface can cause injury to your back, knees and ankles. To prevent this, invest in a yoga or exercise mat which gives you a soft landing surface as you take on your 2-week workout challenge.
  • Jump rope – According to shape.com, not only is jumping rope an effective full body workout that strengthens your butt, shoulders, legs, and arms, but it also burns up to 10 calories per minute (if not more. For your 2-week workout challenge at home routine, you could choose to just get a simple skipping rope or opt for weighted jump ropes to make your at home workout even more challenging.
  • A bicycle – When you look up equipment for home workouts online, most sites and videos will tell you to either get a stationary bike or an air bike as part of your collection. While there is nothing wrong with this, this option can be impractical for people on a budget or those with limited space.

Instead of getting these expensive and clumsy options, we instead suggest that you get a simple average bike – you do not need to spend extra on a specialty bike, especially at the beginning of your fitness journey. Not only are normal bikes cheaper and are easier to store, but they can help you include cycling outside in your 2-week workout challenge.

  • Resistance bands – These bands are a great option for anyone who would like to include resistance training in their 2-week workout challenge. Not only are they much cheaper than most free weights, but they are also much easier to transport, are multi-purpose -i.e they can be used for stretching/warm-up, for muscle training, as well as to keep your form in check – and they are also very safe to use for beginners and advanced trainers as well.
  • A foam roller – This is a great tool that has been known to help with muscle soreness and pain, increase your range of motion and may even help relieve back pain (6, 5, 4).
  • Dumbbells – These free weights would be a great addition to your growing home gym and can be used for multiple exercises during your 2-week workout challenge. According to medicalnewstoday.com, dumbbells have several benefits including improving muscle force and flexibility, promoting coordination and stability for muscles and joints, and also activating a number of different muscles and stimulating muscle growth.
  • Kettlebells – Just like dumbbells, kettlebells are a fantastic home gym workout equipment that not only promotes weight loss but also helps with muscle growth and are compact enough to take up very little space in your house and store.

Other cheap equipment that you could buy to help you along on the 2-week workout challenge include weighted arm and ankle weights, medicine balls and sliders.

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How To Get Abs In A Week – Is It Possible?

For many people with extra belly fat -or the dreaded muffin top, a flat belly and abs are something they wish to have. While this is a good and achievable goal, getting abs in a week is an impossibility and any diet or exercise regime that promises you results in seven day is a fad. Just like weight loss in general, losing belly fat and gaining abs takes a while and requires patience and dedication.

Instead of setting yourself up for failure by trying to get abs in a week, we suggest that you add more time to your goal and follow the following tried and true methods for reducing belly fat and getting abs

  • Do more core exercises – Because they directly work the muscles in your stomach and ab area, they will help you burn fat and strengthen these muscles thus getting you closer to your goal. If you are unsure where to start, the 2-week ab workout challenge below can help you get started
  • Add cardio to your workout regimen – While core/ab exercises are a good idea, they alone can not lead to decreased body fat and a more defined core. In fact, one study published online in 2011 by the Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research showed that doing abdominal exercises five days per week for six weeks had no effect on belly fat (7). Doing more cardio will help you lose belly -something has been proved by several studies and reviews (3, 1).
  • Eat more protein – This macronutrient has been known to help increase fullness which reduces your calorie intake which in turn contributes to a significant decrease in body weight and body fat – including the belly area (2).
  • Drink more water – Not only does it act as an appetite suppressant, but it also boosts your metabolism which helps the body burn calories faster (8, 9).

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Sample Of A 2-Week Ab Workout Challenge For The Perfect Midriff

Please note that this routine/challenge only works if you remember to also include the above-mentioned tips for. Remember to stay hydrated throughout your workout and make sure to take about 30 seconds to a minute to rest between each set.

1 Elbow planks 2 30 seconds
Standing elbow to knee crunches 2 12
High knee jumps 2 10
2 Side planks 2 30 seconds
Scissor kicks 2 10
Glute bridges 2 10
3 Leg raises 2 12
Bicycle crunches 2 12
Mountain climbers 2 12
4 Reverse crunches 2 10
Diamond sit-ups 2 12
Hip raises 2 10
5 Russian twists 2 15
Alternating leg raises 2 10
Cross-body crunches with toe touches 2 8
6 V-ups 2 10
Side planks with leg raises 2 30 seconds
Flutter kicks 2 12
8 Cross-body crunches with toe taps 3 10
Scissor kicks 3 10
High plank 3 20 seconds
9 Mountain climbers 3 12
Reverse crunches 3 12
Standing elbow to knee crunches 3 12
10 High knee jumps 3 15
Side planks with leg lift 3 25 seconds
Bicycle crunches 3 12
11 Elbow planks 3 20 seconds
Flutter kicks 3 12
Diamond sit-ups 3 10
12 V-ups 3 12
Russian twists 3 12
Hip raises 3 12
13 Side planks 3 20 seconds
Alternating leg raises 3 10
Glute bridges 3 12

Advanced 2-Week Workout Challenge For Workout Devotees

The main difference between beginner and advanced workouts is that the latter is intended to be used by people who have been working out for an extended period of time, are used to the rigorous demands of most workouts, and are most likely looking to get shredded and not necessarily lose a large amount of weight.

Also unlike beginner workouts that are often of low intensity and have shorter durations, advanced exercises are usually made to challenge the trainees to help increase their strength, speed, power and more.

Here is a sample of an advance 2-week workout challenge for anyone who would like to get shredded. Please note that while the sample shows seven days, this workout can be extended to 14 days, where by in the second week you can increase the number of sets/reps to up the intensity of the challenge:

1 Pushups 1 20 reps per workout
Bodyweight squats 1
Forward lunges 1
High planks 1
2 Cardio - -
3 Crunches 2 10
Burpees 2 10
Pull-ups 2 10
Mountain climbers 2 10
4 Barbell squats 3 12
Dumbbell walking lunges 3 10 per leg
Romanian deadlifts 3 15
Standing calf raises 3 30 seconds
Leg press 3 12
5 Bench press 3 12
Standing overhead press 3 10
Bent over row 3 12 – 15
Barbell deadlift 3 15
Alternating dumbbell row 3 12
6 Reverse crunches 4 8
Head to toe touches 4 12
Bicycle crunches 4 10
Medicine ball slam 4 15
Medicine ball to touches 4 12

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Workout Quotes To Keep You Motivated During Your 2-Week Workout Challenge

Working out is hard and staying motivated is even harder, especially when your muscles are sore and you could not imagine waking up early just to get in your workout for the day. If you are afraid of feeling demotivated and are looking for a 2 weeks of workout challenge quote to keep you on track, here are some:

  1. If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you
  2. One of the greatest pleasures in life is realising that two weeks ago, your body couldn’t do what it just did
  3. Never give up on a dream because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway

The Bottom Line: Is A 2-Week Workout Challenge A Good Idea?

Taking part in a 2-week workout challenge is certainly a good idea especially if you are trying to start or get back into exercising for weight loss/better health. Before taking part in this challenge, however, please be sure to speak to your doctor especially if you have any underlying issues. It is also essential to remember that a 2-week workout challenge is not a miracle worker. For the best results, you must also remember to get enough sleep, eat healthy, well balanced and calorie deficit meals and always stay hydrated.


This article is intended for general informational purposes only and does not address individual circumstances. It is not a substitute for professional advice or help and should not be relied on to make decisions of any kind. A licensed physician should be consulted for diagnosis and treatment of any medical conditions. Any action you take upon the information presented in this article is strictly at your own risk and responsibility!


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