6 effective home workout moves to activate the glutes and get a naturally perky butt

Whether you like it or not but very often your figure depends on your genes greatly. That is why so many people are usually not satisfied with their butts, boobs, and whatnot. But while there is nothing you can possibly do with other parts of your body – you can easily tome up your butt no matter the genetics. The thing is that there are lots of muscles to work with when it comes to your butt – all you need is a proper workout routine.
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Of course, not every one of you has the luxury of going to the gym or working with a personal trainer – but that is certainly not the need of the world since you can easily shape your butt the way you want on your own. As a matter of fact, we happen to know about a perfect workout routine that will help you tone your butt in no time and with the least of means and effort spend.
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Even though this workout is perfectly effective, you need to keep it in mind that for the best result you need to pay proper attention to the technique and to the frequency otherwise you shouldn’t blame the workout solely. What is more, there is nowhere you can get without fixing your diet firstly. Trust us – eating healthily is no that horrible – once you try it and observe the result, there is rarely a chance you will ever regret it. Are you ready to change your butt once and for all easily?
1. Squats
Screenshot_39.png (131 KB)
2. Side Lunges
Screenshot_40.png (157 KB)
3. Squats with Kickback
Screenshot_41.png (140 KB)
4. Plank with Leg Lift
Screenshot_42.png (123 KB)
5. Clamshell
Screenshot_43.png (156 KB)
6. Band Butt Blaster
Screenshot_44.png (147 KB)
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