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Meditation and Self-Help Programs

Simple Techniques & Guided Courses For Better Well-Being.

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  • Breath
    3-minute breathing exercises
  • Quick Meditations
    Reduce anxiety, feel calm anywhere
  • Courses
    Make meditation a habit
  • Sleep Stories
    Fall asleep faster and easier
  • Sleep Timer
    Fall asleep with favorite sounds
  • Articles
    Tips to tackle life challenges
  • Sleep Sounds
    Calming white noise
  • Relaxing Sounds
    Unwind anytime, anywhere
Self-Help Plan

Personalized daily program with a checklist for a more balanced life.

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  • Personalized Plan
    Effective practices for all levels
  • Everyday content
    Complex of tasks for the morning, daytime, and before bed
  • Stress-resilience techniques
Breathing Exercises

Short, handy meditations to cope with daily challenges.

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    Targeted practice
    to let go of 9 negative emotions
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    Pranayama techniques
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    Calmer mood in 3 minutes

Meditation courses for better relationships and a more successful professional life.

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  • 150+ days of Courses
  • Relationship help
    Tools for deeper connections
  • Workspace practice
    For better performance

Meditations and calm stories for a solid night of restful sleep.

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  • Sleep Stories
    Varied tales in comforting voices
  • Soothing sounds
    White noise and nature sounds to fall asleep in minutes
  • Sleep courses
    Sets of multi-day relaxing meditations

Natural sounds and ambient music for better focus, sleep, or relaxation.

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  • Mix and match sounds
  • Sleep Timer
    Wind down before bed
  • Sounds of nature for good health

Immediate and
far-reaching meditation

  • Sleep
    Fall asleep easier & wake up refreshed
  • Energy
    Do more with less effort
  • Physical Health
    Stronger body for a longer life
  • Mental Health
    A more positive outlook on life
  • Productivity
    Focus and make decisions easier
  • Mood
    Increased happiness and satisfaction

Meditation and Self-Help Programs

Simple Techniques & Guided Courses For Better Well-Being.

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Join over a million happy users!