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BetterMe’s vegan diet category has everything you need to know about the plant-based way of eating. Discover the many benefits of going vegan and how to make the switch easily and deliciously.

B12 Foods Vegan: Richest Vitamin B12 Foods For Vegans

Although a meatless diet is linked to many health benefits, unfortunately, it also happens to have its drawbacks. One of them includes making it difficult to get enough of certain nutrients. Since a vegan diet happens to be plant-based, you tend to miss out on nutrients not often found in plants but instead are typically […]

Vegan Detox: Benefits Of Eating A Healthy Plant-Based Diet

If you’ve had a lot of refined sugar and processed foods lately, you may feel that a vegan detox would benefit you greatly. This involves eating a diet based on fresh fruits and veggies, lean plant-based protein and high-fiber whole grains. You’ll be eliminating all forms of meat and other animal products, added sugars, and […]

Macrobiotic Vegan: A Combination Of Two Popular Plant-Based Diets

Why Is Plant-Based So Popular? These days many people are interested in plant-based diets. Whether it’s due to their fitness goals, moral principles, religious beliefs, or other reasons, they give up on meat and start following vegetarian or vegan diets. These two nutritional plans have proven to be quite effective at helping people lose weight […]

7-Day Vegan Meal Plan: Get Your Healthy Diet On Par!

Creating a 7-day vegan meal plan can be difficult, especially if you’ve decided to go vegan only as of recently and you’re still not aware of all the options available to you. You may find yourself repeating certain foods several times a week, denying yourself a satisfying experience of veganism. With our meal plan, you […]

30-Day Vegan Diet: Losing Weight The Plant-Based Way

So you want to start a 30-day vegan diet plan? Well, you would be joining thousands, perhaps millions of people worldwide, also following this nutrition plan. The difference is in how you enact it and why you are following it. Some people start the 30-day vegan diet plan to make a lifestyle change for healthy […]