Blog Weight Loss 3 Lessons I Learned Losing Weight With A 16:8 Intermittent Fasting Routine

3 Lessons I Learned Losing Weight With A 16:8 Intermittent Fasting Routine


How The BetterMe App And Intermittent Fasting Changed My Life For Good

Today, most of my friends would say I’m a health geek, but I wasn’t always like that. Several years ago, I was a struggling man with excess weight and severe self-consciousness. My key phrase was “Take it easy”, which also meant to block my pain and fears and continue smiling despite all the insecurities I had.

My flexibility wasn’t heard of for years, my shoulders were always slouched, and I didn’t feel like a man. 

All this started to have a toll on my mental state. This should have happened sooner or later, right? I felt so limited in my life, I couldn’t just accept and love myself like people say you should do.

I just couldn’t. Looking at myself in the mirror just caused self-loathing, which kept me from feeling happiness. I wanted to live my life to the fullest, and I couldn’t even think of it without sadness.

And it’s not that I didn’t try to do something. I tried a whole lot of diets, guided by my own anger and inability to achieve results. I thought I was a terribly unmotivated person because there were so many reviews online saying those approaches were working. 

Here’s just a part of the stuff I tried:

Keto, Atkins, Paleo, cleanses and other weight loss approaches

I even tried the grapefruit cleanse! Can you imagine eating citric acid all day long? I know what that is. I never felt great, no matter the diet. The only thing I felt was a limit, a deficit. That caused emotional pits as well, which only made my mental health situation worse.

As if I was punishing myself for something…

Unfortunately, I learned about the harmful effect of denying yourself your favorite foods the hard way. Hunger became my companion.

All kinds of dieting programs

Some of these are just too general, which is no good. Diet and lifestyle have to be very, very personalized. I didn’t have that. Plus, many programs require too much commitment and action. I was exhausted. Exhausted and broke at some time, since those programs aren’t cheap.

The one-fits-all approach can’t meet the nutritional needs of a person. So, again, I spent a fortune and didn’t achieve anything. You can’t imagine how bad I felt about myself. Like nothing could work for me…

I just wanted something that I could belong to. Something that I could use for great results and say: “Yes, this is my program!” I longed for that feeling.

Working out till my legs give out

I’m so sorry to my body because of the strain and suffering I put it through while doing workout after workout. I felt like a squeezed lemon in the evening, not even wanting to go out or talk to people. 

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And every morning I climbed on the scales only to see the same number. Imagine the state of desperation I was in every time I looked in the mirror. I remember these feelings and don’t want anybody to ever feel like this…ever.

I tried it all, it seems. And to no result, to no relief.

I remember losing 2 pounds in a few weeks and being so happy and so proud of myself. But in another week, I’d get it all on again, if not more. I thought it was my curse: to be full, non-attractive, losing my mind over the new ways to get rid of those pounds.

I felt so disappointed in life and everything I do, that I decided to resort to the only thing that might work in my situation. First, it was out of anger and frustration, but then I realized…this was the only right way out.

My Intermittent Fasting Journey with BetterMe (-36 pounds!)

I started looking for information about fasting and came across the BetterMe app

Flash forward to nowadays. I lost 36 pounds, happily and healthily, letting go not only of them but of my past grievances and self-loathing. Now I’m very smart as to my wellbeing and maintaining a healthy weight. And look at my posture! That’s what good mental health and a great way to lose fat do for you.

My before and after:



How did I do that? The answer is easy and to the point – intermittent fasting and a push from the BetterMe app.

I know, I know. There are misconceptions about it. But I have found a whole community of people that are living like this now and feel better than they ever did. Plus, there are no inconveniences, and you can eat all of the food you want.

But you won’t do that, just because you start listening to your body. And it won’t tell you to eat 3 cakes in a row at 9 pm.

It all started with a tiny, 1-minute quiz I took as my last try to change my life for the better.

I mentioned some info about my health and what meal preferences I had, my height, weight, and some other measurements. I sent the answers for processing, and in mere seconds I had a full analysis of my body, as well as the number of pounds I could easily shed with only several steps and no deprivations.

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And you know what? It was free and not a part of some trick to make me pay for some weird diet. I already loved the BetterMe app for the stats it gave me about myself, so I wanted to try what it offered.

I would be a fool not to do that, am I right?

I downloaded the BetterMe app and it immediately helped me choose the best interval to start with. 16:8 (16 hours fasting, 8 hours eating) turned out to be the most fitting option at the time.

PLUS! In the app, there are thousands of incredible, easy, delicious recipes so that I feel satiated and satisfied with the nutrients I get. And the workouts I found there were very simple yet super-effective. Along with recommendations on how to fast and lose fat properly, I felt better than during any other diet or routine.

Every element of the program has become vital for the success of my journey.

I learned what fasting was very slowly, and the tips from the app seemed so caring and understanding. I found out how to fit this routine into my regular lifestyle.

No calorie-counting! No limiting myself when it comes to the foods I love!

People think counting cals is essential for weight loss. I say it causes paranoia and puts you in a cage because you can never relax.

Why am I telling you so much? This is pretty personal, but I chose to open up about everything because I know that so many people are struggling with the same problems, complexes, thoughts, and feelings I went through.

Lessons That I Learned While Fasting with BetterMe

I want to help you. So, I’ve collected some great lessons I’ve learned along the way so that you don’t have to go through the same challenges.

Lesson #1: Intermittent fasting only has one rule

When I started my practice, I didn’t really realize what intermittent fasting was all about.

I don’t know…It seemed easy and complicated at the same time. I could believe there was only one rule that would lead me to the best shape I can be in.

Don’t eat during the fasting window.

“How…I mean…is it really so simple?”

The rushing thoughts in my mind that have got me through limits and suffering just wouldn’t stop. But yeah, there’s the only rule.

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Plus, here’s what I’ve also learned – don’t put too much pressure on yourself at first. Don’t go for the 20:4 fasting to eating ratio right from the start. Imagine you can’t eat for 20 hours! This seems too intimidating at the moment, right?

I say start with the 14:10 ratio. You fast for 14 hours and eat for 10. Really, this just means late breakfast and early dinner. This will trigger the fat-burning process in your body. It’s difficult to realize you’re doing enough. But you’ll get to this point, just like I did.

I started with 14:10 and moved gradually to 16:8.

Keep in mind that it’s OK if you feel hungry during the first few days. It’s the adjustment period, and it will pass very soon.


Imagine you wake up feeling light in your stomach, with no aches or the feeling like you’ve been working all night. Oh my God, the first time I felt that gave me a motivation rush no diets ever could.

And if you get tired of tracking time and remembering when the windows start and end, all you need is the easy-to-use, beginner-friendly BetterMe app. It covers your needs for program personalization completely.

All you have to do is to set fasting goals. That’s about it, the app tracks everything you need for you. This is the first application I feel well about when filling in my new weight results every two days. I am actually motivated and not scared of what I see on the scales anymore.

Besides, I usually see a smaller number every time I weigh!

Lesson #2: Food choices matter

Fasting is a powerful tool itself. But if you combine it with proper meals, you’ll get even more impressive results. 

But it’s totally OK if you don’t achieve such mindfulness from the very beginning. I’m not going to shy away from anything…I didn’t follow the ‘right foods’ rule at first. My eating window was filled with junk food.

The good thing is, I still lost weight! The bad thing is, the quality of your skin and health won’t improve this way. 

But at some point, I realized I could do better. Maybe the light feeling inside made me understand this, or maybe my mental health has improved a bit.

I knew then that you can’t achieve results if you start with dramatic changes. So, I decided to include one healthy meal from the app into my eating window first. A couple of weeks have passed, and I started to plan my day with healthy foods in mind almost unconsciously.

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This may sound difficult, but believe me, with literally thousands of delicious recipes in the app, you’ll never feel hungry or bored with your food.

They are ready-to-use and accessible at all times.

Oh, and there’s a section (my favorite, to be honest) called “Recipes under 10 minutes.” That’s about how long it takes for me to prepare a healthy meal now.

And you know what? I still enjoy some fast food from time to time. So, there are no limits when I’m out with my family or friends. But it’s not that I dream of fries and hamburgers.

Replacing junk foods with healthy meals helped me to improve not only my waistline and the size of my cheeks but also my mental state.

Some people told me it would be better to turn to a professional nutritionist instead of trusting ‘some app’. But really, it was too expensive of an option for me, and, to be honest, it’s not that easy to find a real pro and not a person fluent in Google search.

I think my results and current condition say enough about the effectiveness of the intermittent fasting app. Besides, their recipes are approved by specialists. I’m 100% sure I wouldn’t achieve such a result without the wonderful meals I’ve found in the application.

Lesson #3: Fasting isn’t a struggle

You know how they say everything comes from our childhood. Well, when I was a kiddo, I was constantly told that keeping up with a healthy lifestyle was too difficult.

The words ‘going on a diet’ cause chills and nausea because you understand what a task lies ahead. It seems painful. Ugh, don’t wanna remember.

I’m happy that I managed to change that belief into “A healthy lifestyle brings joy.” It’s about feeling alive and well! And you know what? It’s pretty easy if you have the right guidance and support.

BetterMe’s fasting plan helped me lose, wait for it, 36 pounds!

And all that with ease and love to myself, not by going crazy and shouting at trees and buildings just because I’m hangry (if you know what I mean).

I didn’t feel trapped in a cage, deprived of something.

No cravings, no dreams about fries and pizza, no anxiety. The latter is especially important for your mental state and overall quality of life. I have more energy, I feel alive and move all the time! There are no limits in my life right now.

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I don’t constantly think about food. I don’t spend hours shopping, preparing, cooking, storing, washing dishes.

Besides, I sleep much better, which positively impacts my health and meal decisions. Remember, the quality of your sleep is crucial for your wellbeing. 

I’m more productive now as well, focusing on tasks easily and finishing them with fewer mistakes. And you know what? Even my boss noticed that!

But yes, I have one regret: not finding the BetterMe app and/or the intermittent fasting sooner.

Will Intermittent Fasting and the BetterMe App Work for You?

The best way to find out the answer is to take the BetterMe fasting quiz.

You’ll have several questions and fields to fill, including your height, weight, and dietary habits.

The results page will have a full analysis of your body and what progress you can achieve with the app and the intermittent fasting approach in 28 days. The access to the page is completely free and super-informative!

My honest opinion on why the BetterMe app works. If you’re at the bottom of your weight loss mountain and in dire need of guidance, this intermittent fasting app is 100% for you!

✅It’s an individual-approach program you can customize and really follow consistently.

✅It’s a true finding for those who need help controlling their cravings. There, you have sooo many recipes and healthy recommendations that will help you achieve the ideal weight without self-loathing and frustrations.

✅It fits into your lifestyle and schedule, not vice versa.

✅It allows for successful weight loss without having to constantly remember to count calories, macronutrients, etc.

Besides, you don’t feel like you have to commit too much. Just complete an easy free quiz and get motivated by clear calculations of how much you’re going to shed in 28 days, as well as other great stats about your body.

By the way!

I’m not alone here with my claims. Two of my friends have also tried the approach with BetterMe and got amazing results. (I have their consent to post the pics). Their results are so inspiring!



Don’t wait too long. Take a free quiz and see how your body can change in only 28 days with a personalized weight loss fasting plan!

Start BetterMe Fasting Quiz Here

DISCLAIMER: results may vary due to personal features.

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