Life has enough surprises. 

Be prepared.

A simple, no-fuss calendar to help you plan your life

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Your personal daily tracker 

Don’t let a party, beach day, or trip be ruined by a surprise period. Be prepared and know exactly which day of the cycle you’re on.

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Elaborate Calendar 

Don’t wonder what part of the month you are in, be sure. With our clean, simple calendar layout, you’ll always be on top of the game and have all the data just a tap away!
  • based on advance algorythms
  • tailored to you
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Science-based approach 

No more guessing games: take advantage of the prediction model based on comprehensive research, so that you’re never caught off-guard.
  • backed by scientific research
  • proven by experience of thousands

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Supporting you with helpful daily advice

Valuable advice to help you feel better every month on how to relieve cramps, what to do if you’re planning to get pregnant, how your cycle affects your mood, and more.
  • various topics for various issues
  • new content every day
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