Sweat out, happiness in.

High-efficiency engaging running workouts tailored to your goals.

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Kim Heck

“I’m a beginner. I really like how this app gradually (super gradual and steady but not too much!) increased in difficulty. I like the variety of workouts too. Worth the it!”

Colin Mooney

“I'm already using this app for a month. I’m very pleased with it. The concept of exercises is balanced. Results are quickly achieved.”

Randy Granger

“Day 30 use for me, I really enjoyed the deep breathing towards the end; I have never experienced with any other run app before; definitely a keeper!”

Individual programs designed specifically for weight loss

We are all different, and so should be our approach to running. We do not believe in generic training programs that give no lasting results, so our coaches make sure to take all your details into consideration.

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Daily running guided audio programs

“Running” and “boring” should never be in the same sentence
  • interval programs
  • audio guidance

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Suitable for out

and indoor workouts

Run anytime, anywhere. Simply keep your phone on you and track your run around the block, across town, or on a treadmill
  • different programs for different places
  • tips for proper running

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Detailed statistics

User-friendly graphs to you get a clear picture of how well you’re doing
  • calories tracker
  • distance tracker
  • measuring everyday progress

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