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Nita Reed

“Thank you for helping me the breath helps me a lot and it makes me happy and calmed down 😀 that is why I give you a 5⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ star”

Alba Serrano

“This is the best mediation app ever I was having terrible anxiety about a big test that I had and all that pressure just went away it gave me a lot of self confidence so it basically boosted my happiness and it let me get out of reality for a little bit I don’t usually write a review but I just had to say how awesome it is”

Tim Walden

“This app got my mind at ease when I have all sorts of problems like relationships or maybe work issues so please consider getting this great app!”

Susan Perry

“This is a wonderful app that has helped me overcome so many obstacles that stopped me before. I generally feel more relaxed and have been dealing with my anxiety pretty well. This app has in fact helped me with sleep which is something I always had trouble with so I’d like to appreciate what this app is.”

Kay Wext

“Trust the process. Somehow these 5-6 minutes go fast and take the anxiety away with them. Feelings of light and space after the breathing sequence. I use several apps interchangeably and this is my number one due to its efficiency and effectiveness.”

Meditation that fits your life 

Experience the power of meditation and see it change your life! Enjoy stand-alone practices as well as journeys, collections of carefully selected meditations to help with anxiety, stress, anger, and much more.

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Specially crafted Sleep Experience 

Drift into a deep, peaceful sleep in minutes with the help of Sleep Music that relaxes your body and mind. Come back to your childhood with Sleep Stories, carefully selected to make you feel safe and relaxed.
  • crafted sleep stories
  • classic fairy tales
  • unique soothing sounds

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Manage Stress 

Every third adult living in the US right now experiences extreme stress on a regular basis. Let go of tension and improve your mental and physical well-being with the extensive collection of stress-relieving meditations that will leave you feeling calmer, happier, and more grounded.

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Exclusive music for Relaxation

Enjoy a vast library of relaxing sounds from morning to night: wake up energized, get your positive outlook on, improve focus, feel serene, and wind down before bedtime - all with a soundtrack.
  • selected audio sceneries
  • feel grounded in just 5 minutes

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