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Diana Carter

“This app is a great way to pace yourself and make great strides. I recommend you try it for yourself.”

Pete Cavuar

“Love this app really keeps me motivated on the treadmill and know we’re Ian and how to past myself.”

Secilia Diaz

“This app is like a friend/ coach with constant support! I love that it guides and helps me along with timing! It’s fun to mix up the paces and keeps it interesting and also I heard that’s best for the metabolism! I will be using this from now on during my walking sessions! Thank you the great minds who creating this app!”

Susan Raskin

“This app is EXTREMELY helpful and it gives you results,reminders, goals etc. and I thought it would be confusing but it’s absolutely easy to function.❤️(download this app).”

Oscar Luján

“This app is great you can track how much you’ve walked and also how much to walk to lose weight and you can use it for other things such as tracking your water balance much more. this app is great.!😊”

Your steps to health and great shape

Walking offers numerous health benefits to people of all ages and fitness levels. It may also help prevent certain diseases, and even prolong your life! With how easy it is to fit into your daily routine, there’s no excuse for you not to try it!

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Guided walking programs with audio clues

You can find workouts to reduce stress and sleep better. Also we've prepared individual programs of interval training designed specifically for weight loss. Each program is a 3-month training plan that includes 5-7 workout days per week.

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Achieve proper hydration with the smart water tracker

Water Tracker will remind you when and how much water to drink throughout the day. You can set your daily water intake goal or we can help you with it based on your criteria. You can choose standard (oz) or metric (ml) units.

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Form healthy habits & check your progress

Schedule future exercises and plan in advance: simply pick the time and days for your next workouts, and we’ll send you reminders to keep you on track. And our interactive progress graphs will keep you on track and inspired!
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